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Sep 15, 2004
Anyone read any of them?

I've read a couple of previews of Invincible, and I've heard it's the best superhero comic ever! I might pick it up, but have any of you read it?

Image has quite a good selection of comics...
the only Image one im reading right now are

"THE Walking dead" by Robet Kirkman damn you baxtar for getting me hocked.

and Invincible is a really good title, i've only read the free Preview on Images site. also written by Kirkman, this man's good. and he's all over the board....
From Image I read:

Battle Hymn - the Allies have superheroes in WW2. Only they aren't all very nice people, and they often are used in ugly ways. I love B. Clay Moore's writing, but his middle name is NOT "Regularly Scheduled"
Blacklight - a bored young woman suddenly finds herself with the superpowers of a recently-killed villain. Great, NOW what os she supposed to do?
Expatriat - a CIA spy on the run in Mexico in the 60s, being chased by virtually every agency on the planet, though he has no real idea why. More B. Clay Moore.
Ferro City - described by the author as "robot science fiction noir pulp" - if he'd have added "spies" he'd have pushed every comic-buying button I have. Maybe "monsters" would have been good too, but I think those are implied.
Flak Riot - bored girl decides to go for bounty hunter lessons in the Other Dimension. Gets 15 minutes of training and a jet unicycle. I predict problems.
Hunter Killer - two issues in. Waid writing, Silvestri drawing, very muddled plot. Hopefully it'll get better.
Invincible - boy discovers he is a superhero just like his dad. Only... it's not that simple.
Noble Causes- the BEST superhero soap opera anywhere. And not the negative connotation of soap opera, either.
Sea of Red - zombie vampire pirates from the Spanish main rampage into the present.
Small Gods - a precog/telepath on the Denver PD, who is not supposed to have those powers in his position copes with the threat of being outed plus a bunch of other stuff. Good police drama with superhero touches.
Strange Girl - set post-Rapture, a young girl struggles with the demon-controlled world. Not for the religious or the easily offended - I'm neither and this has pushed my buttons a time or two.

You can read the complete first issues of Invincible and Noble Causes here:

and then you can also read a bunch of 5 page previews here:
Image books never really interested me either. They might be the greatest books in the world; I just don't have any interest in them based on what they show of them.

Early Spawn was fantastic though - say what you want about Todd McF or the quality of early 90's comics.
The Walking Dead, Ferro City (For all the same reasons as Rhyo), and I'm jumping onto The Expatriot when issue 7 comes out. I also plan to get the Invincible Hardcover, see what all the fuss is about.

EDIT: Just read issue 1. Damn that was good. Made me a bit more excited about that HArdcover when it comes out.
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I'll probably get the first Invincible trade.
Savage Dragon is good.
Invincible is ok.
I think Disney is having a movie coming out that is ripping off the whole idea of the character. Some superhero high or something. Somebody should sue.
Synch said:
Savage Dragon is good.
Invincible is ok.
I think Disney is having a movie coming out that is ripping off the whole idea of the character. Some superhero high or something. Somebody should sue.
Don't say that. Honestly, when companies get petty like that over an intelectual CONCEPT all the public gets is short changed. The idea of a superhero learning the ropes has been around since SPIDERMAN, and probably before by some smaller press companies that the greater public has forgotten. It's been done by both big companies, and most of the smaller ones. All it does is cause public preception of the industry to go slightly lower thanks to lawsuits over stupid ****. We don't need that.

Plus the movie has Bruce Campbell in it. We all need to see it just for that.

And i think Kurt Russel.
I got the first trade of Ant. It was mostly cementing her place in the Image universe. She has ties to Spawn now. It wasn't bad. Typical everyday superhero book. Some fun moments.

Savage Dragon sucks. That's all I say about that.

The ending was fantastic. I didn't see that coming. I might get the next one. I'm not sure.


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