ideas on the ultimzation of recent 616 events

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Aug 18, 2005
hmmm good question
This thread is to discuss what the recent major events in the marvel universe would look like ultimitzied. The events are as follows (please note that more events will be added as time goes on) (and one more thing to note this does not include the one shot events such as the captain universe one shots, the Halloween one shots and the valentines one shots etc):
Enemy of the state
House of M and the effects (decimation)
Spider man the other
Wild kingdom
Planet hulk
(I'm not counting avengers disassembled because it seems to be going on in the pages of the ultimates?)
Events not to be talked about until solicits come out for them:
"Marvel 2006 who's side are you on?"
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yes that's the point but remember don't talk about anything that I put on the list of events not to talk about untll the solicits are out
Well, we can't really write about Planet Hulk yet, as it hasn't even started.

I'm a fan of the Captain Universe concept and I have been since I picked up a back issue of Marvel Spotlight at the flea market when I was a wee lad, so I'm liking the fact that it's being explained now. I've thought about Ultimate ideas for him.

House of M was created only because the powers-that-be at Marvel thought that mutantkind should be limited and not number in the thousands, as it did in the present. They took it back to Stan Lee's original concept that it was a rare few, which would make them more segregated. That being said, mutants are still in their infancy in the Ultimate Universe, so an Ultimate House of M is entirely unnecessary and redundant.

The Other isn't complete yet and we don't even know what Peter's suffering from and what exactly it's doing, so we can't do that, either.