Is Marvel more interested in the 616 universe rather than the Ultimate Universe?

I love that picture of Morrison.
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Well do I think its the little things that make a difference. Look at something as simple as how Bendis treated b-list villains in both universes, in the 616 universe he revamped Purple Man into a scary and dangerous character, yet in USM 70% of the villains became throwaway characters. Simple things like that add up.
Now, as to the question of Marvel being interested more in 616 than UU? Well, it's not for the sake of "well, let's care more of this one because we like it more" or whatever. The regular Marvel Universe is a vast one. There's so many books and events going on because it's a huge universe, that it's going to get way more attention than the Ultimate Universe regardless how the UU is doing.

The Ultimate verse is only what? Three ongoing books with minis on the side? It's not a very big place, so no matter what, it won't get as much attention as the 616 verse.
That makes sense.

I don't mean to sound snarky or cynical when I say this, but there's also the fact that putting more into the 616 universe is a much better investment with regards to 'profitable goodwill'.

With the 616-verse, generating interest in say even a 'second-string' property like Daredevil or The Punisher means three to four decades worth of material they can choose to reprint. When a casual geek goes into a 'Daredevil mood', that's hoards of Frank Miller stuff and Knights revival stuff to be sold.

Sure, the Ultimate books were at some point in time top-notch quality wise AND bestsellers, but even if they still were, the amount of 'profitable goodwill' you can get is limited by how much of an Ultimate library there is.

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