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The Hard Lesson

This is a Johnny Storm fanfic. It's the 616 version of Johnny and this doesn't take place anywhere in particular. So with that said, enjoy.

Chapter 1:

"What do you mean I almost got you guys killed?! If it wasn't for me, you guys would still be in the clutches of Doom!" Johnny said to Reed as they argued about what happened in their latest mission.

Reed told Johnny, "Yes of course Johnny, but that was just luck! You need to understand that you need to follow orders. You just can't be reckless. Your supernova attack could have killed us if Sue didn't shield us in time."

"Come on! That was the only thing that could have stopped Doom, and you know it!"

"No it was not! I had an idea, but you ruined it. All I needed to do was distract him long enough for Sue to-

"Bull! That's all bull! You're just jealous that you didn't stop Doom this time around! You just want all the glory!" Johnny said while walking out on Reed.

"Johnny, wait. You just need to learn that you need to work with us a team!" Reed tried to tell Johnny, but his words didn't reach him as Johnny was already out the room. Once Johnny was on the roof top, he was met there by his sister, Sue.

"Johnny Storm, you stop right there and listen to me!" Sue told Johnny with a serious voice. She started to walk to him, but then Johnny turned around.

"What do you want?! Are you going to yell at me too?" Johnny asked.

"I'm not going to yell you Johnny. You're my little brother, and I will always love you no matter what stupid thing you do. But you do need to watch what you do. You could have hurt us." Sue was telling Johnny with a soft tone. Sue quickly turned around having sensed something….as if someone else was watching from somewhere, but found nothing and no one around.

"What? What's wrong?" Johnny asked.

Sue replied, "Nothing."

"So what now, you're going to lecture me? I've had enough of this! I'm getting the hell out of here. Don't bother searching for me. FLAME ON!" Johnny left the roof top of the Baxter Building in a hurry. Not looking back, Johnny left out of Sue's sight.

"Oh Johnny, when will you ever learn?" Sue said to herself. With Johnny no longer there, Sue headed down to the apartment. Once in the kitchen she saw Ben looking the fridge.

"Where's matchstick at? Almost burning someone else up again? Hah! I kill myself!" Ben said to Sue.

Sue looked at Ben with an angry face. She walked up to Ben.
"Hey Ben, look over here." Sue said to him.

"What do ya- OWW!"

Sue slaps Ben with an invisible shield of hers. She doesn't stop looking at Ben with a pissed off face. Ben rubs his cheek as he looks back at Sue.

"What was that for? Was it somethin' I said?"

Sue replies to him, "You know I am getting sick and tired of your stupid comments about Johnny. I'm getting sick and tired of you two never learning to just chill out and stop your stupid fights with each other!"

"What? That's all in good fun." Ben tells her while getting a carton of milk out of the fridge. Sue with her invisible shield takes the carton and spills the milk all over Ben's head.

"Grow up Ben." Sue says as she walks out the kitchen and goes to Reed's lab. As she gets in there, she sees that Reed is working on some problem on his board, and doesn't bother to ask what it is.

"Hey Reed….honey? Listen, Johnny just left the building. I don't think he's coming back. Should we go look for him?" She asks.

"Don't worry Sue. You know how Johnny is. He'll be back soon and everything will be back to normal. He always does." Reed tells her while still working on his problem. But Sue doesn't think so. She gets a feeling that this time it might be different. That this time…..Johnny won't come back.

Elsewhere, Johnny is still flying over the sky of New York City. He sees a familiar face…swinging around the Statue of Liberty.

Johnny then says to himself, "Well, at least he won't yell at me. Let me see what this guy is up to." He then flies over to see what Spider-Man is up to.

"Hey Spidey, long time no see."

"Well if it isn't hot head himself. What do you want? Wait let me guess, you want Spider-Man here to give a hug. I see that face. Boo hoo hoo." Spider-Man taunted Johnny.

Johnny started to get angry, but just calmed down.

"Look Spider-Man, I just wanted to talk. I left the Fantastic Four. Maybe permanently and I just…well, I just need to talk with the right person I guess."

"Well gosh lee mister Torch. I'm honored that you would come to me with this." Spider-Man said still joking around.
"You know what, forget it. I'm outta here." Johnny flies away, leaving Spider-Man behind him.

Spider-Man says to himself while swinging away, "Well, somebody can't cool down with jokes."

Johnny, still flying around, saw that a woman was being followed in an alley. He decided to help her out. As soon as he got down, he saw that three men were about to attack her.

"Excuse me, do you guys have a brain? You guys shouldn't attack –" Johnny was interrupted by the site that the men got out the way and the woman had turned around and was holding a plasma gun.

"What the hell is going on?" Johnny asked in confusion. The woman had slowly lowered her weapon to her side, put still having her finger on the trigger.

"What's going on is that you Human Torch are about to be taken away." She replied to Johnny's question.

Johnny put a smirk on his face and told the woman, "Look, I don't know who the hell you are, and quite frankly, I really don't give a damn. But there's no way you can take me anywhere, nevertheless take on me."

"Soldiers- ATTACK HIM!" She commanded to the guys.

"Please, these wanna be gangsters are soldiers? Give me a break!" Johnny was telling the woman. But then the "wanna be gangsters" turned from ordinary looking humans, to 7 feet tall buffed men, who had tech suits and laser beamed eye patches.

"Okay, now they look like soldiers. And hey, what's up with that purple skin?" Johnny said with some cockiness in his voice. The soldiers went to attack Johnny all at the same time, but Johnny flew up. Thinking he was safe, one of the soldiers shot Johnny with his laser.

"AAAAAAAHH! That… that…uhhhhhhh…." Johnny couldn't even say what he was going to say. As soon as he was shot, he "flamed off" as was falling to the ground. As soon he hit the floor he tried to get up.

"What the hell was that? That was no ordinary laser."

"No it was not. That was meant to take you down." The woman replied to him. Johnny still weak, was trying to stand up, but fell back to the floor again.

"Wait- I wanna know something. How…how did you know where to find me? How…ugh…did you where I was going to be?" Johnny asked the woman. At that time, someone came in behind him and answered his question.

"I have ears around the city Storm. Maybe you can ask your sister why she felt as someone was watching her…if you were ever to see her again that is."

Johnny turned around and saw who was the one who had set him up. Johnny looked at him with his eyes wide open.

"YOU! But it can't be…You were supposed to be dead. We fought the real you this time!"

"Or so you thought. It's time now, for your death!"

The unknown person punched Johnny in the face and knocked him out. He then turned to his minions.

"Take him to the ship. We leave to our layer at once."


Johnny finally woke up, and found himself in a chamber. 2 days had passed since he was ambushed. Whoever it was that attacked him, had put in a chamber that had water channels all over the top side of the walls and had the door shut tight with a metal cover.

"Man, my head's ringing right now." Johnny said to himself. Still trying to regain consciousness, tries to remember what happened to him. As he stood up, he starts hearing someone talk to him.

"Well Mr. Storm, it is about time that you woke up. I was afraid that you were going to stay knocked out."

Johnny holding his head, says to the unknown man, "You. You did this to me! I will get you, DOOM!"

"Hahahaha, poor diluted Storm. Why can't you figure out that you shall never defeat Dr. Doom? I am invincible!" Dr. Doom had said.

"You are nothing but a lowlife scum." Johnny said to him.

"I AM A GENUIS! I WAS A RESPECTED MAN UNTIL YOU FOOLS CAME ALONG AND RUINED MY LIFE! But that's all in the past now. Now, I have a proposition for you young Storm. If you join me, I shall spare your life for all the countless wrong you did to me, and make you my right hand man." Doom told Johnny.

"Not in your miserable life." Johnny said.

"Trust me; you'll change your mind. You see, in a minute I will be opening these water channels and I will let them run until you change your mind. If you don't, well…then, you'll simply just drown." Doom said back to Johnny.

As soon as Doom's stopped talking, the water channels opened and the water was flowing faster and faster by the second. Johnny flamed on, but that didn't help due to the fact that his fire was doing nothing to stop the water from flowing.

The water kept rising faster and faster by the second. The chamber was big, but it was almost full and Johnny had no more space to fly up. He tried to burn a hole through anywhere he could, but got nothing.

"Damnit! What the hell are these walls made of?" Johnny asked himself in frustration. He thought of doing his supernova attack, but didn't have enough energy to do it. Now Johnny was in deep trouble. In just a couple of minutes, the chamber was going to be filled with water, and Johnny was going to drown.

Suddenly, Doom's voice return saying, "You don't have long Storm. What's your decision?"

Johnny replied, "I gave you my answer already. I will not, and never will, join you! I rather die!"

"Suit yourself then. Good riddance." Doom said back to Johnny.

The water was now at Johnny's feet. Now he had flamed off and couldn't fly any longer. He now started to drown. He kept trying to float, but had no air in his lungs. He fell further and further to the bottom of the chamber.

As soon as he hit the bottom floor, Johnny blacked out.

Elsewhere at a lab, two men are hovering over a table with a man on it. They call themselves using codenames.

"Splicer, you think that he'll notice anything?" Said one of the men.

Splicer replied, "No Rook. But I think it's time to get him back into reality. His heart beat is racing higher and higher. It's unbelievable that he really thinks that he is in Doom's clutches. Our 'Reality-Dream' Laser worked as planned."

He then went and injected Johnny with some formula to wake him up. Once he did that, Johnny's eyes quickly burst open, as he got up from the table in a jolt trying to grasp for some air. He tried to get off the table, but found that his arms and legs were chained to the table, and had a power dampener around his neck.

"What…what the hell is going on? I was just drowning!" Johnny said as he looked around the room.

"Welcome Mr. Storm. This is the real world." Splicer tells him.

"Who the hell are you guys? How the hell did I get here?" Johnny asks as he starts to get angry. "Wasn't I abducted by Dr. Doom and almost drowned?"

Rook explains, "No you weren't. That was all a dream. Not one part of it was real."

"But it all felt so real." Johnny said in a confused manner.

Rook explains further, "That is how it's supposed to be. You see, when you were hit by that laser in the alley the other day, you instantly were affected. You weren't completely under it's…influence right away, but the affect works quickly. That is why you thought you saw Dr. Doom in the actual reality, but it really was just me there in front of you."

"So what the hell do you want with me? I don't know you guys. And I'm pretty sure that the Fantastic Four has crossed paths with you guys." Johnny asks them while struggling to get free.

Splicer tells him, "Oh no Mr. Storm, you don't know us. We were hired by someone who shall stay anonymous to dispose of the Fantastic Four. We just decided to start with their weakest link."

Johnny tries to flame on but can't due to the dampener on his neck.

"Oh, there will be none of this 'Flame on' that you do Mr. Storm. That dampener will keep you from doing that." Rook tells him as a beeping noise comes from a nearby station. As he goes to see what it is, he sees that someone has entered their facility.

"Something has escaped Splicer. Something from the experiment room and is now on its way here" Rook tells him as he walks away.

Splicer asks him, "What?! Which experiment is it?"

"Not sure. But by the looks of it, he's headed our way." Rook tells him.

"Where are the guards? Aren't you going to do anything?" Splicer asks getting frustrated really quickly.

The intruder started to bang on the door.

Rook replies, "It's too late. Whoever the intruder is, is behind that door."

Within seconds, the door was broken and the intruder went into the lab.

"Oh dear god, NOOOO! It loose! Experiment B462A2 loose!" said Rook as he started to run to the other exit on the other side of the room. Experiment B462A2 is a human that was fused together with DNA from a wolverine and a cheetah. It looked like a creature from hell.

He has the arms and hands of a wolverine, the legs of a cheetah, and the rest was…somewhat human. His face was distorted and barely had any feature that could be recognizable as human.

"Holy $#^&! Run damnit run!" Splicer told Rook.

"How the f**k did he escape his cage?" Rook asked while running.

"Who cares?! We'll leave Storm here. Maybe he'll forget about us" Splicer was telling Rook while they both tried to run to the exit, but it was too late. The experiment had jumped over Johnny and blocked the second exit. Since he had the speed of a cheetah, there was no anyone could outrun him.

He dashed towards the two scientists and started to tear them up. Their life had been ended and now the experiment had done what he wanted. But he was after someone else now. He looked at Johnny and started to growl.

"Um, that's not good. Aw crap Aw crap Aw crap! Hey look ah, whatever the hell you are. I'm not the bad guy here. Look, maybe we can strike a deal?" Johnny was trying to say to the experiment. But the experiment didn't understand.

He took his step towards Johnny, and was ready to kill him.


It had been quiet now in the Baxter Building for almost three full days. There had not been any fights and quarrels heard for a while. That was due to the departure of young Johnny Storm, whose absence had made Sue very uncomfortable.

"Mommy, where's Uncle Johnny? He hasn't been here in a long time." Little Franklin tells her mother with a sad face. Sue looks at him with the same face wondering the same thing.

All she can tell him for him not to worry was, "Your Uncle Johnny just went out somewhere, but will be back soon." Franklin didn't change his mood. He stilled missed his uncle a lot.

Sue couldn't take it anymore. She's had it with waiting, and was going to let Reed know it. She went to the lab and saw that he was staring at a dot on his computer screen. The first thought that came to her head was that he honestly didn't care about Johnny being gone. So she let him have it.

"REED RICHARDS! I can't believe you! Out of anyone, I would have expected this from Ben, but not you!" Sue yells at him.

At that time, Ben just happened to walk by and heard his name.

"Huh? Someone callin' me?" Ben asks.

"GET OUT!" Sue yells at Ben. Ben leaves without hesitating. Sue then turns her attention back to Reed.

"Reed, what is wrong with you? You told me to wait for Johnny, and I have. But I'm not going to wait for him any longer. You hear me Reed? I'm going to look for Johnny!" Says Sue, while turning around and walking towards the door.

Reed then says to her, "That's really pointless you know. I already found him." Sue freezes on the spot and turns to Reed.

"You…you what? But how, you haven't left this place since Johnny left." Sue asks Reed while looking dumbfounded on what she just heard.

"Right when he was leaving, I attached a small tracking device on him. It's non-noticeable and resistant to almost anything."
"So that dot is…" Sue says while pointing her finger to the dot on the screen.

Reed replies with, "Johnny"

Back at the lab…

Johnny's still chained up to the table. The dampener's still around his neck. The experiment was still staring at him with its mouth open with its tongue sticking out and drool dripping to the floor. The creature took one big sniff and jumped towards Johnny…

"Ben get over here, now!" Sue was yelling, packing up to rescue Johnny.

"I'm comin'...geez. Alright Franklin, you take care 'a ya sistah and behave for Alicia, 'k?" Ben says to Franklin before he turns to walk away.

"Alright Uncle Ben, but where are you and mommy and daddy going?" He asks, not knowing that his family's going to get Johnny. Of course, you don't tell a little boy that his uncle is somewhere probably lost and hurt.

"We're just gonna go on a little midnight stroll." Ben now gets a suit to the side of him and boards on the Fantasticar.

"Alright, everyone strapped in?" Reed asks while flipping buttons here and there, getting ready to departure.

"Let's just get this ovah with and get 'ol matchstick back home." Ben says to Reed while zipping up his suit. Sue turns around from the passenger seat and gives him a mean look.

"Wha?" Ben replies while holding his seat buckle.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The creature kept jumping back and forth trying to hit Johnny. Every time it missed, it got angrier and angrier. Johnny may not have his powers at the time, but he does have his reflexes to help him out a bit. But, how long can that actually help…?

Once the creature missed again, it stopped and turned around quickly to Johnny. It screamed as loud as he could while having its arm spread as far as it could have it. It attacked Johnny, and this time, it got him.

"AAAAAAAAAAHH!" Johnny screamed in pain. The creature ad scratched his face and left one big cut. But…it did also get the dampener. Johnny was now free to flame on. As soon as he realized this, (and stopped screaming) he gave one big smile and of course, flamed on.

"FLAME ON!" He yelled. As soon as fire had consumed his body, the chains melted, and at last, Johnny was free.

Johnny was now airborne, and this was something that didn't make his opponent very happy.

"Ohhhh, what happened? Didn't expect for me to be free?" Johnny was saying to the creature with cockiness in his voice.

The creature didn't change his 'tone' in his screaming. What he did was stretched his arms at Johnny. The claws almost hit Johnny, if not for him reacting to the attack.

"WO! When the hell can you do that?!" Johnny says while being shocked. Now Johnny had to change his plans of attack if he wanted to live. That is, if he had any plan of attack. But Johnny is Johnny, and all he does is attack on impulse. Something that wasn't going to work this time around.

"Alright, since you seem to have the same powers as Reed, that changes a lot of things." Johnny tried to fly around the creature, trying to create a fire wall around him. But then the creature just threw its arms up, and an invisible force blew the fire away, as well as Johnny.

"Oh what the hell now?!" Johnny was saying with a frustrated tone.

"This is really getting ridiculous now! What the hell was put into you? This is it. You're going down, one way or another!"

"Are we there yet or what?" Ben was asking; being restless and all from just sitting around.

"Calm down Ben. We're just seconds away." Reed tells him.

"Oh sweet Aunt Petunia, how much longer?"

"We're just about…there! Right there!" Reed said, almost sounding excited.

"Wait, that's…." Sue said, being interrupted by Ben.

"That's what? I can't see from the back seat!"

"The Eiffel Tower. He's somewhere under the Eiffel Tower." Reed says with a concerned tone.
"All right. Let's land somewhere where we won't be noticed by the French police." Sue says, while anticipating to see how Johnny was.

And speaking of Johnny…

Johnny was trying to catch his breathe. He and the creature were both out of breathe and a bit tired. Johnny had now a couple of cuts on his arms and chest. The creature had half of its body burned. But this didn't stop the creature from attacking Johnny, nor did the cuts stop Johnny from fighting for his life. The downside was that the cuts did weaken Johnny.

As soon as the creature felt it was ready for another attack, it went after Johnny. Johnny shot a fireball at it, but it didn't do any good. The creature smacked it away with one hand, and smacked Johnny with the other. Johnny flew right into a wall and landed with a loud thud. The creature walked right up to it, and was about to stab him when…

WHAM! The creature flew thru the wall to his side right into the next room.

"What the…" Johnny thought to himself, still woozy from the hit. He looked to his left and noticed who saved him from getting extra holes in his bodies.

"What? You tellin' me ya don't miss me? Man, what happen to ya? Tried to carve a turkey or somethin'?" It turned out to be Ben himself.

"How…how did you guys find me?" Johnny asked, still not fully back from his attack.

"Don't worry about that round. What was that thing that was about to kill you?" Reed asked him while helping Johnny get up.

"I don't what the hell that was. I'm still trying to remember how the hell I got here." Johnny tells him while holding his head up.

"You're in Paris. Do you know who did this to you?" Reed asks.

"I just said I can't remember anything."

"What is that thing that's attacking you?"

"I don't know! Did you think I had time to ask it what it was?! All I know is that it wants me dead!" Johnny says angrily.

"Look Johnny, let's just…"

"REED LOOK OUT!" Sue yells at Reed. The creature jumped out and saw Reed as its next victim. Luckily, Sue in time made an invisible shield around the creature. She then holds it in mid-air wondering what to do with it.

"Where's it cage?" Sue asks.

"Doesn't has one anymore. It got out, somehow." Johnny replies.

"We'll take it with us. There's someone I know that can hold it safely." Reed tells them.

"So we gettin' outta here or is this our new home?" Ben asks.

"So Johnny, you see why I say we should together?" Reed asks him.

"Yeah, yeah." Johnny says to him.

As the guys start walking away, they notice Johnny is lagging behind.

"Are you o.k. there Johnny?" Sue asks in concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Still a bit tired."

"Alright. Don't stay too close behind now." Sue told him while still carrying the creature in the shield.

But something was happening to Johnny, and it wasn't being tired from the fight. The scratches he had started to 'take over' his skin. Johnny started to change, started to mutate.


"Well gentlemen? How did everything go?" Someone asked.

"Everything went according to plan. Our experiment did its job. Johnny Storm will now become one of them." Someone else had replied.

"Excellent. Soon the Fantastic Four shall be finished once…and for all."

One of the people stood up and turned on the lights. The room was filled with a lot of people recognizable to the Fantastic Four.

"Well, Mole Man, Dr. Doom, Puppet Master, Annihulis and others, we'll shall see what happens next."

"But of course Terax. But of course."

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Essential X-Men Vol. 1

High Stakes

Chapter 1

Savage Land- 5 years ago.

Charles Xavier walks down the hall in a large building, in the middle of an island known as the Savage Land. Even though he's a mutant with the power of telepathy, which lets him read anyone's mind, he goes to see a friend not knowing what's going on.

Eric Lensherr is a mutant as well. He has the power of magnetism, meaning anything with the molecules of metal, can be bended at his will. He is waiting. Waiting for his friend to see him. He knows why, and quite frankly, he doesn't care.

You see, Eric and Charles have known each other for a long time. When they met, they knew the world would need their help. They decided that they would help others like them. Other mutants who wouldn't be able to help themselves from those who would seek to hurt them. But from what Charles had been witnessing lately, something was changing their plans…

Charles walks up to the room, which Eric awaits him. He at first hesitates, but after a few seconds, Eric opens the door himself.

"Come on in dear Charles, I've been waiting for your arrival." Eric says to him. He doesn't look at Charles, just stands on his balcony, staring unto the island.

"You know why I'm here Eric. You know what you're doing isn't right." Charles says, as he walks up to him.

"It's not right? It's not right? Where have you been lately friend? These humans have been attacking our kind more and more! It's time to take a stand. Make a name for ourselves." Eric was now getting angry.

"But we are! What were doing—" Charles gets cut off as Eric keeps talking.

"WHAT WE'RE DOING IS NOTHING! Do you really think helping someone here and there is going to make a difference?" Eric now faces Charles.

"Of course."

"Nonsense! What we need to do is do unto them as they have done unto us! Then they will learn not to mess with us. With Homo-Superior!" He tells to Charles as he holds his fist in the air.

"No Eric! You can't do at. That will change things for the worse for us. For everyone!" Charles's heart was beating faster and faster. He was getting scared of what his friend might do when he retaliated. He knew the consequences, but he took the risk anyway. A risk that he believed would help the whole human race and not just the mutants.

"Too late my dear friend. You are too late. I have already began spreading my words to those who live on this island. It won't be too long until I began my plans for those Homo-Sapiens!" Eric then starts walking to Charles.

"I won't let you do this Eric! This is just madness!" Charles uses his telepathy to go into Eric's mind. He freezes him in his movement, and with a psychic blast, pushes Eric towards the wall, knocking him out.

On his way out of the building, Charles starts to destroy it with psychic blasts. He goes to the crowd that started to gather at the building, and says what Eric really has in plan. Some decide to go with, but most of the residents stay. He takes those who were willing to with him, and runs away, planning to leave the island itself.

Once Eric came to, he was helped by a loyal follower, Fabian Cortez.

"Mater Eric!" He calls out to him. "Are you o.k.? What happened here?"

"It seems that poor Charles won't be with us any longer. Take care of him, and anyone who's with him, permanently!" Eric tells Fabian as he's helped up.

"Of course master Eric. Whatever you wish!" Fabian left at once to get rid of Charles and those who were with him.

Charles and those who chose to follow him were quickly running as fast as they could to try and leave the island. Leave the place they once called home. Their hearts beat faster and faster every second they ran. But Fabian wasn't close to them. He still had to catch to them. But he found a way. He talked to one of the local Savage Land mutants who had the power to fly.

"You, the one with the wings. Come here now. I need you to take to Hammer Bay, this instant!" Fabian ordered him.

"Yes sir Fabian!" the mutant replied.

The mutant quickly grabbed Fabian and started flying to Hammer Bay.

"O.k., we must find the…." Charles started to, but then he had realized something coming towards him and the others from a distance.

"Stop right there! Don't think you're going any further." Fabian yelled at them.

Fabian was let down right in front of the docking bay. He and the other mutant were blocking the only exit off the island.

"Fabian, don't do this." Charles started to tell him. "You know Eric's ways of dealing with this hatred towards mutants are wrong and evil."

"NO! Master Eric's way is the only way for these foolish humans to know that we are not a weak species and that we do fight back." Fabian said to him as he was walking towards him.

"Fabian, please listen to reason!" Charles pleads to him.

"I don't care for reason Charles." Fabian then used his powers, which is to amplify other mutant powers, against Charles. He made Charles uses his psychic powers against himself, making Charles give himself a psychic blast, and the others that were with him.

"Let's take care of them." Fabian told the mutant with him.

"No, wait!" A voice not far distant told Fabian.

It turned out to be Eric. He came on a metal disc, with his arms folded.

"I will take care of this myself. I have the proper punishment for them. Take them to dungeon, but leave Charles here for me." Eric told Fabian and the mutant.

The others were taken away as Charles still laid on the ground unconscious, face down.

