If you watched it backwards....


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Oct 23, 2005
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If you watch the movie Jaws backwards, it's a movie about a shark that throws up so many people that they have to open a beach.

If you watch Highlander backwards, there can only be two.

If you watch episodes of MacGuyver backwards, it's about a guy who always manages to find the toothpick, paperclip, stick of gum, or aluminum foil that's hidden in some amazing machine.

If you watch the movie Titanic backwards, its about the citizens of the lost city of Atlanitis finally escaping to the surface in a giant iron boat.

If you watch The Big Lebowski backwards, The Dude finally gets his rug back.

If you watch Heroes backwards it's a increasingly impressive series about a bunch of people coping with the gradual fading of their superpowers.

If you watch Fight Club backwards, you see a schizophrenic terrorist get his life together, turn into a successful, productive member of society, and ultimately use his know-how to invent a bomb capable of constructing fully furnished apartments.

If you watch the Brady Bunch backwards, Oliver goes missing, and the grief over his disappearance causes the family to split with the mom taking the girls and the dad taking the boys.

If you watch Jeopardy! backwards, it's a show about rich people paying money for answers to stupid questions.

If you watch The Matrix backwards, Neo gets tired of using his super powers to fight agents, so he jacks into the ship's computer and sucks all of the kung-fu knowledge out of his brain, before plugging into the matrix and finally beginning his new, normal life as Mr. Anderson.

If you watch Super Size Me backwards, an overweight man develops bulimea, with amazingly positive results.

If you read the New Testament backwards, its about a guy who comes back from the dead after being crucified and goes around infecting people with horrible diseases. He then steals fish and loaves of bread from 5000 starving people and wrecks a perfectly good party by turning wine into water.

If you watch The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button backwards, it becomes The Curious Case Of Everyone Around Benjamin Button.

If you watch The Exorcist backwards it's an ad for the miraculous curative properties of pea soup.

If you watch Batman Begins backwards, it's about a man obsessed with dressing up like a bat who is eventually scared straight by being trapped in a cave with thousands of real ones.

If you watch The Sound Of Music backwards its about a woman who gets so tired of listening to children sing that she runs away to become a nun.

If you watch Children Of Men backwards, its about Clive Owen braving peril after peril bearing humanity's only child, only to have it sucked into the vagina of a black woman and his life become meaningless.

If you watch Ghostbusters backwards it's about a group of acclaimed scientists who invent a machine that creates ghosts and unleash them upon New York City. This proves so unpopular that they fall completely out of favor with the public and eventually capitalize on what's left of their reputation by becoming parapsychology professors at ESU.

If you watch Pay It Forward backwards, it's a movie about people whose petty, misdirected acts of frustration make each other worse off over time. In the end, everyone's negativity eventually funnels to one single person... Haley Joel Osment.

If you watch The Prestige backwards,
a race of clones that live in water tanks merge their bodies into a single one. They eventually become great friends with a famous magician after he saves their wife from drowning.

If you watch Soylent Green backwards, it's about mysterious green crackers that begin growing into people and eventually overpopulate the world.

If you watch Star Wars backwards, Luke makes a harrowing escape from a massive space-station which inexplicably constructed itself from a fiery nebula. He later returns there to imprison his sister, for which he is taken to a pub, abandoned in the desert by an old man, and beaten by sandpeople. He retires as a farmer, de-vaporating moisture. And Han shoots first.

If you watch Hitler: The Biography backwards, it's about a man who discovers a gas capable of ressurecting people. He uses it to bring millions back to life and reunite them with their families, as well as using the supporters he's gained to reconstruct entire cities and ultimately inspire world peace. Satisfied, he eventually retires to become a painter.

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