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Aug 3, 2005
This was originally brought up in the Iron Man vs. Batman thread. Gothamite thinks that the Justice League is kind of a rediculous concept as a team. As to avoid getting off topic there, discuss what you guys think the Justice League should be like if you were to 'Ultimize' it.
I plotted out a huge fanfic called "The League" that was basically Ultimate Justice League. I never started it, but I managed to find the old thread for it. Complete with ****ty artwork from two years ago!
The DCAU Justice League is pretty much Ultimate Justice League. Such a pity they never pursued the baited romance between Bats and Diana for the ultimate Ultimate experience.

Wait. You're talking about the animated series. Oh, nevermind.
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Justice - Alex Ross is the Ultimate DC Universe, and that book is pretty much all-star Justice league.

Wouldn't it be funny if they had a sequel to that called the league (moony)

then maybe a 3rd volume called "of america"
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