Jericho (spoilers)

It was really good.

I liked that they didn't pick up right where we left off and we're now past the big battle. But they even had a flashback of the fight showing how it ended. Even highlight the superior air-to-ground support from the A-10 Warthog......even though it's the Army stepping in and the A-10 is an Air Force asset. But hey...who's keeping score?

One of the biggest detractors for me was the noticable change in camera style. This season had a blurry but smooth camera look that is mostly seen in British shows in contrast to the sharp US produced shows.

Either way, without getting into spoilers too much....I loved it and I think Ourchair will love it too.

And I am still crushing on Alicia Coppola hard!
I did.

As I mentioned above, I just saw the first three episodes last night courtesy of the DVD screener that got leaked a month ago. It wasn't perfect, but I like it, I like the new direction they're going although I am sad that they totally sidelined some of the other characters.

I'll welcome any episode with Heather and even Ma Green. I also like the deputies and hope they don't get shortchanged for screen time either.
You guys are really making me rethink watching this. Hrmmm... Well, Universal HD is showing season one, maybe I'll try again. Anyone know if its going to be up On Demand like Season One was?
Doesn't that mean that you don't get factored in for ratings?

If so, BOO.

I'm honestly not sure how that works.

If I'm not contributing, then I'll just change my TV to that channel when it's on and still record it. But I'll just pop in a DVD or something.
*wishes djf had Nielsen box*

I find it funny that the last name of the actor playing the President is, I kid you not, Newbern.
I know, right?

Incidentally, I was watching Snake Eyes the other night, and Gary Sinise plays "Naval Commander Kevin Dunne" which is funny because the guy who plays the reporter is character actor Kevin Dunn (Transformers, I Heart Huckabees).
Seeing as the third episode will be airing tonight for you Yanquis, I guess I can feel free to discuss it.

After this, I'll have to wait until someone torrents the final four episodes before I can continue posting in this thread again, just to avoid spoilers.

And let the spoilers commence:

The new episode, "Jennings & Rall" brings back Goetz, the mercenary leader of military contractor Ravenwood from the first season who tried to forcibly procure supplies from Jericho and was turned away in a dramatic stand-off.

He menacingly assured everyone that he'd be back: "Sooner or later, this country will start to put itself back together. And you know who they're going to send? Me."

The previous episodes have revealed that Major Beck is under orders by Evil Government Man Thomas Valente to find Sarah Mason, and once Deputy Taylor comes back to work, he admits that he had seen Mason before, putting Hawkins in a precarious position, forcing him to approach Beck and tell him that he's FBI.

In short, the episode consists of:

* Hawkin's attempts to determine whether Beck is the kind of guy who would question the intentions of his superiors and search for the truth behind the conspiracy, or an unquestioningly obedient tool of the Cheyenne government.

* The Young Leaders (i.e. Jake, Eric, April, Heather, et al.) discovering that the Hudson River as gone past The Mississipi River (aka The Blue Line) and started to infect the western towns, including Kansas and their attempts to procure a vaccine in spite of Goetz's attempts to deny them of such.

* Bonnie tries to figure out what to do with her life now that the reconstruction is under way, in a thinly veiled attempt for the writers to explore the possibility of writing her out of the main cast roster and into 'recurring cast' roster.

Dr. Kenchy Dhuwalia shows up again, which is always a treat, because he's an entertainingly neurotic presence and I pretty much like any scene he's in.

The second season is shaping up great so far. It tends to suffer in terms of characterization --- at least, compared to the first season --- but the narrative trajectory seems to give more focus on The Conspiracy and the Important Townspeople's guarded suspicions towards the Cheyenne government and Jennings & Rall.

I can't find any way to view that writing track as a fault since the first season gave so much focus on characterization and de-emphasized The Mystery of The Conspiracy so much, that for them to invert that balance makes a lot of sense from a writing perspective.

I don't have any strong feelings about any of the characters, to be honest, but Hawkins' scenes make for some compelling viewing as he's now in an interesting place where he's forced to deal with having confidantes and that means learning to deprogramme his self-reliant nature and living with the fact that he can't control them.
Variety said:
CBS has nuked "Jericho"--again.

On Friday, Eye issued a statement declaring next Tuesday's episode -- intended as the show's season two swan song -- would serve as the drama's series finale. CBS had hoped to build on that loyal core with a second season. Ratings, however, continued to disappoint.
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And that's that.

A pretty damn decent ending to pretty damn decent show. Although, despite the seies finale's quality, it still won't save your Yanqui souls from ourchair's wrath.
ourchair, your thoughts on the finale?
As I mentioned prior to the fourth episode, I won't be able to comment until later because I have to wait until the rest of the show gets torrented. :(

However, I did make some comments regarding your recent viewing of Hackers in that other thread.
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ourchair, your thoughts on the finale?
I finally got around to watching the entire mini-season.

It was awesome. I think it was somewhat tighter in pacing than the first season, which made the overall season much more exciting. However, this came at the cost of removing some of the elements I liked about the first season. I like that the plot unfolds at a brisk pace though, and so I think when you look at the differences between the seasons as trade offs, the second season is just as good as the first season.

They cut the cast down with Johnston Green dead, Ma Green going away, Mayor Gray heading for the Constitutional Convention. They also made Skylar and Dale's appearances far more infrequent which was perfectly okay, since all that could be done with them was already done in the first season. However, this meant that the ensemble was of a much more uniform age bracket that made it a less interesting group. It was also interesting to see that Deputy Bill and Jimmy were moved to the front of the cast even if they did far less than they did in the first season.

However, there were far less episodic guests: No crazy survivor fiancees, paranoiac store owners, estranged black ops operatives, marine impostors, or survivalist maniacs. This reduced the community feel of the show, and made it seem like all the important decisions were being made by a bunch of thirtysomethings. The Jericho community was more abstract and alluded to, than a visible component of the show.

My only major complaint with the second mini-season is that there are a lot of plot developments that seem to move all to conveniently. Major Beck takes far more time to wise up, than he should have and Hawkins seems to conjure assistance and contacts a lot more easily than he did in the first season.

Overall, a fine second season. I liked the new tone, which was essentially very anti-authoritarian, very much a show about true populism. Everytime Cheyenne chased after the bomb, I was all like, "**** you," and the conspiracy really made both Cheyenne, Jennings & Rall and the conspirators look like a bunch of power-mad jackasses.

Jericho in my opinion, is a very American show in that it really valorizes community values and the people over self-appointed authorities. It was far from being a perfect show, but it was very unique and distinctive in that it spoke about the ideals that makes so many non-Americans look up to the American spirit without sounding so damn preachy about it.

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