I know a comics writer...


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Mar 6, 2005
Does anyone actually KNOW a comics writer, aka past meeting him at a convention or whatever?

For instance, living in Ohio, I know Tony Isabella, the creator of Black Lightning. I played baseball with his son when I was young and have talked to him on and off over the years. I haven't talked to him in a while though... I could probably show him some of my art... hmmmm....

anywho, anyone else??
I live in the same city Bendis USED to live in...

...and vaughan... and some other bald brian...
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ProjectX2 said:
Ed Brubaker is my uncle.

Pfft. I'm a clone of Chuck Austen cross-bred with an angel and a gorilla.
TheManWithoutFear said:
No, I just mean from this forum. Sorry.
Hahaha. :lol:

TheManWithoutFear said:
I keep begging Vaughan to visit but he never does :evil:
Well, with writing all the books he does, traveling to the other coast of the country might not be a wise choice.
Um, Warren Ellis e-mails me and I've talked to Mark Millar and Brian K. Vaughan.
Bass has threesomes with Bendis and Loeb every Saturday night.
Manila is a relatively tiny city, and the upwardly-mobile/middle-class population is fairly small, so people with the same tastes all end up within a few degrees of each other, in the Friendster/Kevin Bacon sense. As such, I've met the majority of famous and "semi-established" Filipino comic artists.

When I was more active in the punk/indie scene, I organized gigs that featured Marty McFly, the Weezer-esque geek-rock band that features Leinil Yu on vocals. I had his old cellphone number in my phone, if that counts for anything, and since I was introduced to him through friends, rather than in a comic-related/industry setting, I refer to him in person by his familiar name, Neil. (Their guitarist Rio is the member I know better, and we still hang out, if we run into each other at gigs, etc.)

I used to be in touch with Gerry Alanguilan fairly regularly, by email, and we still trade zines/mini-comics, whenever either of us has a new release. (I'm still a semi-regular zinester, if anybody here cares.) Gerry knows me (and my girlfriend/partner-in-crime Claire) by face and name, but admittedly neither of us has ever made a concerted effort to really keep up with each other. He lives down in Laguna Province, a few hours south of Manila, and he's always busy with something work-related, so we really only run into each other during convention-type events, nowadays.

He's a very supportive, approachable guy, and he even hosts weekly communal drawing sessions at his house, for up-and-coming artists from his hometown of Los Banos, Laguna.
UltimateE said:
Pfft. I'm a clone of Chuck Austen cross-bred with an angel and a gorilla.

You know that's a lie. You're just the twin brother of a clone of Chuck Austen cross-bred with an angel and a gorilla pretending to be the clone of Chuck Austen cross-bred with an angel and a gorilla pretending to be a brain with indestructable blue skinned limbs.

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