I don’t understand why Earth 97 can’t exist.


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It can exist, but for the moment is still considered the same Earth as Earth-89, until some crossover (maybe the Flash movie) shows Earth-89 and the Batman Forever and Batman and Robin movies as being a different Earth.

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I don't understand the confusion. It has never been confirmed that Batman Forever and Batman & Robin are Earth-97.

1. Batman & Robin (NOT Batman Forever) has jokingly been called Earth-97 because of the release date in Crisis Aftermath. In the same video, they state that Bat-Nipples are canon because of Earth-89's appearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths.
2. The DC YouTube Channel review of Catwoman references that that movie is part of Earth-89 alongside the Burton/Schumacher movies.
3. The Batman '89 writer made a joke when someone made them aware of the joke from Crisis Aftermath, basically misinforming him that Earth-97 was the universe of the Schumacher films. Later, the Batman '89 comic was revealed to have not been Earth-89 but instead Earth-789 of the Comic Multiverse. In other words, his joke can't be taken as literal because his comic isn't even the same multiverse.
4. We only accepted Earth-97 because it was the closest thing to an official number when the Batman '89 comic came out and was an alternate continuation.
5. The Flash film will not acknowledge the Schumacher films, but it seems Batman & Robin logos were created for the film to be used as Easter Eggs in Earth-89.
6. It makes more sense that they would be Pre-Crisis rather than an alternate Earth if they're different timelines due to the fact that in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Batman doesn't kill the Joker. In the Schumacher films, Batman stopped killing after Batman Returns, so he wouldn't kill the resurrected Jack Napier.

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