IGN.com's Preview of Ultimate X-Men #89

IGN Comics: Are you involved at all in the planning process behind Ultimatum?

Kirkman: I've been made aware of some of the developments coming up, but as far as the story itself goes, that's all Jeph Loeb's show.


Phoenix, Shadow King, Apoc, Sinister, Onslaught....all this stuff just around the corner and Jeph Loeb is still in charge of what happens in about what 7 issues?

He said there may still be a Singer run on the book... Hinting that there may be a future for it.

Also, it's clear I've missed a LOT. Onslaught... And who was standing beside him? What is this?
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Outside of the image we have no info.

General guess is Onslaught and Stryfe, but it's just a guess (and strong hint from IGN).
Yea, I saw that there was another thread especially for that cover. It's pretty cool, I guess. We'll have to see where these characters will take the title.

I personally am with Ice on this one - the preview does look awesome. The art has improved a ton with Larocca taking the title now. I can't wait to see more.

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