"Poor, poor Charles. You should have just listen to me. Then I wouldn't have to do what I am about to do now." Eric took the metal disk and turned it into a metal spike. He then took the spike, and…stuck it Charles back. Once then, he took it out and threw Charles into the sea.

"May you rest in peace old friend." Eric said as he walked away, going back to his domain.

New York City, New York- Today.

"Well what do you think Professor?" A young man said to an old bald man next to him. The old bald man turns out to be Charles Xavier. It seemed that he survived that horrible incident 5 years ago. But it left him handicapped. Charles, or how he's known now, Professor Xavier, is bound to a wheel chair. He has lost the use of his legs.

"Let's see Scott, to do what I have planned, we must recruit others."

"Well, how are we going to do that?" Scott asked him.

"You see Scott, I have this machine known as 'Cerebro'. It helps me find mutant signatures anywhere in the world. We can use that to find new recruits." Professor Xavier told him.

"I see. But where did you get Cerebro from?"

"Let's just say I had help from an old friend. Now, let's go. We must find new recruits fast if we want to start the… "X-Men".

Chapter 2

Long Island, New York- 1 week later

Bobby Drake sits with his date, Opal Tenaka at a pizza parlor where they're having lunch together.

"So Opal," Bobby started to say, "Where you born here or in Japan?"

"I was born in Japan. My family and I moved here when I was young." She says to Bobby as she drinks her soda.

"So how is your family? Any little bro.'s or sisters?" He asks her.

"Um… no." She says in a hesitant tone.

"What? Is it something I said?"

"You see," she starts to explain, "I can't remember much, but what I can recollect is that my family was running away from my grandfather for some reason. When we got here, people that work for my grandfather found my parents and murdered them. I was at school at the time this happened."

"So where do you live now?" Bobby asks as he takes another slice of pizza.

"I live with my adopted parents. They're so kind. They love me as if I was flesh and blood." Opal says with a smile.

"I see." Bobby says as he reaches and takes Opal's hand.

"Well, you got me around to feel safe." Bobby then gives her a wink.

Opal pulls her hand back and tells Bobby, still with the smile on her face, "I never said I felt in any danger."

"Well hey—" Bobby started to talk, but was interrupted by a loud 'BOOM' outside.

When he goes to see what had happened, he sees that something had exploded in a nearby building, and was on fire as well.

Opal comes out to see why Bobby got up and saw him staring at the building. As soon as Bobby started to go towards the building, Opal grabbed his arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" She asks him without loosening the grip on his arm.

"Someone needs to save them before somebody dies!" He tells her, trying to take his arm back.

"Let the authorities take care of that. It's why they're here for."

"Forget it, I'm going whether you like it or not." Opal lets go of his arm and Bobby starts to run towards his destination.

"How the hell does he think he'll save anyone?" Opal asks herself, as she watches on.

As Bobby reaches the building, he says to himself, "Wait, don't want anyone to see my face."

So then he makes his body turn into ice. Bobby has the power of sub-zero manipulation. He can make his body turn into ice, and create anything out of ice…as long as there's moisture in the air.

Bobby then makes an ice bridge from the ground to where the whole is at, going up with the ice bridge along the way.

When he reaches the whole, he doesn't see anyone around.

"Is anyone here?" He says as he starts to cough. He notices where the flames are and tries to put them out.

"Damn, the fire's too hot!"

Just then, he hears someone crying for help in a nearby room. He goes to see where the cry was coming from, but the path is blocked by fallen pieces of ceiling wood that's caught on fire.

"Hold on! I'm [cough..] coming!" Bobby yells. He doesn't get too close to the fire.

"Oh man. What have I gotten myself into?" He asks himself. But then, the pieces of wood just start floating, and moving themselves to the side.

"What the hell?!"

"Don't worry about that. I did it." A voice coming from behind him told him.

As he turns around, he sees a red headed girl floating in mid-air.

"Who are you? An angel? 'Cuz you look hot for an angel you know!" Bobby looks at her in amazement.

"Hehe, no. I'm no angel. My names Jean Grey. I'm a mutant with telekinesis. You know, I can move any object with my thoughts? I also have telepathy, but that's not important right now." Jean tells him as she flies pass him through the once blocked path.

"Oh yeah!" Bobby starts running behind Jean. They find where he was hearing someone's voice.

Jean breaks through the door to make a wide opening.

"Is there anyone else around?" She asks.

"No, everyone else left through the stair well before it collapsed." One of the people told her.

"Come with me if you want to live. HA! I always wanted to say that!" Bobby said as he grabs one of the survivors and leaves towards the exit. Jean takes the others using her telekinesis.

"Let's hurry up." She says. "This is getting to be too much weight for me."

Luckily, they get out fine. As they landed on the ground, a crowd started to form nearby.

"Look, muties! They're the ones who caused the fire!" One guy said in the crowd, which was close to turning into a mob.

"What?! NO! We didn't do this! We just saved they're lives!" Bobby tries to tell the crowd.

"Yeah, but you probably caused this mess in the first place! Just tryin' ta make yaself look good!" Someone else in the crowd said.

Someone started to throw bottles and whatever else they found on the street at Jean and Bobby. Jean quickly put a psychic shield around them.

"Look Bobby. Our meeting wasn't a coincidence. I was sent here to recruit you."

"Recruit me? For what?" He asks her.

"There's no time to explain here as you can obviously see. If you want, I can take you to a safer place. But the choice is yours." Jean told him.

Bobby looked around the crowd and told Jean, "Yeah, I think that's a good idea."

"Excellent. We'll leave right now." She took Bobby and started to fly to a rooftop not far away, still with the psychic shield in tact.

"That's right muties! Run away to whole ya crawled outta!"


"Well, what do you have to report?" Someone asked.

"Master, the bomb successfully went off, but.." The other unknown person started to explain before he was interrupted.

"BUT?! There shouldn't be a 'BUT'. How did you fail me?"

"Master, no one was hurt. Everyone got away safely and there were these two people who saved a few. One was completely made of ice, and there was this girl who had some 'X' on her."

" 'X' you say? Hmm... leave me be now. I have some thinking to do."

"Yes master. I obey your every command." He then leaves the room at once, closing and locking the doors behind him.

He tells to the guards at the door, "Make sure one is to bother him. He's in one of his 'thinking moods' again."

"Charles, I see you have survived after all this years. What a fool you are to still go with your idiotic plan. Your 'X-Men' will not stop with my conquest. The world will know who is truly superior when they meet…Magneto."

[Alternate ending:]

"Well Fabian, what do you have to report?" Someone asked.

"Master, the bomb successfully went off, but.." Fabian started to explain before he was interrupted.

"BUT?! There shouldn't be a 'BUT' Fabian. How did you fail me?"

"Master, no one was hurt. Everyone got away safely and there were these two people who saved a few. One was completely made of ice, and there was this girl who had some 'X' on her."

" 'X' you say? Hmm... leave me be now Fabian. I have some thinking to do."

"Yes master. I obey your every command." Fabian leaves the room at once, closing and locking the doors behind him.

He tells to the guards at the door, "Make sure one is to bother him. Master Magneto is in one of his 'thinking moods' again.

Chapter 3

Office of the Senator of New York, Today- 1:45 P.M.

"Senator Kelly! Senator Kelly!" A woman yells as she runs down the hall, with a note in hand.

"Yes, what do you want? I'm getting ready to have lunch with the District Attorney." Senator Kelly tells her as he puts on his coat.

"Sir, someone just gave me this message. He told me that it needed to be given to you this instant. All it says on it is "Code White 5-9'." The woman then handed the enclosed note to the senator.

Senator Kelly opened the enclosed note, read the message, and immediately got on the phone.

"Yes, hello? Get me the District Attorney…NOW!" He yelled at the person on the other side of the line.

"Mr. Robertson? Look, something urgent just came up, and we'll have to cancel for today and re-schedule."

"What's wrong Kelly? My wife has been waiting months for to meet you!" Mr. Robertson asked.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not in liberty to say. Please re-schedule a lunch time with my secretary, thank you." He then hung up the phone.

"Find who sent this, and I mean NOW!" He yelled at the woman.

"Y…yes sir." She turned around and ran out the room.

"Who would destroy that building? Whoever it was had to know about him and his project. But how? Damn it, how the hell?!" Senator Kelly sat in his seat and just stared at outside the window.

Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

"Where are they? They shouldn't be taking this long." Scott was saying as he worried for the whereabouts of Jean and Bobby. He kept staring out the window from the kitchen.

"It is alright comrade; they will be here soon. You worry too much."

"Yeah, I guess your right Colossus." Scott said as he turned away from the window and walked to the refrigerator.

"Please, we are not out on the field. You call me Peter here." Peter said.

"Right sorry Col…err, Peter."

{Scott, can you hear me? It's Jean.} Jean asks Scott telepathically.

{Yes, I can hear you Jean. Where are you? Why is this taking so long? I knew I should have come along for this.}

{Calm down, will ya Scott? We're near the mansion.}

{What took so long Jean?}

{Sorry, we didn't exactly have an easy time getting to the Blackbird. …Hold on Scott, we're just seconds away.}

A big black plane was approaching the institute. As it was flying above the field, Bobby looked out the window and saw no place for landing.

"Uh Jean, where do you think you're gonna land this thing? I mean, there aint exactly a landing strip down there."

"Relax Bobby." Jean said to him. "And just watch."

The Blackbird was right above the basketball field. As Bobby watched on, he saw the field opening up. Once the field was retracted, Jean lowered the plane into the hangar where the field once was.

Once the plane was landed, and Jean and Bobby got off, they were met by one of the other X-Men members, Henry "Hank" McCoy.

"Well, it seems that our friends have arrived. The Professor wants to see us all in his office." Hank told them.

"Alright, thanks Hank. OH! By the way, this is--" Jean started to tell Hank who her companion was, but was interrupted by him.

"Robert Bobby Drake. Yes, I know who he is. The Professor told me about him once Cerebro locked on his mutant signature."

"The what?" Bobby asked in confusion.

"Let's just go so you can meet Professor Xavier. He'll explain everything to you." Jean told Bobby as she grabbed his arm, and yanked him away.

As Jean and Bobby arrive at the Professor's office, Bobby hears a voice in his head.

{Come on in Bobby, we've been waiting for you.}

"What the…? Who said that?" Bobby asked as he looked around.

"Relax Bobby." Jean told him. "That's just Professor Xavier talking to you telepathically."


"As in talking to you in your mind."

"Right, right. I knew that." Bobby said to her as he enters to the office of Professor Xavier to see the whole team standing behind Professor Xavier, as he is sitting down behind his desk.

"Welcome young Bobby. This is my home, and home to the X-Men. I'm aware that Jean has told you about us." Professor Xavier said to Bobby.

"Yeah, so what's the whole big deal about me? I'm just a 16 year old kid." Bobby asks the Professor.

"Well, we'll have explanations later. Right now, I want to introduce you to the X-Men. To my left is Scott Summers, also known as 'Cyclops'."

"What do you do?" Bobby asked.

"I can shoot a concussive beam force from my eyes".

"Then you have Peter Rasputin- 'Colossus'." Professor Xavier told him.

"Before you ask comrade, I can convert my skin into an organic steel armor over my body. With that, my strength level rises." Colossus explained.

"This person to my right is Hank McCoy, as you met in the hangar." Professor Xavier said as he looked to his right side. "He's also known as 'Beast'."

"Yes, and of course, besides my 'wonderful' intellect, I posses the ability of super-human strength, fast agility, and so much more that I shall not bore you with." Beast told Bobby.

"And of course, you have already met Jean Grey."

"Just call me Marvel Girl. You know what I can do already." She then gives Bobby a wink.

"Well, now that everyone knows each other, please excuse me as I have a private chat with Bobby." Professor Xavier tells the team.

"Of course Professor. Team let's got to the Danger room. It's time for another session." Scott told the others.

"Uh, you must've been hit in the head by Pete or something. You think we're practicing anything today?! It's Saturday Scott! Give us a rest!" Jean told Scott. She walked out the office and was joined by Peter and Hank. Scott left afterwards.


"Fabian! Get in here!" Magneto yelled out.

"Y-yes master, what is it that you desire?" Fabian asked, showing a tiny bit of fear in his voice. He knelt down in front of Magneto without looking up.

"Is your so called team ready? It will not be long now before we strike again."

"Yes, Master Magneto. The Acolytes are ready. Just waiting for your orders." Fabian told him as he got up.

"Good. There's a certain office I would like them to…"visit". I want them to kidnap the dear Senator Kelly. But bring him alive!" Magneto ordered.

"Yes, Master Magneto. As you wish." With that said, Fabian walked out.

Back at the mansion

"Well, this is all good an all prof. but ah…my parents. What about them?" Bobby asked.

"Do not worry Bobby." Professor Xavier started to tell him. "I have taken care of that. How else do you think Jean was able to find you? Cerebro doesn't pinpoint mutant signatures exactly to where they are at."

"Then this is it? I'm part of the team?" Bobby asked in anticipation.

"Yes. And sorry to do this, but I'll need you for a mission right away. I know you have no practice, but you might be needed."

"Um…ok then."

"Good. {X-Men, come to me at once.}".

As soon as the team arrives back at the office

"What's wrong Professor? What do you need us for?" Scott asked.

"It's time to recruit one more person. Someone who goes by the name 'Logan'. He is in Canada. Around the area of Quebec, I believe. I will need everyone for this." Professor told the team.

"Why Professor?" Scott asked him.

"Trust me. You will know soon enough." Professor Xavier replied.

"So, why we stand like fools here? Let's go!" Peter said in excitement.

"Good luck my X-Men. And God speed."

Chapter 4

Somewhere near Quebec- 1 hour later.


Wendigo. The legendary white giant, 7 foot beast of Canada. Known to exist for many centuries; it has killed any living soul that trespasses in its territory. But today, it just might have met its match.

Wendigo is fighting one man who for one, doesn't stop until he gets what he wants. That man known as Logan, or how he's famously known, "Wolverine", is an operative from 'Department H', sent to take care of the beast that roams the woods, hurting those as it pleases.

"Look 'ere bub, ya gonna go down, whether ah gotta kill ya, or not." Wolverine is trying to capture Wendigo. He didn't care which way he did it.

"RAAAAAAAAWR!" Wendigo just kept screaming at Logan.

"Alright bub, don't say ah didn't warn ya." 'SNIKT!' Right there and then, claws popped out of Wolverine's hands. It seemed that they were laced with some type of metal. Then, Wolverine jumps towards Wendigo with his arms back and screaming as well.


As soon as he got close to Wendigo, he gets smacked right into a tree, with a loud 'THUMP'. Wendigo grabs a nearby tree, pulls it out the ground, and throws it in Wolverine's direction.

Wolverine gets out the way, luckily dodging the tree. He looks at Wendigo with a pissed off look.

"Don't drive my patience." Wolverine warned him. "Ya don't wanna see your guts laid out in front of ya."

Wendigo punches the ground, creating a 'mini' earthquake. It knocked Wolverine right off his feet. Wolverine got up, holding his head.

"That's it. Ah don't care what the department says, ya gonna die one way or another!" Wolverine runs towards Wendigo. Wendigo runs at him as well, and then tries to punch Wolverine. But this time, Wolverine jumped as high as he could, and came down at Wendigo, claws first. The claws entered into Wendigo's left shoulder. He started to scream like hell.


Wendigo took Wolverine out of him and started to slam him on the ground over and over again. He then threw Wolverine a couple of yards away.

Wendigo saw a giant rock nearby, and picked it up. He walked towards Wolverine, and just when he was about to slam the rock on Wolverine….


A red-ruby colored beam had knocked the rock out of Wendigo's hands. As the dust cleared, and the crumbles of the rock fell to the floor, he looked to see who or what had shot the beam.

It turns out to be Cyclops, still with his finger on his visor.

"Who the hell are yah? Can't yah see this aint the time to snoopin' around in other's business!" Wolverine tells Cyclops.

"Logan, right? Look, we're here to—" Cyclops started to tell Wolverine why he was there, but forgot that Wendigo was there. Wendigo had punched the ground again, knocking Cyclops off his feet. Wolverine was trying to stand up, but still hurting from the attack he received before.

Wendigo picked up Cyclops, and was about to squeeze him. Just then, Wendigo hands were frozen. Wendigo looked to his left and saw the X-Men.

"You don't think Cyclops would come alone, would you?" Colossus asked Wendigo.

"Look Sasquach, let the boss-man go, and maybe we'll let you live." Bobby said as he still had his hand at Wendigo.

"Bobby!" Jean was surprised at what Bobby had said.

"Hey! Hey! When we're 'in the field', the name's "Iceman"! Fits don't ya think? I was thinking of maybe Jack Frost, but you know that's already taken. And--" Bobby started to ramble on before Cyclops cut him off.

"Uh hello?! Don't forget about our mission here people!" Cyclops said to them while struggling.

"Wait a minute. This is the legendary Wendigo." Beast said in excitement. "Yes! Oh my, I would never have believed that I would ever encounter such a magnificent creature such as this in my day."

"Hey, Beast, I think it aint time to drool. Cykes is gonna die if we don't help." Bobby told Beast.

"Yes, yes of course."

"But what can we do? If we get close, this 'Wendigo' will likely crush Cyclops." Colossus asked.

"Don't do anything just yet." Jean ordered. "I'm trying to get into its mind."

**Where is it? I can't find its central nervous system.**

"Guuaaagggh" Cyclops was trying to talk, but Wendigo was squeezing his body harder and harder.

"Uh…Marvel Girl, better do somethin' fast, or we're gonna loose Cykes!" All Bobby could do is just watch on, like the others.

"H…hold on. Almost got….it" Jean was struggling still to get into Wendigo's mind.

**There, found it! Wendigo, you will calm down. Leave the man you're holding to go free. You will then leave, and not come back.**

Suddenly, Wendigo had a blank look to its face. It opened its hands and Cyclops fell to the ground. It turned to its left, and walked away, further into the woods.

"NO! Damnit, no!" Wolverine was pissed that he didn't do his job. He was still getting over from the multiple attacks from Wendigo.

Cyclops got up and brushed the dirt off his shoulders.

"Is everyone alright?" He asked.

"Us? We should be asking if you're alright!" Jean snapped at him.

"Idiots! All of ya! Who the hell do ya think ya are, just waltzin' in here like ya own the place?" Wolverine asked with a face as if he was ready to kill.

"Look, we're sorry that we interrupted whatever you were doing. But we were sent here to recruit you." Cyclops told him.

"Recruit? What the hell for?"

"To join our group; our team. We're the X-Men. Mutants who—" Cyclops was telling Wolverine, but was interrupted by him.

"Look 'ere Slim." Wolverine started to tell Cyclops as he grabbed his collar. "I don't give a flyin' rat's end what the hell ya are or what ya do. Ya interfered with the wrong person, and now ya gonna pay for it."

Wolverine punched Cyclops in the face, knocking him down to the ground. He picked him up, and threw him to the side. Cyclops landed on top bush, full of spikes.

Cyclops got up, and checked his back to see if he was bleeding. His whole hand was full of is blood.

"Wrong move." Cyclops shot a beam at Wolverine, but it didn't hit him. Jean had put a psychic barrier in front of Wolverine.

"This is enough! Both of you need to stop acting like babies, and more like men, which I think you're supposed to be!" Jean yelled at them, as the others stood there with their eyes wide open, looking at her.

Iceman whispered to Colossus and Beast, "Imagine if she was this pissed off when her period comes around or when she's birth or something."

All three of them started to laugh.

"Look, all we wanted was to know if you were willing to join our team." Jean started to talk to Wolverine, in a calm manner now. "We really could use someone like you helping us."

"Well, does it pay?" Wolverine asked.

"No, not the way you think." Jean replied.

"Well then, if there aint no money, I'm outta here. Ya know red, ya can come along if ya like." Wolverine smiled at Jean, and giving her s wink.

Jean giggled, but replied with a "Sorry there. That won't ever be happening."

With that, Wolverine left, disappearing into the shadows.

"Well, good job team. I think we did an excellent job here today." Iceman said in sarcasm.

The rest of the team yelled, "BOBBY!"

"Hey, hey! It's "Iceman", get it? Ice…man. What part can't anyone understand?"

(Sigh) "Let's go home X-Men." Cyclops told them.

Meanwhile, at the office of Senator Kelly....

"Yes, yes I know." Senator Kelly was talking on the phone.

"Of course. Look Trask, I said I'll get to the bottom of it. Don't worry."

Just then, something exploded, causing a whole in Kelly's office. A group of people dressed in gray uniforms, with the letter 'A' on their chests, came bursting through. They were being led by none other than Fabian Cortez.

"Hello there Senator Kelly. It's time for your appointment with the Acolytes!" Fabian walked over to Kelly, grabbing him by the throat.

"You're going to realize that messing with us mutants was a bad idea!"

He threw Kelly in the air, and was grabbed by a wire that came out of one of the other Acolytes. Kelly was wrapped up tight, from head to toe.

"Let's get out of here before any of these flat scans show up." Fabian ordered.

The Acolytes left, but Kelly never had the chance to hang up the phone. So the 'Trask' person heard everything that was said.

"Kelly! Kelly! Damn the mutants! Damn them to hell!" He then hung up his phone.

Chapter 5

The Blackbird- over Canadian/U.S. border

The X-Men are returning home from a not so successful recruitment mission. They seem to be taking a…"easy-stroll" back to the mansion.

"Hey, Hank." Bobby called out to him.

"Yes, what it is Robert?" Hank asked.

"Why's your codename 'Beast'? You don't look like one to me." Bobby said.

"Well, I thank you for the compliment. But because of the abnormal size of my hands and feet, it is interpreted that I "must be one"." Beast explained.

"Oh; well, ya don't act like one either." Bobby told him.

"Thank you Robert." Beast smiled as he looked at Bobby.


"Scott can you get that?" Jean asked him. "It should be the professor."

As Scott presses the button, all that is heard at first is static.


"Uh...Jean?" Scott was worried he did something wrong.

Then, very faintly, Professor Xavier's voice could be heard.

"Skraaaa……X-Men….skraaaa…..must go…..skraaaa…….skraaaa…"

"What's going on?" Bobby asked in confusion.

"Wait, I think I hear more." Scott told them.


The line went dead.

"What was that about? Did you understand message?" Colossus asked.

"Somewhat. I think he said something someone named Kelly, and an office being attacked and someone being kidnapped." Scott replied.

"Wait! I know who!" Hank said. "It's Senator Kelly!"

"Are you sure Hank?" Jean asked him.

"Yes. You see, there was that little part of 'sen' followed by 'Kelly'. Also, the 'office' and 'kidnapped' must be about Kelly. So which Kelly would be so important to be attacked at his office and be kidnapped? None other then Senator Kelly."

"Hey, that's some cool detective skills ya got there." Bobby congratulated him.

"It's not really 'detective skills'. It's just pondering about the information." Beast said.

"But there's still one problem. Why did the message come in like that? There's no reason for it to have been like that." Scott said worrying about it.

Suddenly, the Blackbird stopped. It wasn't moving at all; it stood in mid-air.

"What is going on? Jean, are you doing this?" Colossus asked.

"No. I don't know what's happening." She said, looking at the control panel to see if she can see what's wrong.

"OH MY GOD!" Bobby yelled out.

"WHAT?! What's wrong?!" Scott asked in shock from Bobby yelling out.

"I totally forgot about my date with Opal! She's gonna kill me!" Bobby said as he laid back in the chair, hand to his forehead.

"BOBBY!" Scott said as he looked at Bobby being pissed off.

Suddenly, there were dark clouds forming around. Thunder and lightning started coming about.

"O.k., this does not look good." Jean said as she held on to her chair.

Out of no where, a human figure appeared in front of the plane. The person was barely noticeable, due to the darkness around. He seemed to be floating, surrounded by some type of energy field.

"Who the hell is this guy?" Bobby asked.

Whoever this person is seems to be a man that is built.

"X-Men, you will not stop me." The unknown man told them.

"What is he talking about?" Scott asked himself. "Who are you?"

The unknown man didn't say a word. He waved his hand, pointing down to the ground. The Blackbird suddenly started falling towards the ground, fast. The plane got closer and closer to the ground, picking more speed as it went. Then it just stopped. It stopped just about 2 feet above the ground, and then fell to it.

As the X-Men got out, they were met by someone.

"Well, looky at what we got here."

"Who are you? Is that man with you?" Scott asked.

"Hold on there. That man is our master, so you shall cam him as such. And the name's Fabian. Prepare to die X-Men." Fabian told them, acting cocky.

"Pah-lease! Ya must be stupid or somethin', right bozo?" Bobby started to say to Fabian. "If ya can count, which I doubt you can, ya can see...that…five…"

Bobby stopped talking after seeing that Fabian wasn't alone. More people showed up behind him. Now, there was six total as well.

