Human Giant


Without him, all of you would be lost souls roamin
Feb 23, 2005
I could've sworn that there was a thread for this show, but I searched and couldn't find it. (Maybe I'm just thinking of the Illusionators thread.)

Last night was the new season premiere.

And they had a skit. With Aziz being haunted. By a gay porn star. Named Bruce Penis.


Considering MTV's history of over-censoring music videos, I'm sort of shocked that they aired this skit.


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When I first heard about this show, I wasn't quite sure what all the hype was about. And then I saw the "Mother and Son Moving Company" skit, featuring Linda Cardellini:

ZOMG! Now I am *so* convinced. These guys deserve ever bit of praise that's been heaped on them.

I can't wait until MTV Asia begins airing this.
I love this show. It reminds me of Upright Citizens Brigade (which was an awesome sketch show. But I saw a copy of their improv stage act on Comedy Central and it was hella lame).

:D WNBA Live '08 was hilarious.
Tonight's episode was great. I loved the Foley artist and the "Indecent Proposal".


And the Illusionators.

"Do you think you two will ever say the word 'nigger' again?"



"...Give me that tape!"

"Let me read some items from the menu at your restaurant."

"Okay, go ahead."

"'Malcolm Eggs'."

"Eggs are a very important part of the diet and you should eat them every day."

"'Slave Chips'."

"That was a mistake."
:D WNBA Live '08 was hilarious.
That was actually a preview of a new show. But it was pretty funny.
I re-watched the entire first season last night on DVD and I must say that Human Giant has, by far, the best commentary tracks I've ever heard. Like, almost as funny as the actual episodes at points.

They do skits and characters with various guest stars (usually pretending to be various imaginary crew members of the show.) and take phone calls. In the last episode's commentary, they talk to the "British actors who play Aziz and Paul" and offer a clue to a secret prize hidden somewhere in the US for any fan who was good enough to sit through all the commentaries. (Which Bill Hader quickly steals.)

And I haven't even looked at the special features. There's supposed to be 75 minutes(!) of their 24 hour MTV takeover.