I think I've been scammed on a Jim Kyle artist commission. No idea what to do.


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Nov 21, 2020
On facebook, I've seen some really good art by Jim Kyle so I paid him 100.00 for two sketch cover pieces. Jim said he was going to work on it starting the next day of payment. Then apologize for running behind. No big deal I figured. Then the paypal buyers protection expired(6 mo) and Jim started to straight up ignoring me around that time. I'm like what the hell?So, I waited and now it's been one year today and I haven't seen a single damn thing. Cant even respond to my pms.

It's like this guy collected as much money as he could did the pieces he felt like and ghost everybody else that paid him.

IDK, if I've get my piece. If late then whatever. But at this rate of complaints I'm doubting it. For whatever reason Jim is straight up ghosting people since July 2020. I draw myself and was watching videos of Jim Lee drawing on youtube. Jim Kyle's video popped up on the playlist. SO JK uploaded a video on 09/11 and 11/2. So, he's online just ignoring facebook and the messages of people asking for their paid art.

On FB people stated they have been waiting for 3, 6 and even 8years for their piece. So, I left him a comment asking what's going on with their pieces. He quickly deleted it and turn comments off. So, I know he read it. IDK, Jim Kyle just straight up ripped me off. No idea what to do. I guess I can't do anything at this point. I don't wanna talk bad about anyone but this is insane.