I need! I need!


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Feb 25, 2005
I need a 800x800 pixcel Punisher logo. A guy is making a cover for me, and i really need it. The logo can of cours be bigger or even a bit smaller. But not much. Thanks !
Here a couple I found...


if you don't like those, go to google images and type in punisher and you will get over 44,000 pics to choose from.
I did, but the logo just isn't big enough! I need no punisher, only his logo. Thanks anyways!
Yeah most of the punisher logos on google images are only half the size that you are looking for....
Or, if by chance you have the software, take any size logo and trace it in a vector drawing program (i.e. Illustrator). Open it in an image editing program like Photoshop and since it is vector you can make it any size you want no matter what size the traced file is.
If I resize it you can see it. Thanks Digi! :rockon:

And thank you everybody...

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