idea for "Ultimate Marvels" mini-series, feat. Carol Danvers

DigiEmissary said:
Hah! It's like i have ESP :D (hint hint, Nurhachi :wink:)

And no, i actually did not know that when i made my post.


Yeah she appeared and was named in the 3 or 4 page preview that appeared in Marvel Previews a couple months ago. I posted scans and they should still be here on the site the News forum unless I moved them.
UltimateE said:
I didn't go back to reread through this whole thread, but you guys know that Carol Danvers appears in Ultimate Secret #1, right?

I actually did remember she'd appeared but nothing in the preview indicates that she couldn't be or become a SHIELD agent, nor does it really say who she works for already. Its still up for grabs.
jtg3885 said:
I'd like to keep Carol Danvers relatively minor in the story for now, because if she's made into a major character, it's only inevitable that they'll feel the need to have Rogue leech her powers out, the first step in turning her into the Rogue we know and love from 616. And I rather like the way Rogue is right now.
Actually, I think Carol Danver's presence in the Ultimate Universe is pretty much a non-issue with regards to Rogue. Besides, the only purpose Danvers had in Rogue's character development was to establish the traumatic nature of Rogue's powers, something that can easily be accomplished through another powered character.

But as it stands, the Rogue you like right now, probably won't change too soon. It's been implied that Rogue has ALREADY experienced that kind of power trauma, through other means in the same way that her Anna Paquin incarnation experienced it through her boyfriend.

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