"Just call us the Acolytes!" Fabian said.

Meanwhile at the mansion…

"Ughh…I hope they got the message Sean." Professor Xavier said.

"Don't worry Charles. I say they be fine."

"Thank you, but I have not received anything on their mission. Neither where they are right now."

"Look Charles, you got to calm down. Why not use Cerebro?" Sean asked.

"Too tired." Professor Xavier told him. "Using Cerebro needs a lot of power and concentration, which I have not enough of at this time."

"What happened to ye for ye power to drop so?" Sean asked.

"You see, after I didn't get a reply back from the X-Men, I tried to contact them telepathically, but something was keeping me out. I tried so much, that my energy almost got drained."

"Well if you need me lad, you know just to ask for me help."

"Of course. Thank you very much for stopping by. Good bye for now."

Sean flew out the window, and disappeared into the distance.

"X-Men, where are you?"

Back with the Acolytes…

"Give up now, X-Men, before we annihilate you." Fabian warned them.

"Not a chance. Nobody stops us." Cyclops said. "Not even you Acolytes."

"Don't say we didn't you fools. Acolytes…ATTACK!" Fabian ordered.

The two teams clashed against each other. Cyclops shot his beam and pushed away one of the Acolytes. Iceman froze another in place. Beast and Colossus teamed up, and double-whammed another Acolyte. Jean used her telekinesis and hit them with each other.

By the looks of it, the X-Men had the upper hand. The Acolytes had no chance to win. But the only thing that would be the X-Men's downfall, was not knowing what their opponents can do.

Fabian stood by the side with another of the Acolytes.

"Alright, Illusioner, go do your job." Fabian told him.

"Yes, sir!"

He went to the X-Men and just stood there.

"What's your deal?" Iceman asked. "Your power is to bore us with just standing around? I tell ya, my grandmother gives more entertainment with waving her arm!"

"Hehehe. You fools will learn not to mess with us." Illusioner told them.

He placed his hands on his head, and started to concentrate hard.

"And what the hell are you supposed to do with that?" Iceman asked.

"Wait, something is wrong." Colossus said.

The surrounding around the X-Men was changing. They were no longer with the Acolytes. They appeared to be in a desert. Where ever they looked, there was nothing but sand.

"This, this can't be right." Beast said worrying.

"Did they transport us?" Colossus asked.

Suddenly, Iceman started to scream in pain.


"Iceman, this isn't the time for jokes! Enough with the playing around!" Cyclops told him.

But Iceman didn't answer. Cyclops looked at him, as saw that he was lying on the ground, unconscious.

"Iceman, get up! I said stop playing around!" Cyclops was getting more frustrated by the second.

Jean came over to where Iceman was, and 'scanned' his mind.

"Oh my god! He's not playing around! He's seriously hurt; we need to take him to an infirmary!" Jean took Iceman into her arms.

"Here Beast, take him into the Blackbird." She told him.

"If I may intervene for a second Jean, where precisely is the Blackbird?" Beast asked.

Out of nowhere, something hit Cyclops, knocking him to the ground. He was out as well. Then, one by one, each of the X-Men were getting knocked out by something or someone.

Jean was the last one to go down. As she was losing conciseness, she then saw the area around her change back to how it was before. She saw the Acolytes standing above the them.


"Is why they call me 'Illusioner', babe." The Illusioner told Jean.

Jean finally fell to the ground.

"Good job Speed, and all you other guys too. With the X-Men believing they were somewhere else with the illusion, they didn't expect to be taken out so easily." Fabian said to the others as he congratulated them.

Suddenly, a man came down from the top of the Blackbird, and confronted the Acolytes.

"Ya know bub; ya should really stop all this monologuing of yours. And what's up with that cape ya wearing? Haven't ya heard about the curse of the cape?"

"And who the bloody hell are you?" Fabian asked.

SNIKT! "Ya worst nightmare!"

Chapter 6

The "crash site" of the Black Bird…

"The others are too hurt to talk. So ya gonna tell me what ah wanna know bub. Otherwise, ya gonna be findin' what ya insides really look like." Wolverine had his hands on Fabian's collar suit, holding him close to his face.

"Go to hell, you filthy animal!" Fabian then spit on Wolverine's face.

Wolverine wipes his face as he picks up Fabian. He then throws his arm back and holds it there.

"What are you gonna do? Punch me again?" Fabian asked. "Like that's gonna do much."


Then, as Wolverine's claws were coming out of his hand, Fabian's eyes started to open wider and wider.

"Wha…wha…" Fabian couldn't even speak as he stared at the long claws.

Wolverine then stuck the claws in Fabian's gut.


Fabian started to bleed.

"Don't worry 'bout that. That's for spittin' in my face. I didn't go in…too deep, so you'll live. Now, unless ya want me to go all the way, ya tell me what flamin' hell is goin' on here!" Wolverine said to Fabian as he stood over him.

"I...I won't tell you a damn thing!" Fabian was starting to loose consciousness.

"Listen 'ere bub, and listen well. Ah will ask ya one more time. What the hell is going on here? Why the hell did you attack these guys?" Wolverine asked Fabian.

Fabian still wouldn't answer. So Wolverine took one of his claws and gently placed it on Fabian's neck.

"Well?" Wolverine asked with a smirk on his face.

"D…don't kill me! I was only following orders from my master. We were only to take the X-Men down so would not reach New York."

Suddenly, Wolverine started to sniff something. He looked down, and saw that Fabian had pissed on his pants.

"Ya little baby." Wolverine retracted his claws, and punched Fabian out cold.

Wolverine walked over to the unconscious X-Men. He first went to Jean, and picked her up. He held her in his arms, as he stroked her hair back. He was about to kiss her, when Iceman came to.

"Oh what the $%^# was that?! Felt like a freight truck hit me or somethin'." Iceman slowly got up, still feeling the pain he had.

Wolverine quickly got up, holding Jean over his shoulder.

Iceman turned around and reacted with out thinking, and asked Wolverine, "What the?! YOU! What the hell are you doin' here?! Didn't you like, say no to us? Why the hell do you have Jean with you? What the hell happened here?!"

"Listen bub." Wolverine started to say. "Calm ya nerves, will ya. Ya won't do me any good if ya freakin' out like that."

"W…what? Are you kidnappin' us?" Iceman asked out of fear.

"(Sigh) Listen kid, Ah'm tryin' to help ya here! So why don't ya do me a favor, stop shakin' like a twig, and help me here. Let's get these guys to the plane there." Wolverine told him.

"Kid, ya don't look so good."

"Yeah, I think I'm pretty banged up. I think there's a first-aid kit on the plane though. I'll live." Iceman went and tried waking up Colossus (who by the way reverted back from his steel form when he was knocked out). Iceman wasn't having any luck, so Wolverine decided to…help out.

"Listen, if they don't wake up when you call 'em, just…do…this!" Wolverine kicked Colossus in the gut as hard as he could. Colossus opened his eyes as wide as he could.

"AAAAAAAGH!" Colossus screamed out in pain.

"Um…oooook." Iceman walked away, and headed towards Beast and Cyclops.

This time, after Iceman tried calling the Beast, and didn't wake up, he pressed his hands on his chest, and made an ice chunk right on it. Beast woke up faster than a heartbeat.

"Oh my stars and garters!" He yelled out. "What was that?"

"Sorry Beast. You wouldn't wake up when I called ya. Oh and by the way, I ain't ya mommy, and you're not getting five more minutes." Iceman told Beast.

Beast just gave Iceman a sarcastic smile.

Suddenly Jean started to grunt.

"Well, looks like someone 'ere is wakin' from her little slumber." Wolverine put Jean down slowly as she started to regain consciousness.

"Is everyone alright?" Jean asked.

"Fine as we could be, comrade. Thought I feel pain in my stomach." Colossus told her.

"Well, let's just…huh!"

Jean looked up and noticed that Wolverine was standing right above her.

"What…what are YOU doing here?! Didn't you reject us?" Jean asked him.

Wolverine replied, "Listen, ah ain't got time to explain nothin' now. We gotta head towards New York now. Ya little friend with the cape, said somethin' 'bout someone headin' there."

Jean stared at Wolverine for a minute.

Finally, she told him, "Alright. But you better be not be fooling us! You don't want to know what I can do to you."

"Don't worry red. Ah ain't pullin' no ones leg or anythin'." Wolverine said.

As soon as they started to head towards the Blackbird, Jean noticed someone was missing.

"Wait- where's Cyclops?" She asked.

"Ah'm sorry. Ah don't know what ya talkin' 'bout." Wolverine walked passed her and got on the plane.

She looked around and saw Scott still lying on the ground. She picked him up using her telekinesis and put him on the plane.

After a couple of seconds, the plane took off, heading for New York City.

New York City, New York

New York City is always filled with people walking everywhere, doing their everyday business. It's like a living picture out of "Where's Waldo". But even as they go on with their busy schedules, they have time to notice when the sun disappears.

Suddenly, as before, the sky went dark, with thunder and lightning once again roaring about. Lamp posts started to bend, tear apart, and fall on the streets destroying whatever or whoever they fell on. Cars were flying up in the air, falling down, and glass flying everywhere.

Then, the same man that appeared before, showed up once again.

"Hahahahaha! Listen to me you puny homo-sapiens. Your time as earth's dominant species is coming to an end. We, the homo-superiors, shall…take…OVER!"

The helpless people just trembled in their places. There was nothing they could do. The NYPD showed up and quickly drew their guns at their target.

"Fools, do you really think those weapons can hurt someone such as me? I AM MAGNETO! MASTER OF MAGNETISM! And your end!"

Magneto turned their guns against them. Not one police officer moved an inch.

"That's right. Tremble before me; know who your master is." Magneto stands on street enjoying the moment.

But the moment was not to last, as the X-Men were near.

"Master, they are neeeear." A lackey of Magneto told him.

"Well, it looks like that pathetic Fabian could not even do me this one simple task. Tell the others to prepare." Magneto ordered him.

"Yes master." He left in an instant.

The Blackbird now was in New York City. It landed on a nearby rooftop, but still a bit far away from Magneto. Cyclops then finally awoke.

"Oh man, it feels like that Logan guy hit me again." Cyclops said as he tried to stand up.

"Glad ya liked it Slim." Wolverine said to him. "Let me know if ya want some more."

Wolverine was sitting in the back of the plane, smoking a cigar.

"Whoa!" Cyclops looked at him in shock.

"What are you doing here?! What's going on?!" Cyclops asked.

"Relax Cyclops." Jean told him. "We'll explain later. Right now, we have business to take care of. Look."

Jean pointed out at Magneto's direction.

"Wait, isn't that the same guy that attacked us earlier?" Iceman asked.

"By the looks of it." Beast replied him.

"Alright X-Men. Whoever this joker is, let's get him before he hurts anyone else, if he hasn't hurt them already." Cyclops ordered out.

"So, will you be joining us, or what?" Cyclops asked Wolverine.

"Don't twist ya panties ina bunch. Ah came to help ya." Wolverine threw the cigar down, and stomped on it.

"Now, let's a go take care of the garbage, shall we?" He asked the team.

The X-Men went outside and took a deep breath. Then they headed towards Magneto.

"Hmm…maybe those fools of Charles listened to my warning." Magneto thought to himself.

Then he heard footsteps behind him, and when he turned around, he saw them.

"I have spoken to soon." He said.

"Alright, who are you?" Cyclops asked. "Why did you attack us, and what exactly is going on?"

"Ha. Mere child, you are full of questions, aren't you? Fine. As it is, you can not stop me, so I shall tell you." Magneto said to him.

"I am Magneto. Master of Magnetism. I have come to wipe of the human race from the earth. They do not deserve to live in what shall be our paradise."

"So you're the Professor's old friend. He told us about you." Jean said to him.

"Did he know? Well, that is a surprise. But did he tell you what the humans plan to with us? That they plan to kill us off, one by one?!" Magneto yelled at them.

He was getting louder when he told them, "Did he tell you that your beloved Senator Kelly was working with a man, to make a machine that would kill all mutants on sight? DID HE?! DID HE SPEAK A WORD OF THIS TO YOU?!"

The X-Men stood there, quietly.

"Of course not." Magneto calmed down a bit.

"You X-Men do not know that he worked with a man named Trask to do this, did you?" Magneto asked them.

"So you had the Senator kidnapped." Colossus said.

"Yes of course. After his friend 'Trask' did not die in the explosion of the building, I figured I could the dear Senator Kelly for other…purposes." Magneto explained.

"Give this all up Magneto. You will not win." Cyclops said to him.

"We shall see child. We shall see."

Chapter 7

New York City, New York.

"Stop now X-Men, before it is too late." Magneto told them. He was ready to stop them, almost at any cost.

"No! You are going to hurt those who are innocent. We won't be going anywhere. Isn't that right X-Men?" Cyclops asked them.

"Of course, I'm not going anywhere." Marvel Girl said.

"I ain't leaving ya hanging." Iceman told him.

"My dear Cyclops, I would never do such a thing as leave you to this monstrosity." Beast said to him.

"Da, I fight with you." Colossus mentioned.

"Well, ah ain't on the team, but ah didn't come with ya from nothin'." Wolverine said to the team.

"Too bad. You have chosen your fate. You shall fall against my might." Magneto now rose into the air, having the energy force field he had before.

"X-Men, let's go!" Cyclops and the others went into battle.

"X-Men, prepare to breathe your final breath!" Magneto yelled out.

"X-Men do what you can. We can not let him win." Cyclops told them.

"You got it Cykes-my-man." Iceman said.

The first strike was made by Magneto. He took cars and crushed them and threw them towards at the X-Men. Cyclops shot the ones he could away with his beam. Iceman froze some others, which fell directly into the ground. Marvel Girl tried to throw some back at Magneto, but Magneto deflected them back.

Beast caught one, and called out to Colossus, "Hey Colossus. Do me a favor and knock these into Kingdom come if you would please."

Beast threw the crushed car at Colossus. Colossus quickly formed his metal armor and punched the object as hard as he could. It hit the back of Magneto's energy field, damaging it just a bit.

"You fools! You think hurt me? You must be more ignorant than I thought."

Cyclops then tried to shoot his beam at Magneto.

"Oh, as if that shall hurt me in any way."

While no one was looking, Wolverine sneaked off with Colossus.

The beams kept bouncing off of Magneto's energy field. But that didn't stop Cyclops. He kept shooting his beams over and over. Then, he tried to shoot them at their full power.

"Try this!" He yelled out as he took his visor off. When Cyclops shot his beam without the visor, the power was at its maximum. It's power enough to push away a couple of tanks.

The beam had some affect on the energy field.

While Cyclops kept the beam hitting against Magneto's energy field, Magneto took a mailbox that was behind Cyclops and hit him in the head with it, making Cyclops go unconscious for the third time in one day.

"This doesn't look good. Hey, wait a minute. Where's Logan?" Marvel Girl asked.

"Yes, and Colossus has disappeared as well." Beast proclaimed.

"Hey! I gotta idea!" Iceman said.

"What is Iceman?" Jean asked him.

"First, Beast ya gotta keep 'em busy." Iceman told Beast.

"What's wrong X-Men?" Magneto asked them. "Is something the matter? Are you finally realizing my power is too much for you?"

"The day that in which that is to be true is the day that I shall be buried beneath the mother earth."

"Oh, be careful what you ask for." Magneto was now taking the broken lampposts from before and striking them at Beast.

Beast quickly dodges them, not coming close to being hit. He takes them and throws then back to Magneto.

"Are you ready Iceman? I can send thru a whole in the energy field if Beast can keep up the distraction." Marvel Girl asked.

Meanwhile, at a nearby building…

"Why we here? We should be helping others fight against this clown." Colossus asked Wolverine.

"Listen, while they distract that Magneto fella, ya can help me finish 'im off." Wolverine replied.

"But how? They seem to have trouble themselves. What will you be able to do?"

Wolverine responded, "Uh, "Colossus" right? I can hear these guys talkin' 'bout a whole in the energy field. I figure then an' there that I can get Magneto with mah claws."

"What claws?" Colossus asked.


"Those claws." He said.

"But what how do you plan to get from Magneto here? If you attack him the way you plan to, why did you not do it from the ground?"

"Ugh…" Wolverine grunted. "Why must ah explain everythin' detail by detail? I'm getting' there with ya help Ruskie."

"How will I help? What will I be able to do?" Colossus asked him.

"First of all, ya can shut ya trap whole." Wolverine started to say. "Second, ya can help by throwin' me at Magneto when I say so. Ya got that?"


Back at the fighting scene…

"Iceman, Marvel Girl, I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep this up." Beast said as he's still distracting Magneto.

Magneto and Beast were still playing their game of 'catch'. But it wouldn't last for much longer. Beast was starting to tire out. Magneto showed no sign of fatigue.

"Iceman…get ready….!" Jean said to Iceman.

Beast was able enough to get a small tier in the energy field. It was big enough for Iceman to go thru and do what he had planned.

"Alright gorgeous, count me down." Iceman said.

"Get ready in….5…"

"Hurry friends!" Beast yelled.


"Ruskie, get ready to launch me." Wolverine said to Colossus.


"It's now or never." Iceman said to himself.


"I had enough of this! You X-Men shall die…NOW!"


Jean launched Iceman straight at Magneto. Iceman went straight into the tier, and quickly put his hands around Magneto's neck.

"AH! Stupid child! What do you think you are doing?!" Magneto said as he tried to lash out at Iceman.

"Just tryin' to give ya an icy touch."

Iceman used his powers to freeze Magneto's blood. The energy field was down. Iceman's plan had worked. But then Magneto was able to get free from Iceman's grip.

"Fool! You shall pay for what you have done with your death!" Magneto yelled at him as he held Iceman with his right arm.

"Now Ruskie! Now! While the field is down!" Wolverine said hurrying Colossus.

Colossus picked up Wolverine. Wolverine stuck out his arms with the claws pointed outwards.

"OK, here we go." Colossus took one big step back, ran towards Magneto, and threw Wolverine as hard as he could.

Wolverine was flying at Magneto very, very fast. Fast as a fastball pitch. He landed his claws right in Magneto's back.

"AAAAAAAAH!" Magneto screamed out in pain, as he let go of Iceman.

Jean quickly flew to catch Iceman.

"Caught by an angel."

"Save the compliments for later Iceman." Jean said to him as they landed.

"Fool…you have…" Magneto passed out and fell straight to the ground. Wolverine was still attached on to him, claws inside still.

Magneto had lost a lot of blood. He was sure to be out for quite some time.

"Logan, you can let go now." Beast told him.

Wolverine retracted his claws. He got up and looked at Colossus.

"Nice goin' Ruskie. Ya helped good." He said to him.

"Well, what do we do now? Do we take him with us…or what?" Iceman asked.

Suddenly, a helicopter arrived. It landed a couple of feet away from the X-Men.

"You will do nothing with him. He has been classified as a terrorist by the government. We shall be taking him into our custody."

"Heh. Fury."

"Wolverine, nice to see you again." Fury said in a sarcastic manner.

Wolverine tells Fury, "Love the patch."

"Yeah, it covers the scar you gave me."

"Scar? What scar?" Wolverine asked in a joking manner. "Ah only took ya eye out."

"Gentlemen, take the prisoner and let's go. I don't want to miss 'Ultimate Survivor'. It's on tonight." Fury said to his crew.

"Who do you work for?" Beast asked him.

"I run S.H.I.E.L.D. boy. Maybe you heard of it." Fury then turned his back and got on the helicopter. His crew followed with Magneto in a containment pod.

The helicopter took off, heading into the distance.

"Well, I guess there's only one thing to do." Jean started to say. "Let's get our wounded and head home."

"Hey, ya comin' with us, or what?" Iceman asked Wolverine.

"Yeah, give me a sec. kid. Just gotta take care of somethin' quick."

The others went to the Blackbird, where they waited for Wolverine. He took out a small, circular object from his pocket.

"HQ do you read me? This is Wolverine, over."

"This is HQ, what is it Wolverine?"

"Ah did it."

"Great. Make sure no one has suspicion of you. No one is to know that you are infiltrating the X-Men. You OUR spy, got it?! Just get the 'Xavier Files', and leave!"


Next: "Fatal Games"!
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Fatal Games: Chapter 1

Art by: Aeroth
Finalized by: Icemastertron


Brooklyn, New York

"Run, run, run as fast as you can; I WILL catch you, you're not the Gingerbread Man! Ahahahahahaha."

"Will you stop fooling around you moron! Let's kill her already!"

"Simmer down now! Gotta have some fun!"

"OK, gun pointed 30 degrees south, 25 degrees west. Locking on and...."


"Oh yeah, she's a goner. That's our 1000 points in the bag! Ahahahahahaha!"

The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning- 1 month later

Scott comes down the stairs, looking like he has a hangover.

"Ohhhh man." Scott held his head as if it was about to fall.

"You OK there Cykes? You don't look so good." Bobby asked him.

"I just had this weird dream. I dreamt that Logan and Jean were together, and I left to join Magneto."

"Really?" Bobby asked in curiosity. "I had a weird dream too. I dreamt that the Hulk was here and I was kidnapped by Elektra. I can't remember for what though."

"What do you have in your hand there?" Scott asked him.

"Oh this? Just a comic book. It's called: 'Melee Power'."

"Horrible title. Hey, where's everybody at?"

Bobby shrugs his shoulders as he says, "I don't know. I think Hank is in the Hangar. And Logan is somewhere. I….I don't know."

"Humph. Hey, can you turn the TV on, please?"

Bobby turns the television on, where the local news was showing.

"Good morning New York. I'm Gary Uric and welcome to the early edition of the Channel 5 news. In today's top story, local mutants from all over the state of New York are turning up missing. All cases were filed by parents or guardians. The latest case is of a teenage girl, of Asian nationality, and has been missing now for 48 hours. Last time she was seen was at the local mall in Queens. Tom Bennet is live at the New York Courthouse with more information on the missing mutants. Tom?"

"Thank you Gary. I'm here in front of the New York Courthouse where angry parents are frustrated at the lack of help they're getting from the authorities. And what has been found out recently is that one body had turned up a few days ago. This body of course turned out to be one of the missing mutants. Found on the body was a gunshot wound, directly at the heart. Here with me now is a local citizen with his insight on the current problem."

"Yeah, Mac Attack is in the hizaouz! But yo, who cares if these kids is missin'? They just muties, no one important. If ya ask me, they can rot where ever they are. We better off without 'em!"

"Well, thank you for that…"delightful" comment. Well, the question that is arising now Gary is "Could the other missing mutants be dead as well?" And if so, "Were they gunned down too?" For now, all the parents can do is just sit back and pray that their kids are alive. This is Tom Bennet live at the New York Courthouse, Channel 5 news."

Scott went up to the TV and turned it off. Upset by what he heard, he went to talk to the Professor.

"Scott, what's—" Jean tried to ask Scott, but he brushed by her without even giving her a glance.

Jean sees Bobby and asks him, "Uh...Bobby what just happened here?"

Bobby quickly answers, "I DIDN'T DO IT!"


"YOU IDIOT!" A man watching the news on TV asked.

"Huh?" Someone else asked.

"Have you seen the news?! A body has shown up! Would you mind telling me what the hell that is about?!"


"'UH'? That's all you can say?! You told me you had that body bagged! What the %&*# happened?! I turn my back for one second and look what you do! If Ga…."

Suddenly a man in a golden suit walked in on them.

"If I what? Hear that you two idiots fail me and loose a body?! What the hell are you in this game for! To lose?! I didn't start this team for you idiots to lose the bodies you kill!"

"S…s…sorry. We didn't mean to." One of the guys said.

"Sorry isn't good enough. This is the ONLY time I shall let you fail. If the next targets were not so important, I would not be letting you live!"

"Right, of course. Who is the next target in the game?"

"Not just 'who', but more than just one. Get the rest of the team and meet me in the Master Room. See that you two can do a simple task such as this."

"Yes sir."

The two other guys walked out, and went to what they were told. As the other man waited, he started to talk to himself.

"We've been watching you fools for quite some time. Now, you all shall die."

Back at the mansion- Office of Professor Xavier

Cyclops waits for the Professor to finish his conversation on the phone. He sits in front of Professor Xavier's desk, with a look on his face that is of frustration.

"Yes, of course Sean. I shall visit you soon. Take care now-goodbye."

The Professor hung up the phone and looked straight at Scott. They looked at each other for a few seconds before either of them started to talk.

"Professor, I…" Scott started to say, but could not finish.

"Are not happy about what you've seen in the news. Yes, I know. I have seen it myself as well." The Professor told him as he leaned back in his chair, holding his hands together.

Scott started to talk louder in tone as he said, "Then what do you propose we do about this? We just can't let this go on!"

"Hold on a minute Scott. We just can not go out there and try to save someone we do not know will be targeted next. We need to think of a plan first. But we will talk about this another time. I have to go take care of some matters on Muir Island. Wolverine will be coming with me."

