I'll miss Immonen


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Guijllons said:
The criticism of Land is valid, but that doesn't count for all artists. Hitch references just as much. Hell, da Vinchi didn't pluck la Gioconda out of thin air. He used a model.
I think pretty much everyone agrees on that point already. :D Photoreference for Hitch and Maleev is just a tool, not a crutch and Land crosses the line that divides those two.


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Lynx said:
I think the difference between how Land uses photo reference and others (like Hitch) who do it is Land looks almost like he just traces, while others are able to use a photo referenced face and make it fit the scene.

Yeah, that's what I was trying to say. I really have to make myself a little more clear when I'm posting around you, E. :) Sorry.