HRC Fairytale Pins


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My manager at work is sick of designing pins and coming up with ideas so he let the servers and employees think of a few suggestions. He's really into my idea of incorporating Fairytales and Nursery Rhymes with a Rock n' Roll/Musical edge to them. (Yeah, guess where the inspiration came from there - Thanks Bill) So since the idea came from comic book roots, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions....

Here's what we have so far...

Big Bad Wolf / Three Pigs - Some pins are turned into "puzzle pieces". Here the Wolf would be playing Sax and the other three pigs would be separate pins that would come together to form the backing band; playing instruments like a brick guitar and straw mic (or whatever - you get the idea)

Jack and The Beanstalk and Rapunzel - One of my favorites that has the designs set in the guitar and has the neck of the guitars, respectively, being the beanstalk and locked tower. They would have appropriate designs in the body and the neck would give it a 3-D look.

Three blind mice - Dancing on piano keys. The clock in the background with the clock face blank.

We're trying to come up with more but I was wondering if you guys had any ideas/suggestions.


#1 reason not to join UC
Well Corporate is gonna go through with the idea. Not an easy task to accomplish. My manager came up with a few designs and I came up with most. Starting January '10 with a Wolf/3 Pigs Puzzle design and ending with Boy Blue in December '10.

My favorites are probably the Rapunzel one because it's gotta a "Better Off Dead" theme to it and October's Hansel & Gretel (Playing a candy themed drumset and when you open the front drum cover the witch is inside burning.

They wouldn't do Pinocchio or Beauty n' The Beast saying that anything that would even catch Disney's eye was off limits. So better that my Frog Prince didn't go through either.