"But Professor!" Scott yelled out.

He slammed his hands on the Professor's desk. Although Scott's eyes can't be seen because of his Ruby-quartz glasses, the Professor could sense some tension in them.

Scott looked at the Professor for a moment longer. He then turned around and walked out.

"Scott, what is wrong comrade?" Peter asked him.

As before, he walked by without a word being said. Peter put a strange look on his face as he wondered what had just happened.

Was something I said, he thought to himself.


"Is everyone here?" The man in the golden suit asked around the other men around the table in which they sitting at.

"Yes, sir." They all answered.

"Good, because you all will be needed to take your next targets."

"Wait, 'targets'? So you're saying there's gonna be more than one? I thought we only took care of one at a time." One of the men asked.

"Of course, you blubbering jackass! Otherwise, I would not have called you all! Taking care of one target at a time was just so you idiots can get the hang of the game."

"Well sir, who are our targets? More petty muties? Some street mutie gang or something? Or how about those muties that are said to live under the sewers?

"That's just a stupid urban legend. That ain't true."

"Listen to me, ALL OF YOU! Keep your mouths shut, and I will tell you who your targets are! You idiots have to be the worst team I picked for The Upstarts!"

"Sorry sir."

"Shut up. Now, if you all can actually pay attention to the monitor screen to your left, you'll see your next targets. Each worth 5000 points."

"5000 points…each?!" One of the men yelled out in shock. "Who the hell is so important to be worth that many points?"

"Look for yourself." The man in the golden suit told them.

As all of the men looked, they were surprised to see who they had to go after.

"They're the…the…"

"Yes, the X-Men. And now they are yours to kill."

"But, who the hell are we going to get to them? We don't know where they reside at. And even if we get to wherever the hell they're at, I doubt we'll get close to them. They must have something to protect them."

"Do not worry about that. I have taken care of those variables in our problem. Take this."

The men were given an envelope. When they opened it, it contained blue prints to get passed their problems.

"You should not have any problems now, should you?"

"No sir. But how did you get these?"

"That is not business of yours to know. Just go do your job."

"Yes sir. Upstarts, let get a move on, NOW!"

Soon the team was gone. And the man in the golden suit was alone. After a couple of minutes, someone appeared out of the shadows, but kept hidden from view.

"So, how are things going, Gamesmaster?"

"Huh?! You?! Don't sneak up on me like that ever again!"

"And don't you dare bark an order to me again. Or I will end your miserable life in a heart beat."

"Fine. Now, what do you want? To what do I owe this visit of yours?"

"I just came to see how things are progressing. Have they gone after them?"

"Yes, they left not too long ago."

"Wonderful. Soon, the X-Men shall not be a factor to deal with."

Chapter 9

X-Men Institute for Higher Learning: Hanger

It has been 2 months now since Logan has been a part of this team. And yet, we still do not know anything about him. His character still seems kind of…vague. I have been keeping a close eye on him for the last couple of weeks. Now, I have not found anything preposterous about him, but I do ponder on why he's been in the sub-basement a lot. It just strikes me in an odd tone that he seems to appear around the room in which we are prohibited to enter. I wonder what—

"Hey, Hank!" Someone called out to him.


"Hank, what are you doin' typin' on yer laptop? Yer supposed to be fixin' the Blackbird."

Hank turned around to see that it is Logan who is the one that is calling to him. Hank quickly shut his laptop, so it was not to be seen what was typed.

"You have my most humble apologies, Logan. I just have to put the thrusters back in their place, and vua la!" Beast explained to him.

"Yeah, yeah. Just hurry it up. The prof. and I gotta go to some place called 'Muir Island'. He just better hope they got some beer, or someone gots some hell to pay." Logan said as he walked into the Blackbird.

"By the way, Logan," Hank started to say, "Your speech has been improving of late."

"Well, looks I've been 'round you guys too much."

"So Jean, have you got everything settled now?" Professor Xavier asked Jean. Both he and Jean were getting unto the elevator that was right next to his office.

"Of course, Professor." Jean replied to him. "I don't know what's riding up Scott's crotch at the moment, but I'll let him deal with it for now."

"That is fine. We should be at Muir Island in just about two hours."

"Uh...'we'? Who's 'we'?" Jean asked the Professor, confused about what she just heard.

"It is Logan and I. He's coming along with me on this trip."

"I see." Jean looks straight at the door, trying to avoid looking at Xavier.

"Why? Is there something wrong with that?" Professor Xavier asked her.

"No. Nothing wrong."

{Now at…Sub-basement Level}

As Jean and Professor Xavier walk out into the sub-basement, and into the hangar, Hank is leaving the area.

"Is everything set, Hank?" Professor Xavier asked.

Hank replied, "Yes, the thrusters are fixed, set back in place, and Logan has already sat himself inside."

Hank walked passed them, heading towards a door with a sign which read:


Jean waited at the Blackbird, as she watched Professor Xavier get on.

"Oh Jean, one more thing."

"Yes, sir?"

"Be careful watching this place. You and Scott are in charge. And make sure to check on the defenses too. Don't let them go off."

"Alright dad. Have fun, and just go already!" Jean told him with a smirk on her face.

The door closed to the Blackbird, and the Professor was helped unto the driver's seat with Logan's help.

Logan had the plane ready to go after Hank had done his job. So no time was wasted in getting prepared

"Alright, buckle up Logan. We're taking off."

At that very moment-

"Listen here, Gamesmaster. You better make sure that your Upstarts do not fail. For if they do, it is not only them that shall die."

"Yes, of course. I understand." Gamesmaster turned to his visitor, and looked into his eyes. Eyes that were a dark read color, looking as if they were blood. "You just keep your end of the bargain."

"Do not be so foolish. You get what you ask for, as long as you do what you were given to do." And with that said, the man disappeared back into the shadows, from which he first came from.

Muir Island, of the Scotland coast

The Blackbird arrives at its destination. Once they landed, Logan and Xavier got off, and were met by a tall man with short orange hair.

"Charles lade, glad ye made it fine. Logan I presume?"

"Yes, Sean, this is Logan. The person I…uh…told you about." Xavier said to him, as he had a serious look on his face.

"Ah, I see. Ye that person. Well, we speak of this later. Now, Moira awaits on us." Sean took Xavier, and pushed his wheel chair into the building that was next to them. Logan followed, with a frown.

"Charles Xavier, is that ye lad? Oh, 'tis good to see ye again." A woman with glasses and long brunette hair got up from her desk, and walks towards Xavier.

"Moira, it is good to see you again too. How is everything going?" Xavier asked as he and Moira kissed each other on the cheek.

"Well, 'tis everything going fine. Sean is very helpful. So, I assume ye did not come for a friendly visit, correct?"

"Yeah, we're on important business. Hasn't Seanny boy here told ya?" Wolverine asked Moira.

Moira turned to Sean, and with a dumbfounded look, she asked him, "Told me what? Sean?"

"Sorry beloved, but I had to inform them. We need all the help we can get." Sean replied with a sorrow face.

"So then what Charles? Ye going to go there then?" Moira asked him.

"No, I don't think a man who ain't got use of his legs is able to get the job done. That's why I'm here." Wolverine said.

"Great. Well, with Sean babbling the information to ye, you have no reason to stay here now."

"Actually Moira, if it is at all possible, can we spend the night? There is something that we should be talking about." Xavier told her.

Moira backed off a bit, and turned in fear of what she might say. Thinking about her response a bit, Xavier interrupted her thoughts.

"It is alright if you do not want to. But is important, and you know that."

"Yes, ye is right. I guess it is fine."

"That's just peachy." Wolverine said with a sarcastic tone. "But yer place does have beer, right?

Both Sean and Moira shook their heads 'No'.

"Oh this trip just hit rock bottom. What kinda place has no beer?!"

Sean, while laughing a bit, said, "Follow me this way. I'll direct ye to where ye sleeping quarters are, Logan. Let them chat away 'til the sun goes down."

At the X-Mansion-

Bobby walks around the kitchen while in his ice form, and talking on the phone.

"But come on! I told ya I was gonna save people! Don't that count as kudos or anythin'? What do ya mean ya don't wanna talk to me again? I was being a jerk?! I was being a jerk?! So saving someone's life is being a jerk? Now look who's being selfish! Opal, please! Listen I—"

Jean came in the kitchen and stared at Bobby's stomach. She was holding a glass framed picture, in which it fell from at the disbelief at what she was seeing.

"Jean, what's wrong?" Bobby asked her.

"Bobby, how did you not feel that?" She asked him as she pointed to what she was talking about.

"Feel what?" Bobby put down the phone, and looked at what Jean was pointing to. It seemed that Bobby had a whole in his body. You could see straight through the whole.

"Holy $#^%! I got shot! But how?" Bobby looked up at Jean, and saw that a red dot was on her forehead, right in between her eyes.

"Um Jean, I there's red spot on ya, and I doubt it's a lady bug; so I'm guessin' that's a laser dot on ya. Don't move, just slowly put your psy shield up." Bobby said softly.

Just then, bullets starting coming into the room. Someone was shooting them from the outside. Scott came into the kitchen and quickly ducked behind the stove.

"What's going on here?! Who the hell is shooting us?" He yelled out, as the bullets still came roaring in.

"I have no clue." Jean yelled out. The bullets that came towards her and Bobby bounced off the shield.

"Scott, where's Hank and Peter? Why haven't they heard this?" Jean asked, struggling to keep calm and keep the shield in tact.

Scott replied, "They're both in the lab in the sub-basement working on a project. The place is sound-proof, so they won't hear anything if the doors are closed."

"Oh, well that must've seemed like a great idea when the house was built!" Bobby said as he was annoyed from what he heard. "That just proves how useful that is!"

The bullets stopped. But someone was still around, as the bushes were rustling.
"Listen Jean," Scott started to say, "Why haven't the defenses kicked in? The shield should have gone up."

Jean, thinking they were fine, put down the shield. She told Scott, "I don't know. I was just about to check on them."

"Don't worry about that doll. We did it for you already." A voice said, coming in from the outside. Suddenly, a dart was shot into Jean's neck. She immedealtly fell to the ground.

"Poor thing. Maybe she shouldn't have put that shield of hers down. Ahahahahahaha!"

Bobby, still in his ice form, turned around to see a whole group of people standing at the window. One of them, punched a whole right through the wall.

"Hello there, X-Men. We are here to claim your heads." One man told him as he got closer to Bobby. Scott got up, and quickly put his hands on his shades.

"Don't make me take this off." He told them.

"You do boy, and your gal pal over here gets it."

Out of nowhere, someone appeared out of the blue, and quickly grabbed Jean.

"NO!" Scott yelled.

"Then you do as we say boy. Tell us where the others are!"

Back on Muir Island-

Logan opens the door to where his room is at. He looks out, and sees that no one is around. He goes to the room in which Xavier is residing for the night. He knocks softly, hearing someone move in the room.

"Come in."

Logan walks in, and sees Xavier turn on the light.

Logan asked, "Hey Chuck, do you think they suspect anything?"

"Let's hope not. Let's hope no one anywhere suspects what we are doing."

Chapter 10

Xavier Institute for Higher Learning-

Hank and Peter are both in the laboratory room, working on a project of Hank's.

"Peter, if you could be so kind as to pass me the beaker containing the plasma liquid, please." Beast asked him, as he was working on mixing some chemicals together.

"Eh…what you want, comrade?" Peter was confused to what he was asked to give. He looked at Hank, waiting for an answer.

{Sigh} "The bottle with the red stuff in it, which is right next to you, on your right." Beast told Peter in simple terms.

"Alright, here you—"

As Peter was about to hand the beaker over to Hank, the room shook, and the beaker accidentally fell.

"Sorry comrade. I should have had a tighter grip on it." Peter apologized.

But Hank didn't pay no mind to it. He looked up, wondering what had caused the shaking.

"What was that? This room is sound proof. But that little quake was no sound."

"Hank, should we check out what made the quake?" Peter asked.

"Hold on a second. I have the feeling that something is up." Hank replied to him.

"What? What is up, Hank?"

Xavier institute: Ground Level-

"Where are they?!" One member of the Upstarts mentioned.

"I know Jean." Scott started to say. "She wouldn't have me, or anyone, give anything up, if it meant someone's life."

Scott was being held up against the wall, with the Upstart member having his hand on his neck. Bobby tried to move slowly, trying to get closer to Scott. Maybe I can freeze him or something, he thought. But that proved futile. As he tried to get closer, he was held up by another Upstart.

"No, no, no. Listen here Frosty, see this flamethrower? I'll use it on your %$$ if you try anything, got it?"

"Shut up Sniper!"

"You shut up!"

"Alright Peter, this is what we'll do. If something is going upstairs, it must have the others occupied. We'll go outside, and come around. So armor up."


"I've had enough of this bull$#^%. Tell me where the hell your other team mates are, now!"

Scott stayed quiet. He still wouldn't give any whereabouts of the others.

"Fine. Have it your way."

He threw Scott on the floor and took his gun out.

"Last chance boy. Where are the others?"

Nothing different. Scott didn't say a word, as he lay on the floor.

"Don't say I didn't give you any chances."

He cocked his gun, and shot Scott in his left leg.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Scott yelled out in pain. He clenched his leg, trying to stop the blood from flowing.

Oh great, now I'm next, Bobby thought. The flamethrower was still held at him. He would have converted back to his normal form, but he realized that bullets didn't hurt him as much in his ice state.

"Alright kid. You want to tell me what I want to know? I can't kill everyone, if their not all here."

"Oh, nice going Sorrow. Give away what we're doing while you're at it."

"Listen to me you stupid imbecile." Sorrow started to say, as he pointed his gun at the other Upstart. "They're going to die either way. And you just need to shut the $%^& up before I kill you myself!"

He then turned back to Bobby.

"So, will you or will you not tell me what I'm asking for?" He asked Bobby, with the gun pointing at him.

Bobby was shaking in fear. He didn't know what to do, but he didn't want to give up his friends. Again, Sorrow cocked his gun. As he was about to shoot Bobby, he quickly turned the gun and shot Scott in the other leg.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Now Scott couldn't move, as he was wounded badly with the two gun shots, one in each leg.

"NO! STOP!!" Bobby yelled out.

"Then tell me where everybody else is at! Or the next bullet will go into his forehead."

"They're at…at…"

"Bobby…ugh…don't tell him!"

"Shut up." Said Sorrow, as he kicked him in the gut.

"They're at…Coney Island. They went to get some girl to join us."

Sorrow didn't say a word. He looked at Bobby as he thought of what he was told.

"Liar." He said. He then took his gun and shot Bobby five times in the abdomen.

But Bobby wasn't hurt. The bullets were right in his body, but did not do any damage.

"What the hell?!"

Suddenly, Peter came up behind the other Upstarts. He had his arms wide open. Then he grabbed them and pulled them outside. Hank came in and quickly knocked out the Upstart that held the flamethrower.

"Ah, so you're here now. …Wait, there's still one missing. Where's that Canadian mutie?"

"My word. I am hurt that you would use such an repulsive words to call us." Hank told him, as he picked up the flamethrower with his feet, and broke it in half.

"Oh no. You're not going to stop me. You're going die you filthy scum!" As Rex pulled his gun up at Hank, he was pushed outside by Scott's beam. Scott had enough energy left in him to do that, and then he passed out.

"Oh dear lord. Scott! Scott talk to me! He's lost a lot of blood. Bobby, are you OK?"

"Yeah, I'm alright. I'll live."

"Excellent. Take Scott here to the infirmary downstairs. And hurry it up!"

Hank then went outside, to see how things were going on there with Peter.

Everything was fine, as Peter had pummeled the Upstarts into the ground, save Sorrow that is. Sorrow was over Peter's shoulder.

"I caught him. Maybe we do questions now, da?"

"Yes, my dear friend. Throw him over here."

Peter threw him over to Hank. Hank does a summersault, catching Sorrow with his feet while doing it. He then pushed himself back into the air, and with a hard thud, put Rex on the ground.

Hank landed on top of him, making Rex's ribs hurt.

He then started to ask him, "Alright, I would as you who you are, but there's a more important question at hand. Tell me now, why the hell you're here. Were you really sent to kill us? If so, who sent you? And how were you able to pass our defenses?"

Sorrow just started to laugh, as a little bit of blood came out of his mouth.

"What is so funny?" Hank asked.

"You're all going to die either way. Doesn't matter what you do, you're all going to die!"

"Tell me! Why did you want to kill us?" Hank was starting to get angry.

"It was all a game. But so much more was involved with you idiots dying."

"A game? This is a game?! And what do you mean there's more involved with us dying?"

"We were supposed to stop you. Not let you guys get him. He said that he was important for some reason."

"Who are we not supposed to get? Come on! Stop talking in riddles!"

Berlin, Germany-

"Yes sir. I'm here." A man was talking on his cell phone. "As long as those stupid Upstarts do their job and kill the X-Men, I'll be able to get you your demon freak."

He then hung his phone.

He looked at a flyer about a Circus near him, and said to himself, "The incredible Nightcrawler? Hmph. We'll see just how incredible you are."

Chapter 11

Berlin, Germany

"Alright, I'm in place. You'll get your blue freak as soon as I have a clear shot."

"Excellent. With the rest of the Upstarts taking care of the X-Men, we'll have no problem getting the mutant to our buyer."

Inside the Circus Spectacular-



The crowd looks on to the center stage, as they see a man with blue skin, pointy ears like an elf, and a tail appear. People think he isn't real. That he's just part of the circus act. But he's much more than that….

"Mommy, look!" A little boy says in excitement, as he looks unto the act.

"Oh, how ugly!" The mother said, disgusted by what she saw in the circus ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen, as the Ring Master of this circus, I can promise you a show beyond your wildest dreams! As a special treat, we'll begin our show with the main attraction! Let the fun, beeeeeeeegiiiiiiiin!"

BAMF! Nightcrawler appeared in another spot. Then again-BAMF! And again-BAMF! He kept doing it for a couple of times, until he was dangling from a tight rope, with this tail holding on.

The man that had appeared before was in the crowd, with a sniper gun tucked into his trench coat. He was sitting all the way in the very top row, looking unto his soon-to-be victim.

Xavier Institute-

"BOBBY! Bobby where are you?!" Hank ran through the sub-basement hallway, yelling out at Bobby.

"Yeah, I'm here." Bobby said, as he stuck his head out the room where the infirmary was.

"Where's Jean?! Is she here?" Hank asked, trying to catch his breath.

"Hey, calm down, dude. She's here. I came for her after I brought Cykes here. And don't worry. I remember what you taught me before when setting up someone on the ER table…I think…"

Hank looked at Bobby with his eyes wide opened. He got scared for a second, hoping Bobby didn't screw up. But everything was fine. The only thing Bobby didn't do was strap Scott to the table.

"Oh, thank the heavens…" Hank said in relief.

Scott was fine at the moment. The wounds were sealed up with bandages, but Hank needed to perform surgery to take the bullets out, and mend the wounds.

"Bobby, I'm going to have you take Jean to her room. She should wake up soon." Hank went and took some surgery tools, and laid them out on a metal pan.

"How did you know she was—"

"The dart on her neck Bobby. Next time, don't forget to take it out."

Bobby picked up Jean, put her over his shoulder, and went to take the elevator to the dormitories.

"I hope Pete's doing fine watching the Upstarts…." Hank said to himself. "Now Scott, I hope you have insurance!"

Later on, Bobby comes back to see how Hank did on the surgery. Bobby sees that Scott is now on the recovery bed, and Hank is by his side, reading a book.

"Hey Hank. How everythin' go?"

"Just fine Bobby. Scott will make a full recovery. He didn't loose too much blood thank the heavens. Although, I am still curious as how you are not wounded so by the bullets."

"I don't know. They seem not to hurt so much in my ice form. I took the bullets out earlier, and when I reverted back to my normal form, this was there." Bobby pulled up his shirt to reveal a couple of dark circles on him.

"Ha-ha. Do not fret Bobby, looks like you will be just fine. I do want to know more about your ice state, though. Let's wait until Professor Xavier comes back. How is Jean, by the way?"

"Just fine." Bobby answered. "I brought her some tea. She said she just wants to rest for a while. Oh! Pete told to me tell you that he took those guys and locked them up in the jail cell thingies down the hall."

Hank nodded his head as he went back to read. Bobby left the room, and headed back upstairs.

Back in Berlin-

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The ringmaster started to say. "For one more time tonight, we bring out the Nightcrawleeeeeeer!"

Nightcrawler BAMFED in the middle of the ring. He danced around, pleasing the crowed as they roared in cheers. The man that kept watching Nightcrawler stood up, and looked at him.

The man said softly to himself, "Now is the perfect time."

It felt like it was a movie. It happened just like one. He slowly took out his gun; a sniper rifle. He pointed it directly at Nightcrawler, and shot his first bullet. He didn't waste his time. Why would he? He has no one to stop him, he thought. He just shoots away, and does his job.

But there was a problem. The bullet missed Nightcrawler, as Nightcrawler quickly teleported out of the way. The crowd started to scream, and running everywhere, trying to escape. The man kept shooting, and missing. He looked up, with a frustrated look.

"Damn it, where did he go now?" He asked himself. He looked everywhere, looking for him. He noticed that Nightcrawler was on the tightrope, trying to hide in the dark.

"Stupid, stupid mutant. I'm surprised you didn't try to run away. Any other mutant would have. What's making you stay?"

Then, his question was answered. A little girl was trapped in the seats. She cried little yelps, as her foot was stuck in a broken whole on the wooden stair of the seats. The man smiled, and quickly pointed his gun at her.

"Come out now! Or the next bullet goes to her!"

The little girl was scared, and started crying. She cried out for her mother, as she tried to get her foot out the whole, and holding a teddy bear. Nightcrawler teleported in front of her, acting as a shield.

"Oh how Mr. S-guuuh!"

The man dropped his gun. Something stabbed him. He looked down to see that there were claws right thru his chest. The claws retracted, and the man fell, dead.

"MEIN GOTT! You killed him!" Nightcrawler yelled out to the killer. The killer turns out, was Wolverine.

"Sorry bub, didn't you had feelings for him."

"Vhat do you vant? Have you come to do vhat he vas going to?" Nightcrawler asked.

Wolverine walked to him, and pushed him aside. He kneeled down, and helped the little girl free herself. He picked up and turned to Nightcrawler.

"If I came ta kill you bub, you woulda been dead before this idiot even came inta the place. Now, we need ta have a little chat, you and me."

"Vhat about?"

Wolverine let the little girl go, and patted her on her head. The little girl ran out the tent, and now it was just the tow men…along with a dead body.

"Vell? Vhat is it that you vant vith me?"

"Listen', I came here, in favor for a friend of yers. Moira Mc….somethin'."

"Ah yes, I know Moira. But, I don't understand. Vhat is happening?"

"Well, I ain't gonna tell you the whole damn speech. So, to just tell you in a nutshell, how 'bout you join a group of people just like you? You wouldn't have ta pretend you're a demon or whatever. You would be free, ta be yer actual self. With the X-Men."

"I don't think I vant to…"

Wolverine just stares Nightcrawler for a second before he talks.

"How 'bout you just take a trip with me?"

"I do not know if I vant to leave. I have family here, who take care of me. It is not easy you know. Especially taking care of someone that has the face of the devil himself."

{Sigh} "Listen, bub. I don't know what it's like havin' a family they way you say you do. But look at what you would be doin'. Helpin' others with families too."

"I…I do not know. The circus has been my place for so long."

"You wanna stay in a place where people make fun of as a freak? You live a lie here. The X-Men aren't a lie."

Nightcrawler remained silent for a moment. He looked up at Logan, and gave a nod to Logan.

"I do not like this. I need to talk with my family first."

"Good. And let's find some damn beer. I haven't had a beer in god knows how long, and I hate not having beer."

"Ja. Beer is good." Nightcrawler said, showing a bit of a smile.


Gamesmaster sits in his chair, staring at the table. They failed me. I know they failed me, he thought.

"And now, it's going to get worse. I've lost everything. They didn't kill the X-Men, and now the German mutant got away as well."

While Gamesmaster kept talking to himself, a shadow started to appear behind him. A man was coming out of the dark, and walked up to Gamesmaster. He grabbed him by his neck, and pits him against the wall.

"YOU FOOL! You failed. I should have known not to trust the likes of you."

"I….I'm sorry. But I didn't know the X-Men where going to be in Berlin as well."

"Imbecile, this has to do more than that!"

"I don't…I don't understand…." Gamesmaster was breathing very slowly, as he was loosing oxygen, very fast. He was afraid. And who wouldn't be? Staring into this guy's piercing red eyes. He looked at him, and his heart just pounded and pounded faster.

"The other mutants! You killed them! The ones your idiotic so called team went after! I needed them alive! I can't do my job if the mutants are dead! You are lucky that I don't kill you. I'm surprised that he still wants you alive."

