I AM LEGEND Discussion (Spoilers)


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Nov 30, 2004
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Not ready to discuss but I'm not gonna start a thread asking a question and then come back and start a new one for discussion.

Richard Matheson's I Am Legend. The one that they're making into a movie soon with Will Smith as Neville and Johnny Depp as the head vampire mutant.

Anyway, The Omega Man w/ Charleston Heston was a favorite of mine as a kid (I say that like I was around when it came out). No, I've seen it a few times on like AMC or something. Anyway, now that I heard they're basically remaking the movie so that it's intuned with the book, some interest started up.

Now I went to my comic store which has a good buy 3 trades get the 4th free. (Three Road to Perditions + One Free Sin City)

Anyway I noticed this in graphic novel form. It was black and white art that look bearable and I wanted to buy it bad right then and there. Then I thought, "Wasn't this a real novel?" Anyway I guess I'm trying to take suggestions here. Should I get the Graphic Novel or the Novel? I feel like I haven't read a real "book" in so long that I might be getting dumber.

Is there a novel (no pictures) or is it just that Graphic Novel?
I Am Legend was originally a novel, written sometime in the 50's. It inspired Night of the Living Dead, Salems' Lot, and the previously mentioned Omega Man.

I read it last year during school. It was a good read, and has a great ending. Will Smith as the main character kind of makes me cringe, though Johnny Depp is perfect for the role he has been cast in.

I suggest reading it. It isn't too long, either.
I don't know if the thread should be moved. I'm gonna get both but I won't get the Graphic Novel until after I've read the novel itself.

And Will Smith can play anything. I cringe at the site of him but like the Cruise Missle the guy's got talent.
Bought the book. This is one of the best reads ever. I'm about halfway through it. I hope they don't blow it with the film because I can picture this stuff so clearly in my head.

The saddest parts are when Neville thinks back to his wife and daughter and the days dealing with when they were infected. The part where Neville's clock stopped and he has to escape the vampires standing in his front lawn upon his return is intense. But my favorite parts have been dealing with Cortman (past/present).

Still not done so I'll be back but I recommend this book right off the bat.
Finished it today.

You know why this is better than any other horror genre because it actually explains everything perfectly. Every aspect about what makes these creatures tick from the bacterium to the pyschological effects that crosses have on them. I'm not even a fan of evolution when it comes to zombies or vampires but this just made sense and gave it a twilight zone irony to the end.

The Ruth part was amazing. I was right there with Neville in his uncertainty of her. At first I sort've laughed at the characters paranoid delusions that she might be "one of them" but as the chapter went on, I was just as terrified at what she could be.

So glad I'm back into reading again. Get this. It's required reading.


I hope they don't **** up the movie. Will Smith is a great actor. I don't even like hearing he's in anything but he always pulls it off. I couldn't see him playing Neville though. Now people are speculating who Depp would play. There's only one other main role. And Depp as Cortman would be simply amazing. I just hope they don't over intelligize the character.
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I watched the movie trailer about two weeks ago and was thinking that it was about the last man on earth and what he did. And then it gets all spooky with the mutants or whatever. I'm not sure about that aspect, but the movie looks good. I might have to see this.
I read this at the end of last school year for one of our two optional novels we had to do a term paper on comparing to each other(the other was The Time Machine).

It kicked ***. I didn't want it to end. I've also since seen the Vincent Price version The Last Man On Earth, which is pretty much just a point-form version of the book with a few odd changes, but still pretty well done.

I'm really looking forward to this. Smith is one of my favourite actors, especially in action movies, and the trailer looks so badass. No, it probably won't be all that faithful an adaptation of the book, but there's virtually no way to do that anyway, and this looks like it'll be taking things in the right direction.

Also, Johnny Depp is playing Ben Cortman? I had no idea. That's oddly brilliant.