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Feb 26, 2016
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Vigilantism has a strange history in America and obviously is sociologically and subconsciously linked to Americans' fascination with comic books and offbeat justice tales. Here's a fun comic book friendly fan-fiction about a vigilante named Green Lantern who tackles an iconic maniac named Leatherface, an avatar we've come to know from the ChaTexas insaw Massacre horror film series. Happy Holidays (and enjoy!),


Isaac was trying to make a difference in America. He was an Algerian-American Ivy League professor of literature and psychology and saw the news-story of a maniac named Leatherface running around in California wearing a skin-mask and wielding a chainsaw used to kill cops. Isaac wanted to stop this Leatherface character and donned himself as an American knight. He'd always been a bookworm and nerd, but now he was ready to be a crusading vigilante. He looked very serious.


Since Leatherface was making national headlines decapitating policemen in California, Isaac decided to become a vigilante Robin Hood like bank robber in California, donning several costumes to perform daring and theatrical heists designed to draw media attention to himself and dilute the media spotlight afforded to the maniac Leatherface. This would reduce Leatherface's developed media mystique. Isaac donned multiple kinds of disguises as he robbed banks with toy guns filled with corrosive HCL acid, claiming he didn't want to have to use the gun to destroy the bank building floors, windows, and ceilings or burn guards' guns. The headlines labeled Isaac the Crooked Vigilante or 'CV' and hoped honestly the zany news would deter Leatherface from seeking further media spotlights with his bizarre chainsaw killing spree. Isaac donned disguises designed to make himself look like a real outlander!


During one Robin Hood heist of a bank in California of expensive diamonds belogning to a druglord in LA, Isaac wore a paper-bag mask and claimed he was making a statement about the dangers of using chemical weapons while he wielded his standard 'acid-gun' to perform his careful but theatrical heist. Now, the headlines were calling this Crooked Vigilante ('CV') the Robin Hood of chemical weapons. However, Isaac was still searching for a more dependable disguise or costume or media identity, since his bank robbing costumes were getting more and more predictably outrageous!


ISAAC: "My favorite heist was of the California Bank & Trust which yielded great diamonds for myself and for my Robin Hood mission to discredit the Leatherface spotlight in California."


Meanwhile, the Coronavirus pandemic in America had shaken humanity to the core, as countless people were now required to walk around in protective anti-virus masks to prevent the rapid spread of the contagious disease. This only made the Leatherface media spotlight dilemma a greater problem, and Isaac knew he'd have to soon find the right vigilante identity and appearance to combat this media problem in this current American environment of great sociological paranoia!


Isaac befriended a tennis celebrity, a very talented women's tennis player named Maria who'd already won Wimbledon and the Australian Open. Maria had no idea Isaac was the Crooked Vigilante ('CV') and only wondered if he'd be the 'sort of person' who'd be able to tackle the current American media problem creating the Leatherface spotlight dilemma. Everyone was frightened of Leatherface, including this tennis celebrity Maria, Isaac's new girlfriend. Maria sometimes peered over the wall of her California abode, wondering if the chainsaw-maniac was lurking around and hoping she'd spot and sight Isaac instead!


LEATHERFACE: "America is the hotbed of crime and media frenzy, and I intend to capitalize on both social problems and not even the Crooked Vigilante can stop someone like me!"


ISAAC: "I've found the right costume and identity for my vigilante identity and persona finally; it is the Green Lantern, a powerful light-wielding crusader who can stop Leatherface."


As the Green Lantern, Isaac could approach Leatherface who'd be immediately taken back by Isaac's outrageous comic book like costume. Green Lantern (Isaac) wielded a blinding green UV light-ring which he used to blind Leatherface's sight by shining the light into the maniac's eyes while he was running towards him. Isaac had confronted the maniac in a field in California where the maniac was preparing at dawn to kill another policemen. When Leatherface was blinded, he fell to the ground and his own buzzing electric chainsaw landed on his leg, gashing it and debilitating him long enough for Isaac (Green Lantern) to be able to tie him up and haul him off to jail. Three months later, Leatherface's statue/Golem was featured in a very popular Calfornia wax statue museum which featured the statues of various historical figures, legal and criminal, in America such as Abraham Lincoln and Charles Manson!


ISAAC: You can call me anytime, my darling friend!
MARIA: How will I find you, Green Lantern?
ISAAC: I'll leave you a special phone which only dials to my private line!
MARIA: Very cool, my friend!


LEATHERFACE: "Green Lantern may have stopped me, but no one will or can forget what I've done to the American psyche to deter such vigilantism idealism; I confess though I'm down."


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