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Apr 14, 2005
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An article on Newsarama shows how DC bungled the whole point of OYL

And I enjoyed reading it.

It actually talks alot about about the buisness aspect of it all and includes sale numbers for the new titles.

The biggest jump was Aquaman, the smallest was Green Arrow (it went into the negatives)
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that was a nice little read, good little info on the old ways of marvel and when they brought in th e FOC.
Green Lantern, not Green Arrow (+21).

I'm not sure I understand what that article is saying or accusing DC of...
Ultimate Houde said:
I take it as DC not predicting, and then flooding the market with reprintings that they should have printed out in the first place.

He's saying they are reprinting more than the original runs?!
Or, to put it another way: as little faith as the DM retailers appear to have shown in their orders, DC itself, in fact, has shown less.

DC excutives appeared not to have faith in their brand, and it showed by the high amount of reorders and varients. He is saying DC should have predicted this, and had not had the need to reprint
E said:
He's saying they are reprinting more than the original runs?!
No, he's saying that the original printings should have been much higher than they were and that waiting for reprints kills the casual buysers intrest. Any store should have been able to get as many copies after the street date as needed, with minimal time between order and delivery. Waiting 3 weeks for a reprint doesn't cut it.

And yeah, if what he's saying here is true then they really dropped the ball, especialy with books that underwent massive changeups. Not drasticly increasing the print run of Green Arrow or Manhunter who both have the same writing crew and overall premise (Mayor or no) is one thing but to not bump up books like Robin where EVERYTHING changed? thats just foolish.
something like what Baxter said, im guessing, (yes, i said guessing. cuz everyone thinks and looks at things different ways). but the way that DC does things is that they don't have room to plan ahead.

heres the deal:

with Marvel, your able increase or decrease your order until about 3 weeks before it ships, thats the FOC or the Final Order Cutoff date. the last date to change your order.

with DC, your locked into your order about 3 months ahead of time, and you can't change it any way shape or form, cuz you don't know how the market is going to do.

for have issue number one of the comic called......"SUPERPOWER" and this is being published by both Marvel and DC, the issue doesn't come out til march, but you have to place an order in January...this being a brand new series, you don't know how it is going to do, weather people will like it or hate it, so you only order in a few copies. and your locked in.

Marvel: you notice that this seems to be getting a really good hype going, and its before the FOC date so you increase the amount of copies that you have coming in, this creates more on hand supplies limiting the amount of reprints, and more people are able to get there hands on the issue as there are more now on the market.

DC: you notice that this comic is getting a good amount of hype, but there is nothing you can until it comes out, and the demand is so high that it sells out. when it goes back for a reprint it takes about 3 weeks and the readers that wanted to read this have now moved on...
The books I don't like seem to have increased the most... :?