Johnny Storm appearing in Ult. Spidey #68 & 69


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Jun 25, 2004
New Zealand
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils & Cover by Mark Bagley
PARTS 1 & 2 (OF 2)
Johnny Storm realizes that despite his new flame powers and fame on the horizon, he still
doesn't have a high school diploma. And where does the young New Yorker enroll? Why
none other than a certain Queens high school that also has one Peter Parker – Spider-Man
– as a student. And what's up between Johnny and sweet Liz Allen? Watch the sparks fly!
32 PGS. (each)/ ALL AGES …$2.25 (each)
UPC ISSUE #68: 5960605031-06811; UPC ISSUE #69: 5960605031-06911

Im am looking so forward to this.

BTW this is from millarworld and comicboards. They got the entire november solics
Johnny Storm's NEW powers and fame? Anybody wanna take that as a final answer as to where UFF comes in2 the Ultimate timeline?
This should be good with Bendis writing the dialogue between Torch and Spidey.
I think they are just trying to convey that he has just now emerged as a hero with these powers... I don't think this has anything to do with continuity or new developments in his powers at all.

This should be really cool to see! I hope that he is sort of added to the supporting character's cast for more than the two issues he's slated to appear in.

Also, will this fly with the military? They seem to have a veil over the Four... We'll see what happens when Johnny takes his first step into the public.
I think they are just trying to convey that he has just now emerged as a hero with these powers


I'm working on getting the new solits up; bear with me.
If Torch were to become a regular character in USM, it could mean Spidey and Torch will develop a friendship that's stronger than their 616 counterparts. And I wouldn't mind a new face to the high school crowd now that Gwen's gone.
Johnny at Peter's school and maybe getting with Liz? Bendis rules.
I would have to agree... It would work, too. The high school crowd isn't the central focus of the book and Fury and SHIELD stops by every other issue, why not someone from the FF?
I guess this means we can expect the graphic novel after Carnage to be not centered on a single arc, but a bunch of side-stories.

I, for one, find this to be a nice breath of fresh air for the series.
I just think it's Bendis showing off... He proved to Marvel and his fans that we would even enjoy a story based on Aunt May rather than another Spidey fight. He could be doing this with Wolverine, Human Torch, and Dr. Strange... Heroes that will most likely be there to convince him to be Spider-Man again. Interesting that there's no sign of Nick Fury... Now that is the breath of fresh air!
Nah, Nick is plotting the best way to bring Torch and Spidey over to the Dark Side... while reflecting on the thought that it is indeed a bad idea to run with scissors.
Nick's not like that, it's the X-Men and Xavier that you have to watch, J!

I really don't want Nick stepping in and pulling the strings... That would be totally redundant.
Well, considering he's told Peter basically that in three years, he owns Peter's ass, and Human Torch belongs to the same category of humanoid as Peter, that he's eventually going to try and pull something.

And I don't even get a laugh on the scissors quip? You all suck. o_O
We'll have to see. I have a feeling that it'll be different seeing as how the Human Torch has The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, and Invisible Woman behind his back... It should prove to be more interesting than Fury just approaching Peter and telling him, TELLING him that he'll work for the Ultimates.
I don't see Johnny being moved at all in the Ultimate universe. He's already property of the U.S. Army, which I'm sure Fury may not head directly but does have some influence. He could use the whole Four, not just Johnny.
I'm not sure I get what you are saying... lol, and Icemasteron, I think you are taking it a little too seriously :p. Are you saying if you take Spidey, you should take the rest of the Ultimat U under your blanket of influence?
I think what he's saying is if Fury takes Torch and makes him an Ultimate, then suddenly the Four have to hold auditions to make them the Fantastic Four. If Torch gets drafted, Spidey takes his spot. What are the chances of both?