I Demand A Position In The Forum!!


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Jan 31, 2006
Zoo Atlanta
And since you'll never make me a moderator, I request the position as UC's Ambassador to China.

Okay, it's not so much a request as it is a demand. MAKE ME AMBASSADOR TO CHINA!
Houde has a point. You will scare the children.

But, step #23.05 in the UC Manifesto (right before "Change Site Name") is "War on China" so this would be a good way to get China to declare war on US allowing us the moral high ground of 'self-defence'.

Ambassador to China thou art.
I think having an ambassador to Botswana is more important.
McCheese said:
I'm coming with you to the strip club.

In that tux, you'll add the necessary esteem to such a momentous occasion. Deal.

Gemini said:
I get to be President of Calender's!

No. But you can be the Chairman of Grammatical Errors.
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I want to be "Senior Executive Chief Freelance Coffee B**** "

Basically it means I'm in charge of getting everyone's coffee but thanks to the word Freelance, I only do it if I can be arsed
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