IN YOUR OPINION-The best Ultimate modernization!

The best Ultimate modernization!

  • The Ultimates

    Votes: 43 70.5%
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four

    Votes: 4 6.6%
  • Ultimate X-Men

    Votes: 6 9.8%
  • Ultimate Spider-Man

    Votes: 8 13.1%

  • Total voters
Mines Ultimate spider-man

now i'll admit i've not read any of the other utimates

but I love ultimate spider-man. I like 616 spider-man but i never read every issuse. with ultimate spider-man it gave me the chance to collect spider-man from the start and get new improved charecters.

Ultimate green goblin is my fave ultimate villan so far. which is funny as i did not like 616 goblin.

My fave marvel charecter is Venom but the 616 venom the ultimate one at first I hated then after the game he grew on me. He is still no where near as cool 616 venom and I feel he has lost what venom was as he no longer has spider-mans powers.

All in all I have enjoyed Ultimate spider-man and the game of the same name. I do not buy the comics thou I get the tpb to read the whole arc in a day.
I think that The Ultimates are the best modernization, mainly because the others are mostly the same as 616.

Spidey is teenager.
The X-Men are pretty much the same as they were at the beginning of the title.
The FF are probabaly the second best ultimization.

The Avengers weren't run by the government at first, they weren't controlled and told what to do like they are in Ultimates.
I prefer Ultimate Spider-Man because it's the one title that hasn't been polluted by Mark Millar's blunt over-politicized style of writing.
Ultimates, because it's about something and builds to a point in each of the volumes - the rest are just monthly comic books about a character or characters.
When I voted, I accidentally voted on my favorite book, which is USM. While I love it and it is a great modernization, I thought about it and realized that as a modernization, Ultimates is the best one. It completely updates these characters into this time and they make sense.

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