It's that time of year again...


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Last year we had a surplus of Cadbury Eggs, so we decided to try and make a Cadbury Omlette.

It did not turn out well.

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I'm hoping this is the year that America decides to combine holidays much like Chrismukkah and celebrate Eastover.

Super-holidays are so much fun.


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Seriously? An Easter thread? It's Feb. 11.

Isn't it bad enough that Jesus' corpse has to stick his *** into my birthday every year? Now he gets the majority of February too?


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Guys, this isn't a thread about Easter, it's a thread about the yummy goodness of Cadbury Eggs.

My god, ***** much?


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Cadbury's are the ****.

I should do my own version of "Supersize Me", except I eat Cadbury Eggs for the entire month of February. The best part is that no matter what happens, I win.
Somebody should make chocolate balut.

That'd be awesome.
Mmm. Just make sure that the whole thing isn't chocolate and that it is, in fact, a chocolate egg with a full grown chicken fetus inside it.


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I love this time of year.

Exactly because of this reason.

And what's with all the *****ing about Easter? It's next month! I was talking about Christmas in November and no one gave a ****.
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For Valentines Day, I just bought a whole bunch of heart-shaped stickers, some with little love-messages on them, that I'm going to pass out to all the girls who were a part of the "Footloose!" cast (which ended with the striking of the set today) -- so basically, 80% of the cast. :)

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