I have seen the light and it is a cube


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Oct 28, 2006
im in ur atic revvin a chanesaw

Look upon the true face of God.

I can't believe how wrong I've been, how wrong everyone's been, about everything.


It's so simple and natural, I don't know how everyone missed it.

We've all been so obsessed with the one god. The singularity. It's a lie. All of it is a lie. Why couldn't we see it? Einstein couldn't see it. He created his theory from a flawed viewpoint, when it's all so obvious how the world truly is.

All the world is composed of opposites. Everything is binary. The sun and the earth, the masculinity and feminity together are greater than they are separately. Combining them cancels out to zero. The cube is the world--Greenwich time has disguised the true meaning of time zones, the four corners of the Earth and the days, the baby, child, parent and grandparent.
A mother and baby are the same age because a one-day-old baby has a one-day-old mother. Adam and Eve were given their sexes as the rib was taken from Eve and given to Adam, leaving Eve with a hole she will always try to fill.

Don't be fooled by Oneism. Don't be fooled by the lies of those word bastards who claim to educate you. Those SnotBrains who deny it will incur Easter Island Ending. You must listen to Gene Ray. Gene Ray has Cubed the Earth.


It explains EVERYTHING.

The days come in 96 hours and those who deny it for the one-day lie are evil fools. Don't give in to the Temporal Phoenix, the evil academia, Wikipedia, the lies of the Singularity, the anti-white University of Michigan, the racist NAACP, the lying media in denial, the Santa lie, and the queer god who allows babies to starve. You must not waste your binary brain and turn it into a dog brain. Those who deny the Time Cube deserve to be killed for perpetuating the lie of the queer god. There is a mother! There is a father! The body is 90% water yet you lie that humans were made out of dirt! Do you know the wisdom of Gene Ray? If god is your father, your mother is a whore. You should worship a fish god as your father's sperm fish swam upstream to fertilize the female eggs.

Gene Ray is the greatest mathematician. -1 * -1 = -1. Canceling opposites is death worship and sends our sons and daughters to die in foreign lands. Gene Ray spent decades declaring this wisdom and those who ignore him are evil and deserve to eat **** and die. Kneel before the schools who teach evil religion if you can't break free from the teachings of the entity. Kneel before the singularity if you can't break free from their lobotomizing.

Wikipedia has been offered $10,000 if they can prove Gene Ray is wrong, but no one has earned the money because Gene Ray is the world's greatest human. He has cubed the square and become greater than your singular god. He is a cubic entity and has shown us how to open our minds to the binary nature of the universe. Those who deny his wisdom are evil. You are cyclops and androids and slaves.

All of academia is merely a brotherhood of obscurantism, dedicated to keeping the truth of the four-in-one out of our minds and instead filling it with the entity. Entity is death. Singularity is death, the race singularity just another Tower of Babble. The time cube frees us and makes us greater than God.

The lies of the academia, the lies of belief, are clearer nowhere than in the legend of Santa. Santa is an evil singularity, an adult opposite of child Santa, more evil than a one pole Earth, designed to bribe children from the youngest age into the lie of the singularity.

If you deny the four days, you are a useless word animal of Big Brother and you will join the evil Americans who bury nuclear waste in Mother Earth when the Time Cube could solve that problem. Accept the true Theory of Everything, the time cube, that overthrows the word god and the word animals. Two opposites cannot come together into an entity because it would be nothing. Everything must be opposites. Nobody can understand him. A four-corner head has a one-corner face, and the word animals ask him to prove it!

Did you know that the word animals are so afraid of Gene Ray that they won't let him lecture at their academic institutes? They fear the truth of cubism and how it utterly destroys their pathetic entity lie. Did you know that Gene Ray is so beyond the word animals that they declared him schizophrenic? He puts the single corner theory so far into the past that the word animals cannot understand him. Even the few educators who recognize Time Cube have to swear to uphold the Greenwich Time lie. Even MIT took down their Time Cube video.


Replace your American bastard flags with these to acknowledge the Wisest Human.

The word world is no different from the Dream World of the Matrix. These truths cannot be suppressed. A one day world is like a one leg horse. A one-day education is like a Trojan horse. A one-day education is like poisoned Kool-Aid.

Word is a Trojan horse.

Academia is evil.

School is church is school.

Reject everything you've known.

Gene Ray is the wisest human, greater than God and scientists.

The Time Cube is all! Embrace the four-in-one day!
I don't want to talk to you on MSN anymore. I should never have reminded you of this.
I worked too hard to throw away all my knowledge. I...I can't do this. I gotta go.

I like how the diagram told me where each corner was. It's good because identifying corners can be SOOOOO confusing.
Damn the Queer God for blinding mine eyes from the truth of The Time Cube for so long! It truly reveals all that there is to be revealed, with perfectly neat angles and corners.

I shall not be brought to offense by those people who do not except the Cube, or Spherulites as I have just now termed them. The evidence is everywhere.

Famous artist Pablo Picasso was inspired by the work of Gene Ray during one of his many visits to the future and therefore decided to invent Cubism, in a sprited, albeit faulty attempt to represent the deep and confounding notions of The Time Cube in his art:


****ed up, huh? Understanding The Time Cube is like taking acid times like ****ing fifty.

However, Picasso soon became queer and began worshipping the Queer God because his brain was ruined by drugs and sexual relations with cheap women. And so he began to produce vile art that undermined the precepts of The Time Cube:


This is a self-portrait of Pablo Picasso after he abandoned The Cube for his Queer God. It hath withered his soul and body away to nothing and given him a sick and alarming obsession with acoustic guitars.

Where did all those disgusting curves come from? They came from Queer God. That's who they came from.

The Spherulites have worked through the Jewish-controlled Hollywood media corporations in order to demonize the Cube:


In the original script for Hellraiser, Pinhead was named "Jean Wray". The script was written by Spherulite heathens in the blood of small, Cube-loving children.

It is my decree as a disciple of Gene Ray that all Spherulites must be terminated lest they further anger The Cube. They shall be pummeled violently, with cubes.

Sharp cubes.

Made of steel.

And then all followers of Dr. Ray shall remove the curves from their own body so that they are entirely angular and may therefore meld more easily with The Time Cube.


This is what your new life will look like.

Come brothers and sisters! Do not accept the lies and deceptions of the Spherulites! The Time Cube is waiting for you!!!
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Another word animal has been freed from the oppression of their own brain and the Ministry of Obscurantism! Praise be to Gene Ray for this wonderful day, where two have joined the ranks of the Cubists.

Truly, the steel cubes shall pummel the snotbrains who defy the word of Gene Ray. He has run their singular god off of the face of the Earth.

Their attempts to combine the opposites have canceled each other out. The Spherulites are utterly hollow and null. The utter truth of the 96-hour day will always prevail.

Crush the ****-eating intellectuals who slander Gene Ray! Bombard them with spheres until their android brains will no longer distort reality and their cyclops mouths will no longer preach lies to our children!

Reject the Zionist single god! Reject the Santa lie! Reject the hideous fallacy of -1 * -1 = 1! Those who don't accept Time Cube are EVIL.
Screw the cube.

I Worship the great and mighty sphere and it's retarded cousin the oval.

I also worship the pyramid god to play it safe.

Exactly. That's a lot of text with zero pictures of naked girls taking baths or having sex with each other.

Which makes me think that none of the text is devoted to explaining why naked girls are taking baths or having sex with each other.

That makes it useless prose.
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