Is the Ultimate Universe stale?

jeremiahvedder said:
There are a few books who can consistantly knock your socks off, but those are the exception to the rule and hardly the norm. There are some series that couldn't pull off a miracle if they were given a hundred issues to work with, and there are five of those out there for every MAX PUNISHER.

Very true.

jerimiahvedder said:
Y: THE LAST MAN keeps me humming, too. Semi-random thought, but there you go.

I get Y in trades (I joined the bandwagon around the time the 6th trade came out, and can't be bothered to get up to date).

jerimiahvedder said:
Tell that to the Marvel marketing department, who've been encouraging writers to put together content with a collected edition in mind since ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN started doing so well at "respectable" bookstores like Barnes & Noble. I don't mind it; there's plenty of other stuff to read while I wait for a trade, and have actually gotten to read a bunch of other good stuff in my search for an asthetic while my primary books are being put together.

FABLES and THE WALKING DEAD are just some of the stuff I've found that I wouldn't have otherwise had the cash to pick up. That's another bonus for trades: their relative cheapness compared to single issues. It's the wave of the future, I'm telling you. Comics isn't a dying art but the single issue is.

See, All-Star Superman single-handedly disproves that statement. But then... the entire Ultimate line reinforces it. I just think single issues are great fun, and wonderfully enjoyable when done right, and to be honest, a serialised trade, to me, is fine - if the trade is good. Ellis and Granov's Iron Man 6-issue arc is heavily decompressed and you can tell it's a trade waiting to happen - but the individual segments are still compelling despite the months long gaps the issues had.

So, I don't think the single issue is dying - just the majority of writer's ability to write.

Also, I should try Fables. People keep saying its good. Same for Walking Dead - but after Kirkman's bull**** writing made me drop UXM, I don't see the point.
jeremiahvedder said:
I was impressed with Scott Card, despite hating Ender, but the whole thing had one major glitch that they kept repeating over and over again that made me want to rip my hair out.

There is no such thing as "antibacterial" soap.

Studies prove that it's not the soap that kills bacteria or whatnot, it's the friction from rubbing your hands together... Technically, all soap is "antibacterial." Hell, technically sandpaper is "antibacterial."

Ha! Post of the day. Doesn't matter if it's true or not.

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