"I'm sorry. I didn't know. But listen to me Na—"

Gamesmaster was slapped in the face and let go, and fell to the floor.

"Don't you EVER call me that name!"

The man walked away, going back into the darkness.

"My name…" He kept going, now disappearing into the darkness.

"….is Mr. Sinister!"


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Washington, DC: The White House:
Oval Office

Two men sit in front of the desk of the President of the United States. The President looks at them, waiting to hear what they have to say.

"What do you have to report?" The President asked one of the men.

"Um…well, sir…"

"No 'um' or 'well, sir' is a report. Now tell me if you have anything new to report!" He commanded in an angry tone.

"N-no sir. Nothing new."

"So we have all the best resources in the damn world, yet we can't find Senator Kelly?"

"Listen Mr. President. I have received news of a man in which he might be able to find Senator Kelly." The other man spoke. But this wasn't just any man. No, it was none other, than General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross.

"And how long have you known this information, General Ross?" The President asked him, giving him a sharp, mean eye look.

"That is irrelevant, Mr. President. This man is known as 'Bolivar Trask'. He said that he and Senator Kelly were working on a Top Secret project together. And that with the project, he will be able to find the Senator."

"Wait, you don't even know this man, yet you're willing to trust him?" The President asked Ross, wondering about what he told him.

"Frankly, Mr. President," Ross started to explain, as he got up, hat in hand, walking towards the door, "We're just about out of options. So unless you have a better idea sir, we're going along with this."

The President nodded his head, and General Ross put his hat on, and left the Oval Office.

Xavier Institute-

A day after Professor Xavier and Logan return from Muir Island, things are going normal as if they never left.

Hank walks out of his laboratory, to hear some noise from one the halls in the sub-basement. As he goes to see what it is, he finds Logan coming out of the room in which no one is aloud to enter.

"Excuse me my dear Logan," Hank started to ask, "But may I ask exactly what were you just doing in that room? The Professor has strictly told us that no one is allowed to enter such place."

Logan turned around, but did not speak or utter a word to Hank. He walked by, just glancing a look at him, and left his sight, as he entered the elevator.

The Courtyard-

In the courtyard for the Mansion, Bobby, Jean, and Peter enjoy their time by playing a game of Frisbee. By the pool, sits Scott, as he has a conversation with Xavier.

"Professor, are you that there was no way for you to convince him to join?" Scott asks.

"As I have told you, and the others, it's always your choice. I do not pride myself into making anyone join us. If I am to try and bridge the gap that humanity has with mutants, forcing anyone will not help. Nightcrawler, or should I say, Kurt Wagner, chose to stay with his family. They came up with that decision themselves, as Logan reported. If that is their wish, it is what I will respect."

"Of course. I—" Scott couldn't finish his sentence, as Logan came and interrupted.

"Save it, bub. Listen Chuck, we got ourselves a problem."

"What is Logan?" Asked Xavier, worried.

Logan, telepathically, told Xavier, **Hank just saw me come out of the room. He's gonna be askin' questions Chuck.**

**Well, we cannot have him bring anything up. They are not ready to know just yet. Well, for now Logan, do not do anything. I want to see what he does with what he saw.**

**It's yer choice, Chuck.**

Scott looked on, confused about what was going on. He knows that Xavier and Logan are talking telepathically, but what can he do?

The office of General Ross-

General Ross sat in his office, looking over some papers. A man, knocks on his door, as he enters the room.

"General sir. Permission to speak freely."

General Ross looked up, and told the man, "Permission granted."

"Sir, I see no reason why the President has to be involved. This isn't something of that high of status. I mean no offense to Senator Kelly, but he isn't exactly a foreign diplomat, so I don't understand why you involved the President."

General Ross never shows his true emotions, save for his daughter, Betty. He always has a straight face, and screams at people from time to time. He got up, and walked over to the soldier, looking straight into his eyes. "You listen to me here soldier." He started to explain. "The only reason why the President is involved is only to upper his status with the country. He's already getting enough bull$#%& about the Iraq war, and the other $%#. Congress thinks this will help him, we do it, you understand me?"

"Yes, sir."

"I don't like it either, but it's just another stupid decision the congress makes. I'm only a 4 Star General. I have my orders too."

"Oh, by the way sir. A Bolivar Trask is here to see you."

"Send him in." General Ross told him, going back to his seat.

Moments later, a tall, black haired man, wearing a business suit and holding a suitcase, came walking in. He went straight to the empty chair that was in front of Ross's desk. He put his hand up, as he told Ross, "Bolivar Trask, sir. General Ross, correct?"

Ross shook his hand, as he replied, "That is correct. Now you came to tell me what you have planned to find Senator Kelly. So tell me."

Trask picked up his suitcase that he had put beside him when he sat down. He opened it, and took out papers, which had some drawings of some kind of machine.

"Son, what in the name of God is this?" General Ross looked at Trask's papers, studying them, trying to understand what they where.

"General, this here, is our solution to not just finding Senator Kelly. But also…to eliminate all the mutants." Trask explained to him, while giving him a smirk.

General Ross looked up, with a face that looks like he saw a ghost.

"That's right. You see General Ross, Senator Kelly and I have been working on this for quite some time before he got kidnapped. While he has been away, I have been working on a prototype."

"How is this going to find Kelly?" General Ross asked, putting the papers back down on his desk.

"Well sir, it's not actually designed to find him exactly." Trask answered.

"Then why the hell are you wasting my time here, son?" General Ross asked, furiously.

"Sir, listen to me. By killing off mutants, we'll eventually find Kelly. I mean…it's a win-win situation. We'll find Kelly by killing off mutants. I already have a prototype ready to use at your command. How can you turn that down?"

General Ross thought for a few seconds. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go with this. Yes, mutants' getting killed off is a good outcome, but what if it takes too long to find Kelly, Ross thought.

"What do you call this…?"

"I call it sir…a Sentinel…"

The Xavier Institute, two days later-

"Guys. Hurry it up! If you want to go the mall, you need to hurry! I am not going to wait here all day!" Scott waited next to his car. He waited impatiently, as he waited for his companions that were going with him to arrive.

Bobby came sliding down the rail, yelling out to Scott, "Man, Scott, take it dooooown a notch, will ya?"

"Come on Bobby, hurry up. Where's Jean and Peter?" He asked him, getting into his car. He started his engine as Bobby got in the backseat.

"Cool your jets man, they're comin'."

Jean and Peter cam outside, and quickly got in Scott's car. Jean took the front seat, as Peter sat in the back with Bobby.

Jean, looking in the rear view mirror to fix her hair, told Scott, "Sorry took so long. Had to make sure if Hank didn't want to come along."

Later on, at the mall-

Scott and the others have lunch in the outside lounges of the food court. They enjoy their lunch, as they talk about their favorite movie.

"No one's better than my main man, Jackie Chan! Ya don't wanna mess with him, unless ya want a karate chop up your—"

"Alright Bobby. That's enough." Jean said to him, while staring at Scott.

Suddenly, people started to scream. They ran towards the nearest exit, but with the size of the crowd so big, it was impossible to get out.

Scott, Peter, Jean and Bobby quickly got up to see what was the matter. They were already outside, so they went in, to see what was going on. Then, something punched the roof from the outside. The roof came crumbling down, and a purple and red head popped in.



You ever have one of those days? You know, where Momma Jay said there'd be days like this? Something goes wrong, and it seems as everything is going back to normal. But then you just get that feeling where you know something's just going to go wrong still. Yeah, I have to live with that feeling everyday. You know, someone could have told me that becoming Spider-Man was going to have its drawbacks. If only—

"WO! Spider-sense tingling like crazy! Where's the commotion coming from?"

Spider-Man quickly stuck to a nearby building. He turned his head around the corner, to find a giant robot stomping on the mall grounds.


"Well, that can't be good." He shot out his webs, and in a quick manner, he went swinging to the mall.

While at the mall-

"Hold on Scott, I'll call the Professor for back up."

"No Jean, we don't have to wait! Listen, I got a plan." Scott pointed out.

"Spill away boss-man." Bobby told him, trying to evade the rays of the attacker.

"Alright guys, listen up! Jean, you use your telekinesis to calm these people down. Bobby, use your ice to freeze the falling debris from hurting anyone. Peter, you're with me in trying to stop this thing…whatever the hell it is."

"Da." Peter responded.

"MUTANT LIFE DETECTED. TERMINATE." The attacker kept repeating.

Bobby froze all the debris that was falling into the mall, as the attacker kept creating a bigger and bigger whole in the roof, trying to get in. Jean, getting tired by trying to calm the screaming people around her, was starting to bleed from her nose. She was starting to push her limits of her powers. Something she knows she shouldn't do.

Peter and Scott where trying to get to the thing that came and started attacking the mall. But no luck came for them, as falling debris had destroyed the stairs, and the escalators as well. There was no time for them to get to the elevator, as there wasn't one nearby.

"Scott, this is not looking good. How are we going to get up there?" Peter asked him.

Suddenly, someone swooped in, and landed on the roof.

"Why hello there. I don't think we've formally met. Name's Spider-Man."

Now news choppers were flying above the mall, catching everything that was going on, and feeding the footage live, to all of the viewers everywhere.

The attacker stopped trying to get into the mall, and looked at Spider-Man. It studied him for a second, and this time, it spoke something else.


"WO! Hold on there….Sentinel, right? Is that what you are?" Spider-Man asked, still sticking to the roof.

"Spider-Man, get out of there!" Scott yelled out.

The Sentinel's eyes started to glow a dark green color. It shot out two huge plasma blasts at Spider-Man. Luckily, Spider-Man dodged it, and landed next to Peter and Scott.

Jean came back to Scott, after she had finished calming the crowd. She took a napkin out of her pocket, and wiped all the blood from her nose.

"Scott, what now?" Jean asked him.

Scott replied, "Now Jean, we take this thing down. I think it referred to itself as a 'Sentinel'."

"Well, what are we waiting for? An invitation? Let's kick this thing's metal @^% out of our town." Bobby said, in a jokingly manner.

"Alright, Bobby, I need you to go and freeze it. Peter, see if you can take it down afterwards." Scott ordered.

Bobby created an ice slide, which he rode up to the Sentinel.

Spider-Man then took Peter, as he swung up to the roof of the mall.

"OK, that'll be $6.50 for the ride, sir." Spider-Man told Peter while holding out his hand. Peter looked at him with an odd face.

Bobby went straight to the Sentinel itself. Just as Scott had told him, he froze it, completely. Peter then turned around, armored up, and flew down from the roof, landing on the parking lot below, and creating a little crater.

"Scott, you're up man! Thing's frozen like caveman in ice!" Bobby yelled out.

"Jean, get the car ready. When this is over, it's not going to be good to stick around." Scott told Jean, as he got ready to shoot his beam.

"Are you sure you don't need me?"

"We'll be fine. Just please, hurry and get the car ready!"

Jean left to do so, as she went, Spider-Man came back down, and got Scott.

"Figured you would need a ride too, you know?"

They landed on the roof of the mall, next to where Bobby stood. Scott, took a visor out of his pocket, and used that to replace his ruby-quartz glasses he wore. Scott then let out a beam, which went straight at the Sentinel's head. The head of the Sentinel had partly broken off. While down below, Peter took the legs of the Sentinel, and scrunched them together, as if he crumbled up a piece of paper.

The Sentinel fell to the ground, crushing some cars.

"Boo-ya! That thing is down for the count!" Bobby said in excitement.

"Something's not right. This was…too easy." Scott said, worried.

"Oh, what does it matter? The thing's over with, right? We took care of it, so that's that." Bobby went on.

"Well…{sigh}…Spider-Man, thanks for your help." Scott thanked him.

"Help? What help? I didn't do anything here really."

"Well, there's our ride down there. We have to go." Scott said. And without another word, Bobby created another ice slide, taking Scott with him. Both went down, and got in the car, where Peter was already in.

"Well—holy crap! MJ!" Spider-Man yelled out, then swung to his home.

General Ross's office,
Washington, DC, a little while later-

Trask came into Ross's office, scared of what might happen.

"General, you called for me?" Trask asked him, with a little bit of fear in his voice.

"Please, take a seat Mr. Trask." General Ross said. "Now listen to me. I have someone in New York who just told me the outcome of your little test. IT FAILED! Some damn mutants took it down! I thought you said it was supposed to dispose them, not get disposed by them!"

"Sir, do no worry."

"Do not worry? You're telling me not to worry? You said your little experiment was going to find Kelly. All it did was get destroyed by some punks who don't even deserve to live."

"And I also told you General Ross, that it was only a prototype. I have more ready. This test was just really more like a field test, to see how it would do. Now that I know what I should work on, I'll add it to the others."

"How do you know?" General Ross asked him.

"I have my people too, sir."

"Now listen up, Trask. I have to go to New Mexico for some damn bomb testing, when I get back, you better have Kelly, or this is all on your head."

At the Parker house-

Spider-Man quickly snuck into his room, and changed into his normal clothes. Once then, he went downstairs where Aunt May was preparing dinner.

"Oh Peter, how was your nap? Feel well rested?" Aunt May asked, with a smile on her face.

Peter let out a fake yawn, and then told Aunt May, "Yeah. Feel much, much better. Oh, I just forgot something in my room. Be back in a minute Aunt May."

As Peter went back upstairs, he saw that his Spider-Man suit was right there on his bed, in plain sight.

"Stupid, stupid Parker. How can I have been so careless, if any saw this…"

Suddenly there was a knock at Peter's room door. He quickly hid the Spider-Man suit under his bed. He then went to answer the door. When he opened the door, he saw that it was none other, than Mary Jane.

"Hey MJ! When did you get here? I was just about to call you. …Hey, were you crying?" Peter asked, holding up her face.

"Peter…are…are you cheating on me?" MJ asks, starting to cry again.

"Oh my god, no! Why would you think that?" Peter asks her, wiping off her tears.

"Peter, you're always late when you meet me. And that's when you actually have shown up to meet me! And I wouldn't be worrying about this, if it only happened once or twice. But it happens all the time, Peter!"

"MJ, I'm not cheating on you. I swear!" Peter tells her, backing off a bit.

"Then what's going on Peter? Tell me the truth. Is there someone else?" MJ was starting to get angry.

"Well, sort of." Peter answers her, rubbing the back of his head.

"Sort of? So there is someone else!"

"NO! I mean, it's not a girl, or anything."

"So you're not cheating on me, but there is someone else?"

"Well, uh…yeah."

"Peter, are you…"

With his eyes wide open, Peter tells her, "WHAT?! ME?! NO!"

"Listen Peter, when you feel like telling me the truth, then you can talk to me." MJ stormed out the room, and headed downstairs. Peter went chasing after her.

"MJ, please wait. Just have dinner with us. You're already here. Please…"

MJ turned around and let out a little sigh. She then proceeded to the dining room table. I'll just stay for Aunt May, she thought.

A little while later, when they were almost finished with dinner, someone knocked on the door.

"I'll get it." Peter said. He went to open the door, and it turned out to be his best friend, Harry Osborn.

"Hey Harry, didn't know you were coming over. …Harry what's wrong, why are you looking like that?"

"I'm sorry Peter. They…they made me do it."

"Do what?" Then, Peter felt his spider sense tingle, but it was too late. Men came rushing in the door out of nowhere, and knocked Peter into the ground. They turned him over, and where shoving his face into the floor.

"What's going on over here?" Aunt May came around asking. She looked at what was happening, and almost fainted. MJ, stood there, with a dumbfounded look.

The men, as it seems, were agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as it said it on their backs. One of the men, took a pair of handcuffs out, and cuffed Peter.

He told him as he did it, "Peter Parker, by the orders of Nick Fury, you are hereby placed under arrest for crimes against humanity, and in being an accomplice for the creations the Sentinels."

Chapter 14​

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier-

Peter Parker sat in an interrogation room, all alone. He knew something was not right, besides the obvious situation. Something was up. How did I get mixed up with this Sentinel situation, he thought. I didn't do anything.

Not long after, Nick Fury stepped in the room. Two guards accompanied him. Nick Fury sat down in front of Peter. There was no desk in the room. It was just Peter in a chair, and Fury in the other, both facing each other. The two guards stood on each side of Fury.

"So, Mr. Parker," Fury started. "What do you have to say for yourself?" Fury stared at him with his eye. He was a man that didn't like to take any bull%^# from anyone. He sat in his chair, waiting for Peter to answer, but he Peter just sat there, staring into space.

"I asked you a question, Mr. Parker. And I would like you to answer it." Fury told him, still calm, but his breathing was getting heavier.

"I didn't do anything. I have no idea why the hell you have me here." Peter finally answered.

Fury started to laugh. "You have no idea why you're here? You know very damn well why you're here! Stop playing these games." Fury now had lost his patience.

"You had a helping hand in creating those Sentinels. You helped make the blue prints, you helped make them, you did it all!"

"I didn't do any of that!" Peter kept pleading his innocence. But it was no use. Fury didn't believe him.

"Tell me, Mr. Parker, does the name, 'Bolivar Trask' sound familiar?" Fury asked him. He then showed him a picture of Trask, holding it up to his face.

"Hey, I know that guy!" Peter said, almost jumping out of his seat.

"Of course you do. You're an accomplice with this man." Fury told Peter. Fury got up and sent one of the guards to file back the papers he had with him. Fury seem as if he was calm once again. But Peter on the other hand, started to worry even more.
"Listen to me, I don't have anything to do with that guy! At least, not anymore! I haven't seen that guy in years!" Peter yelled out. Fury sat in his chair once again, and crossed his arms together. He sent the other guard out, before he said another word.

"Listen to me, now. I know who you are, Peter. I know all about you. Don't play games with me, son. For I never loose, and you won't like what I do with the losers."

"Look, last time I talked to that Trask guy was when I was like, fifteen! I was doing a summer intern for some company he owns. I helped with something, I can't really remember what now, but from what I saw, was something for the government. That's all I know, I swear."

Fury stared at Peter for a minute. He didn't move, didn't blink…just stood there, still like a stone. On his ear, there was an earpiece, in which then he said, "Someone get me the phone. I have to make a call."

The Xavier Institute-

"Scott, please, calm down. Now slowly, tell me what happened yesterday." Xavier calmed down a hyped Scott, who was trying to tell him what happened the day before.

"As I said Professor, it would have been better if you were here, rather than out for whatever you said you were. Holding this kind of information isn't good. There was this…robot that attacked us. But only us! Only mutants!"

"Scott, please, calm down. You will not do yourself any good like this." Xavier and Scott sat in the office of Xavier's. Scott had a hesitated look on his face. This problem with the Sentinel has really been getting to him for some reason.

"(Sigh…) This robot, it called itself a 'Sentinel'. It attacked us, because of our mutant DNA." Scott explained to Xavier, still feeling uncomfortable.

"Why would it just appear out of no where like that? This does not add up. There must be a hidden agenda." Xavier said to himself, pondering about the information out loud.

"You mean besides killing mutants?" Logan asked, coming in, unannounced and interrupting.

"What would you know, Logan? You weren't there. You don't know about what happened." Scott told him, almost with an angry tone.

"No, I wasn't there, bub. But I did just get a call from someone 'bout somethin' that deals with this here situation." Logan gave him a smirk, as he walked over to Xavier's side. "Chuck, we got a field trip to make."

"I do not understand, Logan. Where are we going, and who called?" Xavier asked him, curious about what Logan was up to.

"I just got a call from Nick Fury. Seems someone called… 'Peter…Parker'. Seems he may have some answers to this whole shindig."

Xavier sat thinking for a minute. He knew who Fury is. He knows that he can be a real…"pessimistic military nut" basically all the time. Just the perks of the job, Xavier thought. He looked at Scott, and then at Logan. He thought for a second more, before he made a decision.

"Well, I would guess that it would be in the better side if we were to talk to this Parker kid. Logan, prep the jet. You and Scott shall be joining me."

Scott quickly jumped up from his chair, surprised at what he just heard. "Excuse me, Professor. No offense to Logan, but I think we can do fine without him."

Logan quickly let out a small laugh. "Aw, is the poor kid jealous of somethin'?" Logan didn't even wait for an answer. He walked out of the office, and headed to the sub-basement. Scott stood behind, furious at Logan. He never liked Logan. He still wonders why the Professor even wanted him in the first place.

Back at S.H.I.E.L.D.-

Peter Parker sat alone in the room again. He still didn't understand why he was thought to have a hand in with the creation with the Sentinels. How the hell does Fury even know about them? One just showed up today, he thought. And why did he say them in plural? Sentinels, not Sentinel, he said. Something's not adding up here…

Fury came back in the room, and once again, sat in front of Peter, staring at him. "I know you know something, boy. This can all go easier if you just confess."

This time, Peter couldn't take it. He angrily jumped up at charged at Fury. "DAMN IT! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" But Fury dodged him, and punched him in the back, making Peter fall to the floor.
"Don't ever do that again. I told you, you won't like what I do to losers of the game."

"What game?! What are you talking about?" Peter asked, in a furious tone. He slowly got up, and stood against the wall.

"Tell me what you know. And then we'll see how things go from there."

"Something is not right here."

"Excuse me, Professor? What isn't right? Everything's set, and we're ready to go." Cyclops said, as he looked to the back of the Blackbird. Xavier had a worried look on his face, and when he has those faces, something is never truly right.

"What are ya talkin' 'bout, Chuck? Don't play with our minds, here." Wolverine sat in the co-pilots seat. He flipped some buttons here and there, and the engine started up. "Is it the thing with Fury?" Wolverine kept asking.

"No, it is nothing with Fury. Although, I do know that something is wrong with that. There is no reason for him to just call us out of the blue because he cares for us. Well, let's not worry about it now. I'm sure Jean and the others will be fine."

"Ya OK there, Jean?" Bobby asked Jean, both outside in the front lawn, as she stared at the Blackbird taking off into the distance. "Ya don't look so good."

"Yeah, I'm fine, Bobby. I just have a headache…" Jean replied. She then took off into the mansion.

"Clear the landing dock people! We have a scheduled landing coming in ETA of 15 seconds! Let's go, go, go!" A voice yelled out over a very loud outside intercom, on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Not too far in the distance, there was a black plane coming towards the Helicarrier. The black plane of course, turned out to be the X-Men's Blackbird.

Meanwhile, at the Interrogation Room 103B-

Someone suddenly came knocking on the door, so hard that the door sounded as if it was about to break.

"Come in." Fury commanded. "What is that is so important you have to be rude and interrupt me?"

The guard looked at Fury, and told him his news, as he was catching his breath. "…The…the…X-Men…they're…they're here…"

Fury got up from his seat, and walked towards the guard. "Fine then. Stay here and watch him. If he so much tries anything, shoot him. But keep him alive."

"Yes sir."

On the landing deck-

Fury walks over to the Blackbird, as Wolverine and Cyclops are waiting for Xavier to get off the plane himself. Once they were all off, they walked over and greeted Fury.

"Wolverine." Fury said, as he looked at him with a displeased look.

"Fury. Don't you have someone's life to mess around with?"

"Enough of this. Why is it that you called us here Fury? I am wondering as how you know who is involved in this 'Sentinel' situation, as it only occurred yesterday, and not even the F.B.I. know where to begin."

"Heh. Then you don't even know me. I know many things Charles. Things you don't even know of. Now, let's get to the bottom of this, shall we?"

Cyclops looked at Fury with an unpleasant look.

Peter was just too angry to think straight anymore. He sat in his chair, knowing he had a…"job" to do. His secret life as Spider-Man may have no meaning to much of the people of the country, but it was something he knew it was his responsibility to do.

There was a knock at the door. It was Fury who was accompanied by Professor Xavier. Wolverine and Cyclops awaited outside the door, impatiently.

"Alright, I'm going to be frank with you, Charles. Reason why I brought you here is because I need you to help me figure out how this guy, Peter Parker is involved with the Sentinel business. There's more to this than you think, but right now, that isn't important. I need you to go inside this guys mind."

"Don't you have psychics of your own?" Xavier asked him, while looking at Peter.

"We've tried that already. But for some reason, they can't get into his mind. With you being the powerful psychic you are, thought you might be able to do something."

"How do you know…never mind. But I must apologize. I cannot help you here, as it is against my principle to just read someone's mind without asking."

"So ask him." Fury tells him.

"It's ok, Mr. Xavier. It's not like anything worse can happen to me now."

Xavier looked at Peter, puzzled. "Are you sure?"


"Well…fine, then. If it gets to be too much for you, let me know."

Xavier closed his eyes, and went into Peter's mind. But only a few seconds after he went in, something went wrong. Xavier started to struggle, until he just quit.

"What's wrong?!" Fury cried out.

Catching his breath, Xavier replied, "His mind…it's blocked. Someone…." Xavier collapsed on the ground. And that could not have come at a worse time. News was quickly spread that Sentinels were coming to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

"We've got trouble ta take care of, Slim. Let's get goin'."

