IGN's worst comic book movies of the decade list

I think the reviewer missed the point of the Punisher (the Tom Jane version). Other than that, it was pretty damn accurate.
X-Men 3 was better than Wolverine.

The Thomas Jane Punisher is lots of fun.
**** that the Thomas Jane Punisher was good. and the Spirit, who couldn't like the Nazi Samuel ( I'ma Bad Mutha ****a) L. Jackson scene. Totally agree about the Catwoman though.
I liked the Thomas Jane version. I am upset they lumped them together. I also think Fantastic Four was much better than it's sequel. I also flip back and forth between Wolverine and the Last Stand. And there was no mention of Superman Returns, which, was to me, a two hour piece not about Superman. They somehow made Superman seem weak and pathetic. Ok, so Superman wasn't as bad as Last Stand, but it could have been a (dis)honorable mention for me.

A lot of these movies were ok for me. I can sit and watch them and just suspend disbelief as well as comic book lore and history. But I COMPLETELY agree that Catwoman was the worst.
I think we're all in agreement on the Punisher (Jane Version) not being as bad as they stated.

But other than that, they've hit the nail on the head.

Each of the movies listed have some sort of entertaining quality or moment in the film that make them watchable (if only for a certain scene or 2). Case in point, I like watching the transformation scene and Last Ride scene from Ghost Rider...but that's about it. The only good thing about F4 was Chris Evans as nigh-perfect Johnny Storm and Fishburne as Silver Surfer. That first fight scene in Daredevil with Affleck taking on the entire bar was pretty cool....but that's about it.
IThat first fight scene in Daredevil with Affleck taking on the entire bar was pretty cool....but that's about it.

I liked Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin too. They just didn't give him much to work with.
And Colin Farrell was a really fun Bullseye. The part where he flicked the peanut off the back of the seat in the airplane and choked the old lady that was talking to him made me laugh. But again, The movie didn't give him much to work with.
And Jon Favreau was PERFECT as Foggy Nelson.
And I could watch Jennifer Garner all day.

So I guess the cast was pretty good (except for the title character) but the movie itself sucked.
Granted I haven't seen it in years, but I've always thought Daredevil was a fairly great comic book movie in a lot of ways. I really liked Affleck in the role. And as everyone else has said previously, the supporting cast were all basically perfect casting.

Other than that, I basically agree with this list, of the ones I've seen.

EDIT: One of the commenters just pointed out that HULK is not on this list. Yeah. That. (Even though I own the DVD and sometimes, I occasionally find myself watching it every 2-3 years, for some reason).
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Hulk was really under-rated, it's not great or anything, but like Jane's version, it clearly doesn't deserve to be on the list

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