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Sep 6, 2004
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Some items of intrest

Written by Todd McFarlane and others, art and cover by McFarlane.

Witness the power of pure McFarlane with this essential collection Out of print for 10 years! It all started in 1992! Todd McFarlane's smash hit Spawn. What? Don't have those first issues? Oh, yeah... They've been out of print for 10 years! Well, here they are in a brand new collection -- bigger and badder than ever! This collection includes Spawn issues 1-10 featuring the pulse-pounding art of the master himself, Todd McFarlane. As the Spawn regular series picks up heat and the new Spawn animated movie comes out, fans will be clamoring for this collection! Collects issues 1-10.
Not really my thing, but I figure some of you might go for it.


Written by Robert Kirkman, cover by Cliff Rathburn.

The complete, unedited, scripts for the sold-out first six issues of The Walking Dead. If you think the issues were wordy -- just wait until you see what they look like without pictures! See what changed, see what stayed the same -- see completely different lines of dialogue that were later improved.
This is all me, and only $4 too. Can't wait for this.

PvP #20

Written and art by Scott Kurtz, cover by David Finch.

After the devastating destruction of the original PvP staff, just what sort of threat to the world could persuade Cole to assemble an all-new team? And after the events of PvP: Disassembled, who could possibly be on this team? How does Spawn, Savage Dragon, Invincible and Shadowhawk sound? Get ready for the first of a proposed 500-issue run that signals an all-new era.
I doubt I'll get it, but thats a great sollicit.


written by Robert Kirkman, art by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn, cover by Tony Moore.

Something has happened to drive Rick over the edge. There's no turning back now as we reach the two-year mark on the zombie movie that never ends. Join the thousands of readers already enjoying this book as we ask, ³Where do we go from here?² And trust us -- this is only the beginning.
Sounds like a jumping on point for me. I've turned a few people onto THe Walking Dead, but the rest of you should atelast give it a shot. This is some great stuff.


By J.G. Jones.

Our find is your gain! The warehouse unearthed extra copies of J.G. Jones' Wanted poster, featuring Wesley Gibson, The Killer, from the smash-hit series written by Mark Millar (The Ultimates)! Grab one now before they're gone forever!
I think I might pick this up. I need a new poster, as most of the ones I have are horribly dated or in a state of disrepair.

Suspiciously absent is The Walking Dead Hardcover V1, collecting issues 1-24, that Kirkman announced in the letter collumn in issue #20 of the series. Its probably just going to be solicited next month along with the TPB V4, right in time for people to start at 25 and not miss a beat.
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