Back at the mansion-

"Jean, what's wrong? You're really not lookin' good, and you're sweating like hell!" Bobby asked Jean.

Jean had a blank look on her face. "They're coming. They're coming!" That's all Jean said, before she went into a seizure.

"HELP! SOMEONE HELP! JEAN"S HAVIN' SEIZURE!" Bobby cried out. But his cry was not heard. Something was landing outside, and making such a loud noise, it was almost impossible to hear anything. Bobby went quickly to check out what was going on, and what he saw, was not a pretty site. Sentinels. Sentinels had landed in front of the mansion; at least a dozen of them.

"Holy $#*%…"



"Good job in informing me. If S.H.I.E.L.D. has Parker, then all these years of planning has been finally gone the way I wanted. They'll believe he did this all on his own. …What was that? No, the only reason why I put out an internship years ago was so I could have a scapegoat, when the time was right. What do you mean why I didn't just have an internship recently? Do you think it takes 2 minutes to build Sentinels? Let alone find the right material to build them? …How'd I do it? Well, I showed Parker the real equations on how to make the Sentinels, but just had the blue print show other means of what its uses will be. Kid fell for it- hook, line and sinker. But alas, I can't take any chances. They might believe, but I don't want something to come back and bite me. So what will I do, now? Well, let's just say that S.H.I.E.L.D. will have some unexpected company tomorrow. But the X-Men must be gotten rid of as well, or they will ruin everything. Good thing you tracked them to their home, otherwise, well…you get the picture. So remember, you DO NOT know any 'Bolivar Trask'. If my name comes up, yours will too. Trask out."

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, today-

"I just don't get it."

"The hell ya bablin' 'bout, Slim?" Wolverine asked Cyclops, as both ran through the halls of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, trying to get back to the landing deck.

"If the Sentinels are supposed to attack mutants only, from what it said, why is it attacking here now? It's not like who ever sent them knew we where going to be here."

Wolverine stopped running, and turned around. He looked at Cyclops, as he told him, "Ya think this is the time ta be worryin' 'bout that? Ya rather think why they're here than stop 'em from attackin' us?"

"You're right. Let's go get rid of these mutant hunting trash." Cyclops then kept on running towards the landing deck.

Wolverine then followed, as he said to himself, "Now that's what I like ta hear!"

Xavier Institute-


Sentinels had landed all over in front of the mansion. They lined up in a formation, ready to attack. Bobby was scared to move.

"New words ain't gonna scare me," he said, as he tried to move slowly back inside the mansion, to see if he can get the others to help.

Colossus ran as fast as he could to get Hank. He was in his room, when he heard the Sentinels land. He had seen that there were many, and that it was going to take everyone's help to take care of. When he got to Hank's laboratory, he wasted no time in explaining anything to Hank. He grabbed him by his lab coat's collar, and started to run back upstairs.

"Peter! What is the meaning of this? What is going on?!" Hank asked him, as he flew through the air.

"No time to explain, comrade! We have a problem outside!" Colossus said, as he threw Hank in the elevator, and pressed the Ground Floor button.

"Problem? What problem?" Hank asked, still confused and lost on what the situation was.

"Remember the Sentinel I told you about? Well, now it is outside the mansion, and there is twelve of them."

"Oh my—"

{Now at- Ground Floor Level}

Hank didn't finish his sentence; as soon as they arrived at the Ground Floor, Colossus quickly grabbed Hank and ran outside. Colossus ran as fast as he could, and in doing so, he passed by the Common Room, where Jean was on the couch, still having a seizure. As soon as they were outside, they saw that Bobby had iced up, and was already attacking the Sentinels.

"Bobby! Why didn't you call us?" Hank questioned him, going quickly to his side.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know I had to let them attack our home, while I looked for everyone."

"That is not of importance. Now, we must get rid of them. Where is Jean?" Colossus asked, as he armored up, and charged at one of the Sentinels close to him.

"If someone had listened when I had actually called for someone, ya would've heard me sayin' that Jean is spazzin' out in the Common Room!" Bobby explained, as he dodged a beam from a Sentinel and shot an ice blast at its face.

"She's what?!" Hank was surprised at what Bobby said. Hank stopped doing what he was, and ran inside the mansion, to Jean.

"Oh yeah, no problem, Hank. You go inside while we get crushed out here by a dozen of these SENTINELS!"

Hank paid no mind to Bobby's sarcastic remark. He ran to Jean, and found her on the floor. "OH MY GOD, JEAN!" He quickly took her, as she wouldn't stop moving, to the medical room. To Hank, there were no Sentinels outside, attacking his friends. All he could think about was Jean's life, as it looked like it was hanging in a balance.

"Bobby, quick, little help here," Colossus told him, as he struggled holding a Sentinel's foot.

"Yeah, I would love to help, Pete. But, ah, I'm kinda tryin' to get acquainted here, thanks." A Sentinel held Bobby. The Sentinel was clutching Bobby with his hand, squeezing him harder and harder.

Colossus pushed as hard as he could, and made the Sentinel fall back and hit the ground. And after the Sentinel had fallen, he had crushed part of the gate and part of the wall that surrounded the front of the mansion. Colossus quickly got on top of the Sentinel, and punched a whole in its face. "That is one Sentinel down, now eleven to go." He said, as he went straight to the Sentinel that held Bobby.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Landing Deck-


"Wolverine, take care of that one to your left! Don't let get any closer to the Blackbird, or we won't be having a ride anymore!" Cyclops ordered, as he kept shooting at Sentinels.

"I'm already on it, Slim! Just take care a'them, will ya?" Wolverine snarled at him.

Cyclops had shot heads of a couple Sentinels, but other Sentinels seemed to be learning from that, and kept attacking more at Cyclops than Wolverine. Wolverine kept slashing away at the Sentinels, but it seemed as they're attacking back was futile. The Sentinels kept coming in numbers.

"Let's go! You're going to be helping out up there!" Fury ordered at Peter.

"What?! What am I go to do? I'm just—"

Fury threw at Peter his Spider-Man costume, and told him, "Now get your Spider-&$% up there!"

Peter still didn't go. He looked at his costume, and looked up at Fury. "How the hell do you know? And where the hell did you get this?!"

"I told you I know all about you. BUT FOR THE LAST DAMN TIME, GET UP THERE!"

Peter now wasted no time, as he changed into his Spider-Man costume, and ran out the door.

"Would ya be careful? Ya wanna fall ta yer death?" Wolverine had grabbed Cyclops, as he almost fell of the Helicarrier.

"Hey, it wasn't my fault. Damn Sentinel shot behind me, and the blast pushed me." Cyclops tried to defend himself, but it was pointless. Wolverine was already back attacking the Sentinels.

"Well, hey there one eye. Glad to see you again." Spider-Man had joined the fight, and now was along side Cyclops.

"Spider-Man? What are you doing here! And how did you get here?" Cyclops asked, dodging the Sentinels beams, and shooting his own back at them.

"Well you see---WOAH!" A Sentinel had shot at spider-Man. The beam had barely touched him, but it scraped him, leaving a tear on the left side of his costume, and an open scar on his body.


"Spider-Man, you're a mutant?" Cyclops asked, dodging yet another blast; one that could have hit him, if he didn't look in time.

"No offense, but I'm not one of you. But right now, let's just take care of this situation, unless you want to here my origin in the after-life?"

Cyclops made no reply back. He went right back to shooting at Sentinels. Spider-Man couldn't do much, but he went up to a Sentinel, and shot webs at the eyes. The Sentinel just shot right through the webs like nothing. Spider-Man jumped out the way of the beam, and hung on the Sentinel by the hand. He looked at the hand, and noticed a big green circle lighting brighter and brighter.

"Oh great. It shoots out of its hands too. What next? From its rear-end?" Spider-Man held onto the hand as hard as he could. Then, an idea occurred to him. It can't shoot its beam if it doesn't have its hand!, Spider-Man thought. So he started pulling on the Sentinel's hand as hard as he could, until it finally cam off. Once then, Spider-Man landed back on ground, and when the Sentinel's hand did so too, it shot a beam, that knocked another Sentinel off the Helicarrier.

"Well, looks like yer more useful than ya look, wall crawler." Wolverine told him, as he Slashed off a Sentinel's leg.

"Why thank ya vewy much, mistah. I twy my hawdest, all the time."

"I would think that Hank would at least let us know how Jean is doin', ya know?" Bobby told Peter, as he blasted another Sentinel with ice.

"Bobby, look out!" Colossus cried out to him. A Sentinel had come behind Bobby. As Bobby turned around, the Sentinel had shot his fist off, and it flew like a rocket towards Bobby. It hit him hard, knocking yards away from where he was standing. Bobby was knocked out, and out of the battle.

He tried to speak, as he told Colossus, "That's somethin' new…huh…" And now Bobby was passed out. Peter was left to fight off the rest of the Sentinels himself. What can one man do against half a dozen Sentinels?, he thought. That was something he was about to find out.


"Yes, everything is going according to plans."

"Does Trask suspect you're double crossing him?"

"No, he thinks I'm just one smart guy."

"Perfect. And what of Parker? Is he still a threat?"

"No. As I have found out, the blocks put into his mind prevented anyone from looking into his mind. No one will ever know that he saw who I really was, and what he truly knows about me."

"Excellent. The day will come when we have our vengeance on the X-Men."


S.H.I.E.L.D. Medical Lab-

"Thank you very much for your kind services, miss…"

"Annie Gazhikanian. You can just call me Annie, Mr. Xavier."

"Please, Charles will do fine."

"Charles, you done flirting, yet? Let's go." Fury appeared out of nowhere and howled a command at Xavier.

"Learn your manners, Fury." Xavier started to tell him, as he got back into his wheel chair from the lab table. "I am not one of your lap dogs. Thank you again, and good-bye miss Anna."

"Charles, can you do anything to release those mental blocks from Parker's mind?" Fury asked him.

"I should. But who ever had put them there, must have really not wanted anyone to get into his mind. Those mental blocks were as if they were infected somehow. A "fail safe", you can say, incase anyone got close to passing them."

"So can you do it?" Fury kept badgering him.

"I will only help because this will only make matters worse on the human/mutant 'relationship'. But only under one condition."

"And that is?"

"You tell me what is going here, right now."

S.H.I.E.L.D. Landing Deck-

Pieces of Sentinels lay over the landing deck of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. As the Helicarrier floats over the Hudson River, Sentinels that fell down, now lay under the water. Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Cyclops take a breather from their long battle.

"OK, so who wants some milk and cookies?" Spider-Man asked, as he lay on the ground, exhausted.

"Listen 'ere web head. What the hell are ya doin' here, anyways?" Wolverine asked him, as a deep cut on his abdomen healed.

"If I tell you, I would have to kill you." Spider-Man said in a deep tone.

"Alright, enough with the joking around. Logan, let's just see how the Professor is holding up with Parker now." Cyclops told him. "Spi—" Cyclops was about to ask if Spider-Man something, but Spider-Man had quickly disappeared.

Xavier Institute for Higher Learning-


That's what Colossus felt how he was going to end up any minute while fighting the Sentinels by himself.

"MUTANT LIFE DETECTED. TERMINATE IMMEADITELY." The Sentinels kept repeating over and over.

"Come and try." Colossus told them.

"Jean. Jean speak to me!" Hank tried to get Jean to talk. He had given her what she needed, so her seizure would cease to continue.

Jean lay on the ER table, still as statue.

"Oh dear God in heaven, let Jean be fine…"

Hank turned away, and went to bang his head on the wall. Suddenly, Jean's eyes opened, only to reveal her eyes were a blood red color. She turned her head to Hank, and smiled an evil smile. Hank turned back to see Jean still the same as before.

Washington, DC-

"Bring him in."

"General Ross, I heard the bad news. Sorry for the bomb explosion down at New Mexico. Has anyone found Dr. Banner, yet?"

"Don't you dare try to get on my good side, Trask."

"I don't know what you're talking about, General Ross."

Ross stood up from his seat in his office, and walked over to Trask. He picked him by his collar of his suit, and slammed him on the wall.

"Listen here you little piece of %^*#. You're stupid little plan of this Sentinel bull%^$@ has NOT proven useful, whatsoever. All it can do is get destroyed and clog up the damn Hudson River. Not even one lead as to where Senator Kelly's whereabouts are. You have 2 days to fix this mess, or you're going to pay for all of this. 2 DAYS!"

Ross let Trask go, and turned his back on him, then told him, "Good day Trask. See your way out."

Trask, furious by what was just told to him, fixed his suit, and walked out.

Back at S.H.I.E.L.D.-

Spider-Man quickly got back into the interrogation room, luckily, without anyone noticing him there. He changed back into his normal clothes, and waited. Wolverine and Cyclops came in.

"Mr. Parker," Cyclops started to talk to him, "where is Professor Xavier and Colonel Fury?"

"Please, just call me Peter. I don't know where they went. It's not like they're gonna tell me, anyways."

"Everything, huh? Well, I'll just tell you what you can know."

"Fury, I am not man who jokes in dire situations. You should tell me what you really need with Parker, and how you knew about the Sentinels, before the general public of America did."

"You are in no way in command here, Charles. You do not give me orders here, so you better watch it."

"You want answers, Fury, work with me. Otherwise, I will take my leave."

Fury was hesitant. He didn't want to tell Xavier the truth, but he needed what Parker knew.

"…Fine. But if word gets out-"

"You do not need to worry."

Fury let out a big 'sigh', before he started to explain. "…Peter Parker was an intern a couple of years ago in a company that was owned by a man named 'Bolivar Trask'. At that time, Trask was secretly making plans to make machines that hunt mutants down, as you already know, are the Sentinels."

"What connection does Peter Parker have with the Sentinels?" Xavier questioned him, wondering.

"Peter was the one who helped him with the plans. Peter didn't know, as Trask had lied to him, by showing him a false use for the plans. He gave him all the real equations, but lied to him what they were for. He never mentioned that the machines were really going to hunt mutants."

"What I do not understand is…how do you know all of this, if you have not gotten into Parker's mind?"

"Because," Fury was about to tell him, "We were the ones who were funding Trask at the time."

"This is it. This is where I take my final stand." Colossus was tired out. He could no longer keep going, and was soon to pass out. More Sentinels had arrived. Too many Sentinels were around, even for Colossus to take on. With Bobby knocked out, and Hank with Jean in the mansion, there was no one to help him out.

But then, as Colossus thought the fight was over him, a figure flew out of the mansion, and into the sky.

"Jean? Is that you?" He asked, looking into the distance. And it was Jean. She once again, smiled an evil smile, and had those blood red eyes.

"It is time for this to end." Jean said, in a weird, possesed tone.

Hank quickly ran out the door. He was trying to catch his breath.

"Peter, stay away! Something has come over Jean! I don't know what's going on--"

Suddenly everything went blank. For a few moments, everything was white. White, as if it was a hot white room…

Once everything was cleared, all of the Sentinels were gone. Disappeared. Not one trace left anywhere. Jean lay on the ground, seeming as if she was asleep. Hank and Colossus quickly got up and went to her side. Hank picked her up, and held her carefully.

"Jean? Jean, can you hear me?" Hank kept asking, shaking Jean back and forth a bit, at the same time.

Slowly, Jean started to come back. As soon as she was able to speak, she asked, "…Wha…what happened?"

"That's what we all want to know. C'mon, let's go back inside and rest up for now. Peter, would you please do me the favor as to getting Bobby?"

"Da." Colossus responded back.

"You were what?!" Xavier was left dumbfounded from the words Fury had just uttered.

"Yes, you heard right Charles."

"So this is basically all just a clean up job, is it no? Just trying to hide this from the people of this country, and I am guessing the government as well."

"Listen, this wasn't supposed to go like this."

"Then which way was it supposed to go then, Fury?"

"Look, I already told you more than I was supposed to. Let's just go and see if we can extract the information out of Parker."

Xavier waited, and thought for a minute. He was hesitant about still helping Fury after what he was just told.

"I will do it. But only because this posses a danger to the mutant society, and the chance to—"

Fury interrupted him wit, "Yes, yes. I know that song and dance of yours. Let's just go."

Cyclops and Wolverine waited inside the interrogation room with Peter Parker, as guards were once again outside the door. A second later, Fury walk in, and Xavier is by his side.

"Ready to give this another try, Mr. Parker?" Xavier asked him, kindly.

"Please, it's just Peter. And, sure, why not?" Peter responded back.

Xavier positioned himself in front of Parker. This time, he was ready for anything. In Parker's mind, he envisioned a neighborhood. One that was dying with infested spiders.

{Spiders? Well, no matter. They must be some type of a fail safe for the mental blocks.}

So then Xavier, with one thought, wiped them out. Peter then fringed.

"Peter, are you OK?" Xavier asked him, still in the envision.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Xavier kept walking around in the neighborhood, until he saw what he believed to be the mental blocks. He warned to Peter, "Now Peter, this may hurt, but you will be fine in the end, understand?"

"Yes, sir."

So Xavier with his telepathy, took out the mental blocks. Peter cried out loudly in pain, but was fine. No damage was done.

"So now what?" Peter asked, still trying to get over the pain.

"Now I see who did this to you and…oh no! This…cannot be true!"

"What is it? What did you find?!" Fury asked him. Wolverine and Cyclops stood by, worried.

"The person who did this to him, it was….Mesmero."

"Mesmero?! As in that wanna be hypnotist?" Wolverine asked.

"Wait, how the hell does a hypnotist put mental blocks in someone's mind?" Fury asked, seeming confused.

"Well it looks Mesmero also has some telepathy in him."

"So what does this mean, Xavier?"

"This means, the Brotherhood are coming."


A tall, longhaired blonde man walked back and forth in front of a prison cell. A man that whose face resembled that one of a saber-toothed tiger.

"Oh Senator Kelly," He started to go about. "how the world must be missing you. But don't worry. I'm sure someone will find you…in pieces that is."

"Sabretooh! Enough with him. We must prepare." A voice yelled out from behind. It was a woman. A blue skinned woman, with a white a white dress, and a skull on her forehead. She wore her red hair down, and had mean cat-like eyes, that would pierce through someone's heart.

"Watch it Mystique. My tolerance with you can only go so far." Sabretooth roared back at her.

"Cut the macho man crap already. We got to get ready for the X-Men. I just got another call from Mesmero. It seems the X-Men found out about us earlier than we expected."

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Bobby's room: 11:37 pm.-

"Wake up."

"Wake up."

Bobby quickly arose from his bed, and walked over to his window. He had a zombie-like look on his face. He did not speak a word, but just opened his window. Outside, a hooded man, mostly hidden in the wooded area across the street, stood there, waiting.

"Yes, that's it. Now come along dear, Bobby. We have work to do."

The next morning: 9:52 am-

"Where's Scott?" Jean asked the guys, as she walked right into the Common Room. Hank and Peter were watching TV, as Logan was playing solitaire with a pack of cards.

"I believe that our fearless leader has returned back to the War Room." Hank replied to her.

"Again?!" Jean asked, surprised.

"He is still looking for the Brotherhood's location, da?" Peter asked as he laughed at something on the TV. Jean left to go to Scott, in quite a hurry.

"You know," Hank started to say to Peter, "I wish Wayne Brady had his talk show back. Re-runs tend to run dry, and can only last so long without being boring."

"Scott. You in here?" Jean asked. She saw that Scott was looking at the Northern Hemisphere map of the world, inside the War Room. Scott didn't say anything back to Jean. He stood there, staring at the map.

"SCOTT!" Jean yelled as loud as she could.

Scott finally turned around and asked her, "Yes, Jean? What is it?"

"Scott, what is your problem? Why do insist in coming back here every minute of the day? We'll find the Brotherhood, don't worry."

"Don't worry, Jean? You're asking me not to worry? A couple of weeks ago we had machines coming to kill us. Just because they have the creator behind bars, doesn't mean we can now stay calm. We have the Brotherhood as our next problem."

"Scott," Jean kept saying to him, "you don't even know anything about the Brotherhood. None of us do. Waiting here to see if something comes up is not going to make much difference."

"You're wrong. I know more than you think." Scott told her, and turned back to the screen.

"What are you talking about, Scott? Scott?" Jean sighed after not getting a response, and walked out. She headed towards the elevator, but noticed a voice talking. She went down the hallway, and saw the door to the forbidden room cracked open a bit. As she walked closer to it, she heard who was talking.

"No, sir. Nothin' of the sort. I know it's been months, but I haven't found anythin'. Look, I can't stay long. I have to go."

"Logan? But he was just upstairs." Jean said to herself. She then heard Logan coming to the door, and she quickly ran back to the elevator. Logan then came out, closed the door, and saw Jean looking the other way, waiting for the elevator. He walked up to her, and waited alongside with her.

"So, I see you're feelin' better than before, Red." He told her.

"Yes, Logan. I don't even remember what was happening during my seizures, but thank God for Hank. It's a good thing having a doctor on hand."

"Are we still doin' that, volleyball game today?" Logan asked, as both he and Jean walked into the elevator.

"Yes. Why do you ask? Afraid of loosing?"

"Me, lose? Girl don't kid yerself."

As they got off the elevator, unto the Ground Floor, Logan told Jean, "By the way. I know you were there." And then Logan disappeared into the kitchen, where Professor Xavier sat reading his newspaper.

Jean stood there, shocked that Logan knew she was where he was. But how, I didn't make a noise…, she thought.

"Mornin' Chuck. What are you readin'?" Logan asked, as he took out a plate and sat himself at the table. "BREAKFAST!" He yelled out to everyone. Hank, Peter, and Jean walked in and sat down.

"I am just looking to see what has been going on with the Trask trial. Seems nothing new has been mentioned." Xavier said as he folded up the paper.

"Where's Bobby? He's always the first one here for breakfast." Hank asked as he looked around the kitchen.

"He probably overslept. I'll get him." Peter said, as he got up from the table.

"Do not worry, Peter. I will call him." Xavier told him, and then Peter sat down. Xavier put his hands on his head, as he went to telepathically call Bobby. In Bobby's room, a clear-blue image of Xavier's head was floating. He looked around the room, but found no sign of Bobby.

"That is odd. Bobby is not in his room." Xavier told the guys. "Does anyone know if he has mentioned going anywhere? I do not see him anywhere on campus."

"No, Bobby hasn't said anything about going anywhere. I don't think he could have run away." Peter mentioned.

"Uh…that is not out of the realm of possibilities, actually. He told me once that once he ran away because of something that happened with his parents."

"Well, this—" Xavier was about to say something, but an out-of-breath Scott came barging into the kitchen.

"PROFESSOR! I HAVE SOMETHING!" Scott yelled out, catching his breath.

"What happened here, Scott?" Xavier asked, as everyone gathered around the War Room.

"Well, in this area here," Scott started to explain, as he pointed at an area of the map, "the dot you see here, started to go off."

"Nice job, Slim. You can identify when somethin' starts to blink." Logan said, making fun of Scott.

Scott just stood there, staring at Logan for a few seconds, then continued, "Anyways, as I checked why it started to go off, another one started to blink. Our monitor there pointed out that these two were actually attacks, and both happened at the same time. One of the attacks was on a federal prison, here in Orlando. The building attacked was in Los Angeles."

"What makes these so relevant?" Asked Jean.

"It was stated that these two groups seemed to wear identical insignias, but it wasn't found out what exactly."

"And let me guess, you think this is the work of the Brotherhood" Asked a very curious Hank.

Scott replied with, "None other."

Xavier told the group, "Although I would not make any quick judgements of who these two factions are, it is wise to see what were they up to. So, you'll split into two teams. One goes to Orlando, the other to Los Angeles."

"What about Bobby?" Asked Peter, worried.

"As much as his whereabouts are important, this is a matter that should be looked into. I'll see what I can do with Cerebro. There are five of you, so Logan, you and Scott will head to the Orlando. The rest of you, head to L.A." Xavier replied.

Scott groaned, silently, and looked at a Logan, smiling sarcastically. The group went out to get ready, and soon were on their way.

"Wait a second." Hank said, before anyone left the to the X-Hangar. "If we are going to two different sides of the country, how is one group going to get to their location?"

"That's easy." Said Scott. "You guys didn't know, but there's actually two Blackbirds."

"There's two blackbirds?! Where's the money coming from?" Hank asked.

"Now's not the time to worry, let's go!" Scott commanded, as everyone went to their places.


A man stood over Bobby. This was the same man who was talking to Bobby the night before. He wore his hood off this time. His face revealed many markings, which seemed more like tattoos.

"So, Bobby, what will you do for me?"

"Take out the X-Men."


"Take out the X-Men."

"Good boy."

"Come on Mesmero. We don't have time for you to stand around." A voice said sharply behind him. Mesmero turned around, and was looking at who talked to him.

"Forgive me Mystique. I cannot pass up the chance at messing with someone like him. An…X-Men; a gene-traitor."

