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Nexus of the World
I've just started watching this show, and am on episode #6.

The format is this; Gabriel Byrne is a psychiatrist and he sees a patient each weekday, and on Friday, he sees his own shrink.

Four patients a week, then his own psychiatrist, and each episode is 30 minutes and it all takes place in one room, with almost no cuts through time, just Byrne and the patient. For thirty minutes. Talking. No flashbacks, no outside shots. Just talking.

It is superb.


Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s
I haven't seen any but it's on my to watch list.

Isn't there a ridiculous number of episodes for each season?


Nexus of the World
There's forty-three in season one, no idea about the others.

But they're only 30 minutes. So in a way, there's actually only 21 and a half episodes.

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