Joker: Folie a Deux

Looks like some great photography, there. But: I don't like musicals, and I believe there's enough craziness and evil in the world already, so we don't need to find fascinating what in reality is not. When you are submerged by them you realize there's really nothing that involving or justifiable. I wish there were more movies about heroes (super or everyday's) having to make tough decisions for the greater good, rather than all this interest in criminals doing what criminals do for whatever reason: hurt others. Yes, of course there are aspects in them that are caring and "human", but I don't find that much interesting when they mainly spread darkness in the world. What's so moving in seeing them have feelings, when they crush the others'? Are they justifiable? Are they psychopaths or sociopaths? Perhaps it would be more interesting trying to find the causes and ways to cancel them, rather than focusing on the consequences...
I like the idea of a musical but the entire Joker/Harley thing has evolved past this. That, and WB needs to pick a lane. They closed out the Snyder-verse and they're doing the Gunn-verse now -- but they also have the Batman-verse, and now the villain-verse. I get the entire "multi-verse" thing but it seems like overkill without something that ties it all together and The Flash failed to do so.

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