Mystique stood in the doorway, staring into Mesmero's eyes with her own, devilish yellow cat-like eyes. Mystique's appearance, blue smooth skin and short red hair, wearing a white spy-esque gown, and a skull on both her forehead and waist, made her look…almost innocent. But her cunning and guile made her the fearsome leader of the group, The Brotherhood.

"I don't care Mesmero, I really don't. We have a job to do, and if you slack, you'll get left behind. Take the kid and join up with Quicksilver and Avalanche. There's still one other Trask Engineer Enterprise building to destroy."

"What ever you say, dear leader. It is a tiring carrying this kid with me. Having the short time span in controlling others is just tiring." Mesmero told Mystique, as he took Bobby with him, leaving the premises through a back doorway.

Furious, Mystique told Mesmero, ""Tiring? You disgust me. If you can't give your all to the cause, perhaps we should put you back to your idiotic hypnotist act." Mesmero and Bobby then left to their destination.

Orlando, Florida: Near the Maximum Federal Prison-

"Blue team, this is Gold team, do you read me? Over."

"Summers, must you speak like that? And usin' those names, what gives?" Wolverine asked Cyclops, as they flew over the Orlando prison.

"Its just code, Wolverine. So incase any other aircraft picks up our frequency, which I highly doubt, but you never know, they won't know it's the X-Men." Cyclops replied him.

"Uh…Gold team, this is Blue team. Sorry, not good with this radio talk thingy…" Marvel Girl said over the radio, giggling. "We're just about at L.A. Where are you guys at? Oh yeah, uh…over."

Cyclops told her, "Jean, please. It's not time for jokes. We're about two seconds from landing. We'll talk to you guys later. Gold team out. Over." Cyclops hung up the radio, and landed outside the prison, as the Blackbird was already cloaked.

"You ready for this Wolverine?" Cyclops asked him.

"Yer jokin' right? Are you seriously askin' me that. Summers I swear I think you ain't right in the head."

Cyclops and Wolverine quickly exited out of the Blackbird. They ran to the prison, and stood up against the wall. They looked around, and saw the coast clear, as the guards looked elsewhere from their standing point.

"So many guards. This place must be under more heavy guard now." Cyclops said.


"Wolverine, what do you think you're doing?" Cyclops asked Wolverine, whispering.

"Gettin' us in. What da ya think?"

"By what? Slashing through the walls? Don't you think that's going to attract the guards?"

"So I'll take care o' them too. The more, the merrier."

"No, Wolverine. We have to keep a low profile as much as possible. So we'll start by taking the guards on the walkway up there, and work our away around. Got it?"

One-minute later-

"Oh for the love of God. Logan, what did you do?" Cyclops asked, as he looked around at the mess Wolverine made. All over the inside walls lay numerous bodies of guards, either badly hurt, or possibly dead.

"What? You wanted a low profile, didn't ya?"

Cyclops sighed as he covered his face with his hand. He looked up, and then told Wolverine, "Let's just see if we can find out who was let loose, ok? And try not to kill anyone while we do it."

"You take the fun out o' everythin' don't ya?"

Inside, Wolverine and Cyclops sneaked through the dark hallways. There were no lights around, and not even one guard at any post.

"This not looking good." Cyclops said, whispering. "Why are there no guards around? And all the lights off? Something's up."

"Really, Slim? What was ya first clue? I knew somethin' wasn't right the minute we landed. There's a familiar smell in here. If only I could remember."

Suddenly, someone bigger than Wolverine, jumped down from the ceiling, and kicked him to a lower level.

"Let me remind you then, runt." The man roared.

Cyclops turned around and shot his beam. But it deflected as someone got in front of the other man. The man who had attacked Wolverine jumped down and landed on Wolverine's back.

"Can't ya remember dear old Sabretooth?"

L.A., California: Couple minutes later-

"Alright, boys, we have arrived." Jean told Beast and Colossus, as she landed the Blackbird on top of an unused helipad.

"Don't forget to cloak the Blackbird." Beast reminded her.

"Please, I think I know that." Marvel Girl said back to him, as she turned her back to the control panel, and switched the cloak button on.

"So, what are we to look for?" Colossus asked.

Beast replied him, "That my friend, is what we shall find out."

Trask Engineer Enterprise, Building B-

Inside there were two men, looking for someone. One had white hair, with silver streaks, wearing a green suit, with a white lightning bolt. The other wore a gray suit, and had a helmet that covered his head, save his mouth and eyes.

"Hurry you idiot! Why are you taking so long? The power to run up to a Mach-2 speed, and you haven't found Kelly."

"Would you mind shutting the hell up, Avalanche?! This room has a lot of places to hide him, and I don't know where that jackass Sabretooth left Kelly. We still need him alive, and if Mystique finds out he died in the explosion, it's on our heads!"

"Wait, do you hear that Quicksilver?" Avalanche asked him, looking around to see where he heard the noise coming from. He turned around to see a moving cabinet, and went to check it out. When he opened it, he found Senator Kelly, all tied up.

"Finally," Quicksilver said, "now we can go before the building goes boom."

"Mesmero, come on from the first floor. We got Kelly." Avalanche said over a walkie-talkie.


A door came knocking down, and Beast standing above it.

"$%^$ it's the X-Men! We don't have time for this, Quicksilver."

"No, we don't. So good luck taking them down." Quicksilver said, and started running for the exit, and taking Kelly from Avalanche, while leaving him behind to face the X-Men on his own. But Marvel Girl stopped him, by putting a force-shield up, making Quicksilver hit it, hard.

"Going somewhere?" Marvel Girl asked him.

"Avalanche, do something! Move the $&#-damn earth or something!" Quicksilver said, annoyed.

"Avalanche, do you read me? Avalanche?" Mesmero said over the walkie-talkie. "Where are you? The bomb is about to go off in a minute! AVALANCHE!"



L.A., California:

"Everyone alright, here?" Marvel Girl asked, as he held up a force shield all around her, Beast and Colossus.

"Yes, we're fine. Thanks to you, of course." Beast replied her.

"Where are we?" Colossus asked, looking around.

Marvel Girl told him, "Don't worry, about it. We're still at the building…just above it."

The three were floating in Marvel Girl's shield, above the now destroyed building. It was now in complete ruins.

"Wait! What about Senator Kelly?! That was him, right?" Colossus asked, worried.

"Hey, no worries." Marvel Girl said to him, calming him down. "He's right over there." To the side of them, was Kelly, in another force shield. He was in the shield, unconscious, and roughed up.

"Now let's land somewhere. I can't hold you guys much longer." Marvel Girl then landed everyone where she had parked the Blackbird.


"Damn it. Quicksilver, you okay?" Avalanche asked him, while lying on the ground.

"How the hell did we survive? And where the hell is all the light?" Quicksilver asked, annoyed.

Avalanche answered him, "I made the ground rise and cover us, completely."
"So you use your powers to cover our $^%#@*&, but you can't use them to attack the damn X-Men. Why the hell do I bother even working with you…?"

"Your welcome." Avalanche then broke the rocks around them.

"This…Mesmero…co…in. I repeat….this…mes…in."

"Hey, It's Mesmero! Where'd the walkie-talkie go?" Avalanche asked as he got up to look for it. He then found it, half buried in the ground. Avalanche hit it once, hard, making sure that there was no dirt in it.

"Again, this is Mesmero. Any of you guys there?" Mesmero asked.

"This is Avalanche, come in Mesmero."

"Are you guys ok over there? Don't want to pick up any dead bodies, now."

"We're fine you, idiot. Are you and the kid fine?"

"Yes. No thanks to you jackasses. I had the kid make a thick ice shield around us. Can't even rely on you to get me out."

"Listen to me, you ignorant—"

"Would you guys quit it and shut the ^%@* up!" Quicksilver yelled at them.

"Let's just get them, and get ready. Our work isn't done."

Orlando, Florida: Maximum Federal Prison-

The guys were now prisoners themselves. Cyclops and Wolverine were hanging by their arms in the same cell, together. The place had been overrun by the attackers. They ran the place now. Cyclops, to himself, thought, If they broke loose their target, why are they still here? Why are they-

"Well, well, well. Look who's waking up now."

Cyclops looked up, and saw the same man who took down Logan. The man who called himself 'Sabretooth'.

"Who are you? You're the Brotherhood, aren't you?" Cyclops asked, in a weak tone.

"Why does that matter to you, boy? Yes, we're the Brotherhood, but that won't be matter to you long. You'll be dead by then."

Cyclops then asked Sabretooth, "We…we know you broke someone out. Who was it?"

Sabretooth looked at him, and took his chin. "You don't need to know. You ask too many questions, you know that?"

A giant, fat man walked towards Sabretooth from the other side of the area. For every step the man took, the ground shook a bit.

"Hey Sabretooth, that Wolverine guy. If he has that healing factor and claws, why doesn't he just free himself loose?"

"Listen, Blob, it's like I told you. You have to overload his healing factor. Make it work overtime. That way, the runt's too tired to do a damn thing." Sabretooth explained to him.

Suddenly fire erupted from behind Sabretooth and Blob. But the fire seemed to be under someone's control, as it formed into two dragons of fire. The dragons then went and put their mouths over Cyclops and Wolverine. The heat was so high around Cyclops and Wolverine, that both of them started to sweat a lot.

"Pyro! Enough!" Sabretooth yelled.

"Ah, come on, mate. Let's fry 'em well done!"

"No. We're going to have some more fun with them." Sabretooth said as he grined.

Back in L.A.-

After Marvel Girl landed, Senator Kelly opened his eyes, slowly. He was surprised to see that he was no longer gagged, nor tied. He slowly got up, so see the others, the X-Men. Not knowing who they were, he immediately thought that they were more mutants, here to hurt him.


Marvel Girl tried to clam the Senator down, when she said to him, "Senator Kelly, please. We're here to help you, now. We're just-"

"No! I know you're here to…to kill me! I didn't do anything to you dirt bags!" Senator Kelly interrupted her.

"Senator, please. We're not the ones who came to harm you."

"I don't believe you! You're lying to me! Trying to make…your puppet! We'll I'm not going to be! So if you're going to kill me, be done with it!"

Marvel Girl sighed, as she walked to him. Senator Kelly closed his eyes, and took off his glasses that he wore. Marvel Girl placed her hands on his head, as she said, "Sleep.". Senator Kelly's hand loosened its grip, and his glasses fell on his lap. She then walked back to the pilots seat.

"You know, you could have done that without even looking at him." Beast told her.

"I know. Just wanted to scare him a bit."

"You little devil." Beast said, jokingly.

**Hello, X-Men.**


**Good, you're finally there.** It was Professor Xavier who was talking to her, telepathically.

**What's wrong Professor? Something wrong?** Jean asked.

Xavier replied to her, **I would assume so, my children. I have found the location of young Robert.**

**That doesn't seem bad to me.**

**His location is exactly where you are at. I would only assume he must be with the group who destroyed the building. It is the only logical reason I can think of.**

**Wait, but we just saw some of them. Well, two at least, if there's more. But Bobby wasn't with them.** Marvel girl said.

"Meaning there's more. We must make haste and return to get him!" Beast exclaimed.

"But how do we know they are alive? Building just blew up." Colossus asked.

"We have to check. Chances are they are still alive. Beast, we need someone here to watch Kelly. You don't mind do you."

"You and Colossus just go on. I'll be fine."


"There he is! Mesmero, get your hypnotizing $%* over here." Quicksilver said, as he and Avalanche walked through all the rubble of the building. "Hurry up. Cops will be here soon enough." Now it was Mesmero, Bobby, Quicksilver and Avalanche who stood together.

"Look, there they are!" Colossus pointed out, from afar.

Quicksilver and the others looked to see Marvel Girl and Colossus, not far from them.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of this." Avalanche said.

"Great. NOW he does it." Quicksilver said to himself.

Avalanche made the ground come up, high as a skyscraper, blocking Marvel Girl and Colossus from them. But that didn't stop them. Marvel Girl used her telekinesis to lift herself over the wall, and Colossus burst right through it. They once again stood with each other, and Avalanche was shocked.

"What? Did you think that would stop us?" Marvel Girl asked him. "I guess you haven't faced us before." She said, sarcastically.

"Give us the boy." Colossus commanded them.

"You'll have to catch me first." Quicksilver said. But as Jean was about to go after him, there was a faint cry heard. Quicksilver, stopped in his tracks, and turned around. He came back, and said, "Oh, this is good. What will you do? Go after me, or get the boy? Which kid. Neither of you are fast enough to get me."

"I will get the kid, you can chase after him." Colossus said to Marvel Girl.

She told him, "No. We…we can't. He's right. Let's get the boy."

"Perfect. Avalanche, go get the plane ready."

"Say what? We can't leave without Mystique. And where the hell are we headed to?"

"Don't worry about Mystique. She has her agenda to do, and so do we. Now get the plane ready. Mystique said that there's one last Sentinel Factory to destroy."

"Hey, what was that about? You could had easily stopped him with your telekinesis powers."

"Don't worry Colossus. I have this in the bag. Let's just find the kid."

"How much longer Sabretooth?" Blob asked him. "Haven't you toyed with him long enough? Can't I just sit on 'em and crush 'em?"

"We'll keep at it until I'm satisfied, understand?!" He told him.

Wolverine, now awake, but not showing it, whispered to Cyclops, "Get ready."

Cyclops looked at Wolverine, confused.

"Just follow my lead."

"So, the only way you can beat me is by cheating, eh Creed? You never did know how to settle things man to man."

Sabretooth turned around quickly, and roared at Wolverine. Sabretooth went at Wolverine, and held him by his collar.

"I never cheat, you miserable runt." He told him, as he roared again.

"Really? That's not what I remember from the last fight we had." Wolverine said, purposely trying to get Sabretooth furious. And he had succeeded. Sabretooth got so furious that he went and cut loose Wolverine.

"Let's see who cheats now." He told Wolverine.


Wolverine popped his claws, and got ready for a fight. He gave Sabretooth a smile, but quickly turned towards Cyclops, and cut him loose. Cyclops didn't wait for anything else. He quickly shot at Pyro.

"You should've taken off the visor." Cyclops told them.

Blob then came and grabbed Cyclops. "And you should've shut your mouth and paid attention." Blob then started to squeeze Cyclops.

"I'm gonna kill you runt!" Sabretooth yelled at Wolverine.

"Let's see you try, bub."

Sabretooth tears a piece of Wolverine's suit off, and Wolverine claws Sabretooth's face. They keep slicing at each other viciously, but failing to make more than minor injuries.

"It's always with the pride with you, ain't it?" Wolverine asked Sabretooth. But he didn't get a verbal response. Sabretooth just jumped at Wolverine, but missed since Wolverine ducked. While Sabretooth jumped over his head, Wolverine stabbed him with all his claws in his chest.

"That'll take you a little while to heal." Wolverine said, as he spit at Sabretooth, as he lied on the ground.

"You think pressing my visor is the only way for me to fire?" Cyclops told Blob. He then pressed his glove, and shot a small blast of his optic beam into Blob's eyes. Blob then let go of Cyclops, and covered his eyes, trying to rub out the pain. As Cyclops was about to shoot, a wall of fire surrounded all around him. After a few seconds, the wall of fire came down, and a rushing Blob came towards him. Blob quickly grabbed him and pounded him on the floor over and over.

"You little punk. You'll pay for that!"

After Blob let him go, and was about to sit on him, Cyclops saw that he had the chance to shoot a tank that Pyro seemed to have with him. So Cyclops shot the tank. As Blob looked, he saw that the tank had a hole. Scared, Blob took Pyro and threw him outside, through a hole they had made earlier.

"Hey, Blob, right?" Cyclops called out to him.

Blob turned around and asked, "What?"

Cyclops took this chance and shot Blob in the mouth, this time, with harder force. With Blob and Pyro taken care of, Cyclops went to go see how Wolverine was holding up. But that didn't happen, as someone came.

"Going somewhere?"

"What the? Who are you, miss?" Cyclops asked, surprised to see someone else show up.

"My name is Scarlet Witch. And I see you've managed to take down these buffoons. But you won't advance any further."

"That's what you think." Cyclops was about to shoot at Scarlet Witch, but she waved her hands at him, as they glowed a bright blue. Cyclops still pressed his visor, but the beam never left the lens, bouncing back and hitting Cyclops. Stunned, he dropped to the ground.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I forget to mention about my powers?" She said, mocking Cyclops. But then Wolverine came and jumped at Scarlet Witch. He sliced off most of the cape she wore. Scarlet Witch tried using her powers on Wolverine, but had no luck.

"The hell you tryin' to do? Bore me to death." Wolverine said to Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch stared as the cuts on Wolverine's face ceased sealing up, the process freezing in place and the bleeding starting again. Taking advantage of the distraction, Wolverine threw himself at Scarlet Witch, tackling her to the ground.

"Don't get in messes you don't want to come out loosin' lady."

Wolverine went up to Cyclops, and lifted him up.

"Wake up, now. This ain't no time for naps."

"Are…are they all gone?" Cyclops asked.

"Nah. They just went sleepin'. Let's get the hell outta this joint."

"Wait, Wolverine. We didn't see who they broke out."

"Don't worry. While you was playin' around here, I managed to find the name. Seems these bozos don't clear evidence very well. It's someone named…"Havok".



11 years ago-

"Scott! Just do what I'm telling you son!"

"But dad! I don't want you and mom to stay here! Don't leave us!"

"You need to live! Now stay still while I strap on you and Alex together!"

"Please, dad! You can't leave us! We need you and mom!"

"Don't argue with me Scott! You need to be brave for me now! You need to be the strong older brother to Alex. He needs that right now."

"Come with us! Please don't leave!"

"Scott, listen to me. This is the last parachute there is. And I'll be damned to hell if I let any of you two die. You're going to live on. Protect your brother."

"Dad…mom…I love you."

"We love you too Scott. You and Alex, both."

"Christopher! Hurry it up! I can't keep the plane straight!"

"Good-bye, Scott and Alex. We'll always love you both."

Today, in the here and now-

"What, didn't you hear me? I said the name's 'Havok'. Obviously some alias or somethin'." Wolverine told Cyclops, as he waved the file in front of his face.

"How the hell did you find this? And where?" Cyclops asked, as he flipped through the file.

"Some damn room near where me and the big fur ball were brawlin'." Wolverine responded. "Broke through a wall, hit some cabinet there. Figured why not."

"I….this can't be true. He wasn't supposed to be here."

"The flamin' hell you talkin' 'bout, Cykes?" Wolverine asked, confused.

"Havok, he's…he's my brother." Cyclops responded him.

Wolverine stared at Cyclops for a few seconds before he asked him, "You mean ta tell me there's another of you runnin' loose? Just what we all need."

"This is not a joking matter, Wolverine. My brother, he was never the same after the plane accident 11 years ago. He's became…he became unstable, and started to run loose with the wrong crowd."

"That's a very touching story and all, but we don't have time ta take a trip down memory lane. We have business ta take care of." Wolverine reminded him.

Shaking his head, Scott said, "Right. Let's tell the professor what we know now."


**Professor Xavier, do you hear me?**, Marvel Girl called out to him, telepathically.

**Yes, what is it? Where you able to find Bobby?**

**Yes, but I had to leave him behind.**

**Excuse me? Why would you do such a thing?**

**I'm sorry, but I can't explain it now. But we found a little boy. We think he might have been kidnapped by the Brotherhood. We don't know the story yet; we just letting him rest for now.**

**You should have at least advised me on such a thing, young lady.**

**Professor, under the circumstances, I didn't have time to. But we I know we don't have time to baby-sit the Senator Kelly and the little boy. As Colossus and I were going to get him, I "heard" they were heading over, to what they said, another Sentinel factory.**

**Which is where?**

**About 50 miles south of Nairobi**

**Well, if you can be so kind as to leave the boy and the Senator Kelly in my care, I will handle that situation. You head over to the location, and I'll advise Cyclops and Wolverine. And we will talk later on your decision to leave Bobby behind.**

Wolverine and Cyclops had buckled in and prepared to launch. As Cyclops turned on the engine, and was about to take off, Professor Xavier made a telepathic call.

**Scott, I need you to listen.**

**Professor? What's wrong?**

**I am going to need to divert from returning here, and head to 50 miles south of Nairobi, Africa. The others will meet you there.**

**What's there to go to?**

**It seems another Sentinel Factory. Hopefully, the last one.**

**So it was actually a factory that was in L.A.**

**It seems so. Now, head for the destination. The others will be in that area. Do not delay.**

And with that, Cyclops lifted the Blackbird off the ground, speeding east towards what was hopefully the last Sentinel factory.

At that very moment-

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!" Sabretooth roared in anger.

Pyro, sitting on the ground, told Sabretooth, "Calm down, mate. Don't have to scream like a fool."

Sabretooth turned around, and took Pyro by the throat. He held him in the air, as he told him, "Don't ever talk to me like that again. Not if you want to live."

"Get your…filthy hands…off…of me." Pyro said, struggling to talk. "I'll torch…your $%#."

"Enough of this! What's wrong with you blubbering idiots?!" Scarlet Witch yelled at them. "We let those fools slip out of our hands. Don't even know why we stayed as long as we did."

"We were supposed to-" Blob started, but was cut off by Sabretooth

"Shut up, Blob. Listen to me you little witch. You take orders from me, and don't question them."

"You keep this up, and the only thing you'll be roaring about is after I cut your-"

"Hey, aren't we supposed to head somewhere now?" Blob asked. Sabretooth looked at Scarlet Witch, as he looked back at him as well. He then roared at her, and turned around.

"If you idiots are ready to go, we're heading to Kenya now." Sabretooth told them, walking out of the prison.

Near Kenya, Africa.

"How long must we wait here?" Colossus asked.

"Do not worry my metal friend. They should not take much longer." Beast replied him, reassuring him.

"Well, at least we don't have to worry about Senator Kelly anymore. Professor Xavier has told me that he's back to where he belongs." Marvel Girl said, as she walked around.


"And hark! The Blackbird did sing." Beast said, as he watched the other Blackbird land, not to far away. "Our dear friends have finally arrived."

"Hey, if it ain't the Red angel, and her two compadres." Wolverine remarked.

"Alright, we don't have time to make any welcoming jokes." Cyclops told everyone. "We have to take care of this situation. It seems that I was right all along. This is the Brotherhood we're dealing with."

"And they have Bobby." Beast told him.

"Excuse me? How do they have him, and how did they get him?" Cyclops asked.

"We don't know, that." Marvel Girl replied. "But we don't have time to worry about that right now. Trust me, that's under control."

"Where is this factory, eh? And why would the jerk who owns it have it in this place, anyways?" Wolverine asked.

"We don't know that. But we do know that it's 35 kilometers to the east." Not far from one of the local villages."

"Well, then, what are we waitin' for? If there's more Brotherhood to trash, we gotta go now." Wolverine said, sounding excited for a fight.

"Always the fervent one to brawl, eh, Wolverine?" Beast asked.

Inside the Factory; couple minutes later-

"Well, tookyouguysforevertogethere. Iwasreadytojusttakecareofthismyself. Seemsnoone herebutmeandmysistercandosomethingright." Quicksilver told Sabretooth, and the others who arrived with him.

"Don't you start with me, you little runt. I'll rip your throat out in a heartbeat." Sabretooth told him.

"Dysfunctional family, we are, aren't we?" Pyro asked in a sarcastic manner.

"Hello, dear brother. I trust your group was as bad as the one I was stuck with?" Scarlet Witch asked Quicksilver.

"Oh, you trust right, sister." He smirked

"Can we please just get the #&%#!$* job done?!" Avalanche snapped.

"Let's just do what we have to do here, so we can just go home." Blob mentioned, as he finished eating the very large sandwich he'd brought from had taken from the ride over.

Quicksilver told Mesmero, "Mesmero, youandtheX-kidkeepawatchout. Idoubtit, buttheX-Mencanjustshowupatany…"


Colossus and Cyclops had formed a hole in the factory's wall, opening onto the Brotherhood.

"…moment. NicejobwiththewatchingMesmero!"

"Well, this must be the whole she-bang, eh?" Wolverine asked, having a smile on his face. "Well, the more the merrier to fight, I always say."

"You fools made a mistake in following us. How you found us, is something I won't worry about, since you won't be alive to explain!" Sabretooth yelled out.

"X-Men, attack in formation Niner-two Beta."

As soon as Cyclops gave the order, the X-Men spread out, and attacked the Brotherhood. Pyro threw himself at Wolverine, shooting fire from his flamethrower like a missile barrage. Suddenly, Sabretooth slammed into him, distracting him enough for the fiery spears to fly off course.

"No one attacks him. He's all mine." Sabretooth commanded.

