IGN's Best comics of 2006!


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Sep 6, 2004
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Okay, I'm a big DC fan but Infinite Crisis shouldn't have gotten best mini. It fell apart at the end, and we've had plenty other great mini series that should have gotten the spot.

I think their best indie book needs more... elaboration. Does being published by Vertigo omit DMZ as an indie book? What about Criminal from Marvel? From their selections it seems more like a merged European/All ages category.

Everyones sucking up to Marvel with Best Publisher awards thanks to Civil War. From a publishing standpoint its a cluster**** of delays and contradictions. Give it to Image. They did some great work this year.

Anyone else just not that impressed with Steven McNiven? I don't think his art is bad, far from it, I just don't think it has the weight that it needs to carry a Civil War level title. His line is too thin for how large he draws everything. It makes everything look fragile. Of course IGN also had Greg o-face Land as a runner up...

I would like to thank them for naming Brubaker as Writer of the year. Millar would have been an easy choice but Captain American and Daredevil have been so much better than anything else.

Anyone else have thoughts?
Have to agree with your sentiments on Infinite Crisis, baxter. Best mini was The Escapists, easy.

And I'm sure Craig and myself are going to have words with IGN about their choice for best collection.
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Is there a "best reason to drop a title?" question? Becuase turing MJ into a goblin takes the cake. Of course, Ultimates 2 taking so long or Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk taking far TOO LONG may be another choice.
Bah, I will do my own choices.

Best Cover
Civil War: Secret Files or whatever it's called. The big group shot by McNiven.

Best New Book

Best Single Issue
Fables #50, with Seven Soldiers #1 runner up.

Best Miniseries
The Escapists

Best Story Arc
The Devil in Cell Block D

Best Moment
Hawkeye flinging fingernails at his kidnappers

Best Original Graphic Novel
Pride of Baghdad

Best Collection
I have no idea, I'm poor.

Best Movie (DVD or Film)
Maybe Superman Returns.

Best Collectible
I don't collect toys.

Best Indie Book
Mouse Guard rules.

Best Publisher
No one.

Best Hero
Captain America.

Best Villain
I don't want to say Iron Man, but he's more interesting than he's ever been.

Best Babe

Best Artist
Steve McNiven.

Best Writer
Ed Brubaker.

Best Ongoing Series

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