Cyclops then blasted his beam at Pyro's tank, once again trying to damage it. But this time, that was not to happen. Avalanche realized what Cyclops was doing and the earth shuddered underneath the x-men's leader, destabilizing him, and accidentally shot at Beast, who was knocked into Scarlet Witch, as she was about to attack Marvel Girl. Marvel Girl used her telekinesis to hoist Scarlet Witch and threw her outside a window.

"NO!" Quicksilver had yelled in an angry tone. He looked over at Marvel Girl and ran at her. Not knowing that she had a psychic shield around her, he fell to the ground.

"Didn't expect that, did you?" Marvel Girl asked. But with her distracted with Quicksilver, she didn't notice that Mesmero was with Blob, holding Iceman. Mesmero was trying to escape out, not trying to let the X-Men retrieve their missing one. But he didn't notice that Beast noticed them, and called out to Iceman.


Iceman didn't look, but Mesmero did. He tried to hurry, but Beast jumped at the ceiling, and then bounced off of it, knocking himself into Mesmero. Blob put Iceman down, and picked up Beast, and threw him away from them.

"Give it up, runt. You know you can't outmatch me." Sabretooth had said to Wolverine.

"Don't make me laugh. I've put you down before, so this time ain't no different."

"Oh really?" Sabretooth charged at Wolverine, dragging him to an electrical wall, where glass once covered it, before they broke into it. Wolverine then screamed in pain, as his body was electrified, and Sabretooth quickly backed away, and stood watching.

"That should put you down while I take care of business. Blob, get over here!"

Blob soon came, awaiting for Sabretooth's orders. Meanwhile, Colossus and Avalanche were skirmishing, with Avalanche having the upper hand. He managed to keep Colossus at bay by making tremors, which created a big gap between them in the ground. Pyro tried to help by making Colossus back down from the excessive fire coming at him, but Colossus stood strong. Marvel Girl then came and telekinetically shut Pyro's tank shut, making him unable to be of any help. She then picked up Avalanche, and slammed him into the wall, hard. He then fell and was pounced on by Beast.

"Just making sure." He said.

Cyclops went to get Wolverine off the ground. Wolverine was badly electrocuted, but his wounds were already healing.

As soon as Blob got his orders from Sabretooth, he went straight to his job. Mesmero was already gone with Iceman, and all he had Blob had to do was to make sure Wolverine stayed down. But what he didn't count on was Colossus' interference. Colossus picked him up, and twirled him around before pounding him into the ground.

As Marvel Girl, was going to lend a hand, both Scarlet Witch, after she came back from outside, and Quicksilver came and double-teamed to take her Marvel Girl down. As Quicksilver distracted her by running around her non-stop, letting her stop him, Scarlet Witch used her powers on Marvel Girl. Suddenly, Marvel Girl's telepathy was making her loose her control by making her hear her own thoughts at a loud sound in her head, her brain was overloading. She couldn't take the pain, and dropped to the floor, in a fetal position, trying to numb the pain.

"This ends now!" Colossus yelled. He ripped out a part of a machine, and used to slam Blob out the factory.

"The rest of you, stop! It seems that the X-Men have done the job for us." Sabretooth said. All of the remanding Brotherhood stopped, and went at Sabretooth's side.

"The hell you talking about?" Pyro asked, coming from trying to re-open his tank.

Sabretooth replied, "Just look at what the idiot just did."

Colossus didn't notice, but he had ripped out the factory's core, and the building was now in a meltdown sequence. Using the time the X-Men became distracted by what Sabretooth said, the Brotherhood quickly escaped.

"Let's get out of here!" Cyclops shouted, picking up Marvel Girl who was only just recovering. "This place will blow up any second."

As the X-Men ran from the building, it blew up into pieces. The shock of the explosion was so powerful it reactivated a nearby volcano. It only took a few seconds for the lava to start flowing down the path. As the X-Men looked on, they saw that the lava would go to the nearby village, and destroy it, along with all of its inhabitants.

"Cyclops, what's the plan now?" Wolverine asked in a serious tone.

Suddenly, clouds started to gather in the sky. Thunder began to roar about, and rain was now pouring, hard. It was almost like a monsoon was happening. Out of nowhere, lighting struck a tree, which then came down hard, and went into the ground, blocking the lava's path to the village. The lava soon cooled down into a hard, rock-like state, and the volcano soon after stopped erupting.

"What just happened? From a clear day…to this…" Marvel Girl asked, confused.

"Who are you, and what is your purpose to be in my people's village?"

The X-Men turned around, to see a light-tanned woman, floating in the sky. She had white hair, and had eyes of pure white.

"We didn't do this on purpose, ma'am. There was another group who planned to destroy this place, and things didn't turn out as hoped. Who are you, if I may ask?" Cyclops explained.

"My name is Ororo Munroe and I am the goddess of this land."


"Hurry up you idiots! We have somewhere to be!" Sabretooth told everyone.

"Oh, wait, a sec, look what we have here!" Avalanche said, looking at both the Blackbirds. "You would think that they would cloak these things or something. Let's just destroy them!" Avalanche then made a tremor, and had one Blackbird fall into the ground, and then exploded.

"Stop it! We don't have time I said!" Sabretooth yelled.

"Where we do we go now?" Blob asked, going as fast as he could.

"We take over the White House."




A short distance away from the team, three figures stood.

"So what are you trying to ask me? To join you?" Ororo asked.

"Well, basically yes. From what I can understand of what your powers are, you can be a real asset to our cause in helping this world co-exist with humans and mutants." Marvel Girl responded.

Ororo told her, "I am truly sorry, but I must decline. I cannot leave my people behind without any aid."

Cyclops tried to sway her when he said to her, "But would you rather help your people as you are now, or on a grander scale by helping us? If you help us, you can help your people with a greater chance of living in peace without having others coming in and ruining all their lives. Think about it. Which is a better option?"

Ororo stood thinking about what she had just been told. She looked up and told both Cyclops and Marvel Girl, "I will speak with my people about this." So then she flew away, heading towards her village.

"X-Men, follow." Cyclops ordered the other guys.

"Sure. You want me to fetch a stick for you, too?" Wolverine asked sarcastically. "There's plenty o' them around."

Minutes Later, At Ororo's Village…

"<But you are our goddess. What will happen to us?>" A villager asked.

Ororo replied with, "<Everyone, please, calm down. I know that if I am to take leave that you feel there shall be no one to be your protector. But I have listened to what these people had to say. I believe greater help can be given to the land and everyone here.>"

As the X-Men watched on, Cyclops walked up to Ororo as he interrupted with, "Ororo, we have to hurry. We can't stay here any longer."

Ororo looked at her people with a sad face. She knew she wanted to go and provide help to the X-Men, but didn't want to leave her people disappointed. Then, the eldest member of the village came up to Ororo, and put his hand on her shoulder.

"<Do what your heart says, it is never wrong.>" He told her, walking away without looking back.

The White House
Washington, D.C.

"And let be known, that on this day, we, the people of this great nation, gave the recognition that this man so solemnly deserves, and that his brave actions will not go un-rewarded."

"Mr. President! Mr. President!"

"Yes…uh…you there in the green vest."

"Mr. President, Rhys Dawson of the Washington Tribunal. Will this day be an official federal holiday from now on?"

"Well, no. For something such as that, it would have to go through congress. But this day will be officially known as—"


"An earthquake? But this Washington, D.C.! Earthquakes don't happen on the east coast!" One of the press members screamed.

From underground, a group of people had jumped up and surrounded the President and the guests that were there. It was none other than the Brotherhood.

"Celebration time is up, you bloody, stupid flatscan." Said Pyro, to the President.

The Secret Service then quickly surrounded the President, his family and guests.

The Brotherhood stood in front of the guests as the Secret Service cocked their guns.

Sabretooth growled at them as he said, "Drop the guns or you die right now."

"What now, Sabretooth?" Blob asked. Pieces of lettuce fell out of his mouth while holding a half-sandwich in his hand.

"Now you shut up while I take care of things. Quicksilver, take Pyro, Avalanche, and Blob and watch over the guests, and the cops that will be here soon. Already heard one of these scum press the silent call."

The rest of The Brotherhood followed Sabretooth as he walked closer to the stage where the President and the other guests and his family were at.

"Don't step any closer or I'll shoot your brains out!" Called one of the agents.

"I'd like to see you try." Grinned Sabretooth, as he jumped and tackled some of the agents down and threw them at the White House's gates, across the lawn. The rest of the agents tried to stop Sabertooth by shooting at him. But the attacked failed, as the bullets passed him by. Sabertooth than took them down with no more hassle.

"What do you want?!" The President asked, scared, and now trembling on the ground."

"Oh, you'll see."

New York City, New York-

As Senator Kelly walked up to a podium with microphones from dozens of news stations, in front of his office building, he begun to say why he called such a quick emergency televised conference.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please, calm down and take your seats. Now, I have just received word that the White House has been attacked. Please, calm down. The situation will be taken care of. But this just proves more for why I called you all here today. Mutants are the ones who attacked the White House. Mutants are the ones to blame! They cannot take to us trying to give them somewhere to live, no. They want more! And if they don't have their way, well, just look what happened. Mutants are dangerous, ugly, foul creatures. They roam around our neighborhoods doing as they please. They're not just a danger to our society, but our children! OUR FUTURE! If we don't do something now, we'll never see our children grow up and have their own children! Their future would be gone because they won't be alive to have one! NONE OF WILL!"

A reporter stood up and interrupter Senator Kelly and asked, "So what do you propose we do, Senator?"

Senator Kelly gave back an evil grin, and replied, "The M.R.A. Mutant Registration Act. It's time we found out what exactly these mutants can do. How powerful they really are. And how dangerous they really can be. With this act, we'll be one step closer for a better future for us non-mutants than before."

Everyone stood up and started applauding as loud as they could. Senator Kelly kept smiling with his grin as he watched onto the crowd.

"Perfect." He whispered to himself. "Just…perfect."

Over the Atlantic Ocean-

"So how long have you been doing this? How long have you been as X-Men?"

"Hehehe. Well, we've been doing this for a couple of months only. Not even a year." Jean said back to her.

"Ladies, please. Let's stay focused here. We're already going to be in trouble for loosing one Blackbird. We have to figure out what's the Brotherhood up to now," said Scott from the pilot seat.

**X-Men, we have two situations that have arisen**, Professor Xavier said telepathically to the team.

"Ow! My head! Who's that?" Ororo asked in pain.

"That, my dear African beauty, is our dear esteemed founder, Professor Charles Xavier. One dosth soon grow accustomed to the eerie sensation." Beast explained.

"Professor, what are the problems?" Colossus asked, wondering why Xavier had come about.

**For one, our dear Senator Kelly has mentioned of a proposal he will making to the congress. An act for which mutants must register themselves and their powers. But that is the least of our problems. You all must hurry now to Washington, D.C. The White House is under attack by The Brotherhood. The President and his family are now hostages within the complex.**

"Still with those damn bozos, I see." Wolverine said as he lit up his cigar.

Washington, D.C.
Outside the White House-

"What's your problem you stupid fat-lard?!" Yelled Quicksilver, as he ran around the guests.

"Aaah! Stop yelling when you run. It hurts my ears." Blob said as he covered his ears with sandwich pieces. "I'm gonna go and sit on someone."

"You two need to shut up and help!" Avalanche screamed. "The cops are already here!"

Pyro went from torturing some of the guests to melting the gate. The fire consumed the gate as it passed through it. All that was left was melted black metal on the ground.

"The hell you do that for?" Avalanche asked in an angry tone.

Pyro didn't say anything back to Avalanche. He started to laugh menacingly as he started shooting fire in forms of rockets at the cop cars. Pyro had killed them with exploding their cars.

"There will be more on the way. Avalanche, block the entrance." Quicksilver commanded him. Raising his arms, Avalanche's power ripped out, a tremor making the ground heave and writhe. New hills upthrust and the ground raised itself, blocking the entrance.

"But ah…what about the ledges? They can easily throw grenades over, you know." Blob told them.

"You're right." Agreed Avalanche. "I'll just block the whole area than. Now…." He continued, "…I wonder what Sabretooth is up to?"

Inside the White
The Oval Office-

"Grrrrrr….." Sabretooth growled at the President as he held his wife's head and slowly passed his claw down her face, and blood followed, making it spread all on her face.

"Let her go you filthy animal." The president said, but couldn't do anything as he was tied up to his chair.

Scarlet Witch, Mesmero and Iceman watched on; Iceman's face still blank and vacant.

"Cute boy, but does he still have to look like that? It creeps me out." Scarlet Witch said, filing her nails.

"I can't control how he looks. Now stop pestering me with such nonsense." Mesmero told her.

From over near the President's wife, Sabretooth screamed, "Would you two SHUT UP! Worthless."

"You know, it's not nice to have a party and your friends."

"Who said that?!" Sabretooth asked in shocked. He turned around to see the X-Men standing behind them.

"How the hell did you get inside?!" He asked.

"It's a secret. Isn't that right….Iceman?"



Washington, D.C.
White House-

"How'd you get in here?!" Scarlet Witch asked, surprised to see the X-Men inside with them. Without hesitation, she went straight to attack them, but instead, went right through them, and hit the wall, screaming, "What?!" She then got up from the ground and stared back at Marvel girl.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did you really think we were really inside?" Jean asked, sarcastically.

Sabertooth dropped the President's wife, and turned around.

"You fools just don't know when to give up," he told them.

"And you don't know when to take a bath. Look at you, dirt all over," Wolverine remarked back.

"Would you morons cut it out?!" Mesmero yelled.

"What do you WANT?" Asked a very loud Scarlet Witch.

Everyone turned around to see that Mesmero was frozen in a block of ice, save his head.

Iceman came out from standing behind the block of ice, and said to The Brotherhood, "You see people, when someone says somethin' like what Marvel Girl just said, you just DON'T IGNORE IT! Helloooo! You should be askin' what she meant when she said my name. Damn. I get no love."

Sabertooth roared loud in anger. He than grabbed the president and slammed him up on the wall, with his claws on his face.

"I've had enough of this garbage &#^*$. Now I'm going to kill everyone." He said.
Iceman started to laugh out loud. Sabertooth looked at him, and asked angrily, "What is so funny, runt?"

"Ha-ha….whooo….Marvel Girl? You wanna spill the beans?" Iceman asked her.

"Sabertooth, before you kill anyone, don't you have to make sure that they're actually there?" She asked, raising her eyebrow at him. Sabertooth turned around to see that he was holding only a coat hanger up to the wall. He backed off, with a shocking look on his face, but now he got angrier. He turned around to see if the President's family was not real, as well, and as he expected, they weren't. More coat hangers. And one of them, were big tomatoes stuck on.

"How the hell did you do this?! You weren't around!" Scarlet Witch asked.

"Oh, we were around," Marvel Girl explained."

Sabertooth growled again in anger.

"Um….now would be a good time guys…." Marvel Girl whispered.

*Sniff, sniff* Sabertooth smelled around to see if he can catch the scent of the X-Men. He tried to get himself ready, but it was too late. Colossus bashed through the side wall and the others followed.

"OH YEAH!" Colossus screamed.

"Alright, Kool-Aid man!" Iceman said in excitement.


"What the?! Who else heard that?" Avalanche asked as he looked at the White House.

"Someonegotin!" Quicksilver said in a hurry as he had ran to check who it was.

"The X-Men? How's they get in?" Blob asked.

"Everyone, let's go! Time to take these guys down once and for all!" Avalanche commanded them.

"Whothehellmadeyoutheboss?" Quicksilver yelled.

"Stop yelling that fast! You know we can't understand!" Avalanche told him, holding his hands on his ears.

Back Inside, at the same time-

"So tell me again," Iceman started to ask, "WHY again are we fightin' outside? I mean, we can easily woop 'em in there."

Cyclops replied, "Because it's not good to fight indoors. Should I even mention the other reason?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Iceman muttered under his breath.

Now the rest of the X-Men had joined up, all facing Sabertooth. Scarlet Witch got up and ran to the side of him.

"Hey! Free me you wretched witch!" Mesmero yelled out to her.

She ignored him, and flew away. Not soon after, the rest of the Brotherhood joined up with Sabertooth and Scarlet Witch. The two teams faced each other on the White House lawn.

"You know what would be better? If we had some Mortal Kombat music, and like, people watching." Iceman said.

Everyone else yelled at him, "SHUT UP!"

"Damn. No love for Ice guy," Iceman said to himself.

"Enough of this." Sabertooth told them.

"X-Men, stand by for my order," Cyclops commanded.

It was quiet for about a minute, before Sabertooth gave the rest the order.

"Kill them."

"Wait," Cyclops said.

"Wait? WAIT?! You want us killed?!" Iceman asked.
The Brotherhood came closer, and when they were just about to reach the X-Men, Cyclops yelled out, "NOW ORORO!".

Ororo flew in, striking at the Brotherhood with lightning. The Brotherhood flew back, and the area was now clouded, due to that lightning also hit the ground, making dirt fly everywhere. Luckily for the Brotherhood, the lightning didn't do much damage to them, but enough to buy the X-Men some few seconds more to get a jump on the Brotherhood.

"Now, X-MEN, attack! Don't waste the time! Get them while they can't see!" Cyclops commanded. The X-Men went to attack, but the un-clearness also worked to their disadvantage. As they went to attack the Brotherhood, Avalanche, at the same time, raised the ground again, blocking the X-Men. Colossus, without command, punched the wall, making a way for the X-Men to go through. As the X-Men went through, the Brotherhood were not in sight.

*Sniff* *Sniff* "BEHIND US!" Wolverine yelled. The X-Men turned around, to see that the Brotherhood moved behind the X-Men to try and gain an advantage over them.

Quicksilver went and kept running around the X-Men. Cyclops kept trying to shoot him with his beam, but missed with every shot. Marvel Girl was stopped him with her telekinesis, and Quicksilver ran nowhere in the air. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch looked up, furious and out for revenge on Jean for what had happened in Africa. Her face twisted, and then describe her facial expression or write some inner monologue. As she went towards Marvel Girl to attack her, Iceman noticed, and shot ice shards at her, knocking her off of Marvel Girl's trail. No longer fixated on Marvel Girl, she set her sights on Iceman. But not too soon, Cyclops came out of no where and shot Scarlet Witch on the back. Iceman quickly froze her in an ice block, rendering her motionless.

Elsewhere, Beast battled with Avalanche, as he was trying to divert Avalanche's attack at Blob, trying to stop him.

"Ha-ha. That can't hurt me!" Blob said as he laughed.

"That may not, but I know this can!" Ororo told Blob. "I command the heavens to let snow fall upon us."

A few seconds later, snow began to fall, getting heavier and stronger by the minute. And Ororo had it that it only snowed on Blob alone.

"Snow can't stop me. You must be on crack, lady!" Blob said. The snow around Blob piled higher and higher, and he started to walk slower and slower, all while trying to reach Ororo.

Looking on to where Ororo was at, Cyclops asked Iceman, "Can you get up there where Ororo is at?"

"You go it, boss-man. Just hold on tight," Iceman replied. Cyclops then held on Iceman's shoulders as Iceman created an ice slide, and made his way towards Ororo.

"What you gonna do? Nothing can hurt me!" Blob told them, as he was almost covered in snow, and still walking. "This snow won't stop me."

"You're just another goon. Who do you work for? Who's your boss? Why have you idiots been doing all of these attacks?" Cyclops questioned Blob.

"You ain't gettin' nothin' from me."

"I've tried to have some patience," Cyclops said. He then shot his beam at a strong blast at Blob's mouth. The shot didn't go thought Blob, but his eyes widened when he got hit. Blob moved around as if he was drunk, staggering in his steps. Then, Blob fell to the ground, was Iceman quickly froze him in an ice block as well.

At the same time-

"Give it up. You X-Men can't win," Avalanche said to Marvel Girl, as she held Beast. Avalanche had managed to free Marvel Girl's control on Quicksilver. When Beast was about to attack him, he made a tremor and raised the ground, sending Beast flying into Marvel Girl. Both she and Beast were badly hurt when Beast hit her, as when Beast was knocked into Marvel Girl, Marvel Girl was pushed into a tree, and hit her head. Beast was really hurt bad as his abdomen was badly hit.

"How do you want to do this? Kill them fast or slow and painful?" Quicksilver asked.

"Just get it over with man. I'm tired of all of this," Avalanche told him. "Here take this with you," he said, as he handed Quicksilver a blade, as he took it out of his belt on his armor. "Let's change it up a bit this time."

Quicksilver took the blade, smiled an evil grin, and then started to run straight. Right when he was about to get to Marvel Girl and Beast, the ground shook like an earthquake, and Quicksilver fell.

"What the #&*@, Avalanche?!" Quicksilver yelled out.

"That wasn't—" before Avalanche finished his sentenced, he felt a tap on his shoulders. When he turned around, he saw it was Colossus, who then punched him in the face, and took his head, and squished the helmet that he had on. He picked up Avalanched and threw him away.

"And where were you?" Marvel Girl asked Colossus.

"Fighting along side Wolverine. Than I got thrown over here."

"Oh look, another one," Iceman said, from the other side of the lawn, and also had Avalanche frozen in an ice block, as well.

"Hey, we can like, have a museum on this!" Iceman jokingly said.


"Yeah, Cyclops?"

"Shut up."

Quicksilver got up and turned around to see a charging Colossus coming his way. Quicksilver's eyes suddenly widened, and ran away in other direction from where Colossus was coming. But what he didn't expect was to find that Cyclops, Iceman, and Ororo were in his way. Cyclops shot at him, hitting him dead on in his face, making Quicksilver fly all the way back to Colossus. Colossus grabbed him and squeezed him as hard as he could. Quicksilver struggled to get loose, but didn't succeed. As much as he tried to get free, he couldn't; Colossus had too much of a hard grip on him.

Cyclops, Iceman and Ororo joined up with the others. After a few seconds of silence, Cyclops asked Iceman, "Well?".

"Oh, right!" Iceman than froze Quicksilver in an ice block after Colossus had dropped him.

"So where the hell is Wolverine now? Iceman asked.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Wolverine screamed as he leaped towards Sabertooth.

"That's right, runt. Charge at me without thought. You were always the mindless one." Sabertooth grabbed Wolverine's arms before Wolverine could strike him. Sabertooth than flipped Wolverine over, and slammed him on the ground. He put his boot on Wolverine's face, and than said to him, "What do you have to say now, huh?"

"I bet you're not wearing a cup," Wolverine answered back.

"What the hell are you babbling about now?" Sabertooth asked, still having his boot on Wolverine's face. Wolverine than lifted his arm, and with his claws, struck Sabertooth in the groin. Sabertooth couldn't hold the pain, and he bent over, holding his crotch. Wolverine jumped up, and then kicked Sabertooth in the face. Sabertooth fell back, and than without hesitation, Wolverine stuck his claws into Sabertooth's chest.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Sabertooth screamed in pain, as he now was bleeding from Wolverine's attack. He fell to the ground, trying to heal.

"You think I'm mindless? You really don't know me. You never did." Wolverine told him.

"You're…*cough*…not gonna get by…*cough*…this easy," Sabertooth said, struggling.

"Don't embarrass yerself anymore. It's over with. But just answer me one thing. It was you guys who sent those Sentinels on us a coupla weeks back, wasn't it?" Wolverine asked him.

"Maybe you're not as mindless as I thought," Sabertooth said back to him.

"Why'd you do this? What's all these attacks been for?" Wolverine kept interrogating him.

Sabertooth didn't answer this time. He just laid there. Wolverine approached him, and picked him up by his collar. "Damnit, answer me. Your healing factor ain't workin' fast enough. I'll just make it worse for you. So just tell me what I wanna know," he said to him.

Sabertooth only spit in his face. Wolverine was about to claw his face, when he felt his arm frozen. He looked to see that it was Marvel Girl who was holding him back.

"Don't do this," Marvel Girl told him. Wolverine looked at her, than looked at Sabertooth.

"You got lucky this time. Don't expect it the next time," Wolverine said to Sabertooth. He then let him go, and walked away.

"We should hurry," Marvel Girl started to say, "Beast isn't in good condition."

"Daaaaaaaaamn, Wolverine. You really got in a scrap, didn't ya?" Iceman asked. "I mean, your suits more torn up than a piece of wood in a wood chipper!"

"Kid, if you wanna live long enough to see puberty, I'd advise you to keep that mouth of yers shut."

"Are you the ones who did this?" A voice from behind the X-Men asked. They turned around to see it was the President.

"Wait, I thought he was not really there?" Asked Colossus, confused.

"Oh they were really there. I just made them think that they were coat hangers. I thought it seemed like a good idea," Jean replied with a laugh.

"A good idea? You mean like the idea of freein' Iceman from the mind control, but leavin' him with the enemy, even though he coulda been killed?" Wolverine asked.

"Who's gonna take care of this mess?! Look at this! This place is in ruins!" The President said in anger.

Iceman than said, "So…it's time to go home, right?"

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