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Feb 26, 2016
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Here's a fun Gotham side-story involving the under-appreciate Red Hood Gang and the Joker League of Anarchy, which I decided to return from retirement from the Comic Board to highlight during this otherwise ABCD maddening Coronavirus tribulation. I hope you like it, and thanks for reading (signing off),



Isaac Satan was the official leader of the Gotham City bank robbing team known as the Red Hood Gang. Isaac had coordinated several high-profile armed-and-masked bank robberies in Gotham after the Coronavirus tribulation had finally ended in America. Isaac and his Red Hood had spotlighted some of the glaring intrigue in the modern US city regarding the frailty and media intrigue involved with the turbulent flow of assets and capital in a crime-ridden urbanized area of great metropolitan symbolism. Isaac and the Red Hood Gang were poised to become the city's greatest criminal anti-heroes, and Isaac himself was considered a mad genius now, having orchestrated very unusual robberies such as one of the California Bank with a media-stunt fake-play linked to a Gotham bank robbery just one week later, which confused the press, compelling them to write, "Was the California Bank somehow connected to the Gotham bank the Red Hood robbed, and if so, what will this require our city's vigilante Batman and his girlfriend-vigilante Catwoman to do in response?" Isaac Satan was the king of bank robbery, and he looked the part, boasting a very eccentric hairstyle and anti-psychiatric personal demeanor, which he even flashed on Facebook, since no one knew who he was!


Isaac wrote comic book fan-fiction stories on the Internet, pairing himself as an eco-activist, masked of course, alongside iconic terrorism themed avatars from comics such as Baroness (GI Joe) and Cheetah (Wonder Woman). In these fan-fiction stories, Isaac Satan characterized himself as an online crusader, using comic book stylized storytelling to capture all the modernism intrigue associated with both eco-activism and direct dangerous anti-American terrorism. This became Isaac's very clever front to veil the fact that he was actually the unknown leader of the very successful bank robbing team the Red Hood Gang in Gotham City. Isaac's comic book stories portrayed this enthusiastic and deceptive writer as a modern-day political radical, rather than what he actually was --- a master-thief. Isaac's comic book stories, complete with pictures of himself posed as a new age eco-activist were praised by readers as images of great modern intellectualism!


ISAAC SATAN: "I charge my great bank robbing team, the Red Hood to come up with nifty new disguises so that we may start robbing banks outside Gotham City and pose ourselves as a completely different bank robbing gang, perhaps delivering messages in the media that this brand new robber-gang is actually inspired by the Red Hood in Gotham; so I've come up with some nifty new disguises myself, and I encourage all my Red Hood brothers and sisters to do the same now."


Bruce Wayne, head of Wayne Industries, and Selina Kyle, his new secretary, decided to downplay all the media romance suddenly associated with the daring and completely thrilling post-Coronavirus bank robberies surrounding Gotham City. Bruce and Selina hosted a special Gotham Art Museum exhibit, featuring new age artists' paintings and portraits and renditions of what they felt was the modernism excitement associated with the Red Hood Gang. At the museum exhibit opening, Bruce and Selina said that Red Hood must be portrayed as anti-heroes, and the most psychiatric way to do that is with art. No one knew of course that Bruce and Selina were actually the secret masked Gotham vigilante duo, Batman and Catwoman. The art opening featured very revealing portraits of the Red Hood Gang created by very avant-garde artists!


RED HOOD GANG: "We robbed the California Bank & Trust once, and we might do it again, and if not on Devil's Night next year, then definitely on Halloween Eve, for we are the new prophets of capitalism folklore."


BATMAN/CATWOMAN: "We have every intention to stop this bank robbing team known as the Red Hood Gang, and hopefully, if we're successful quickly, they won't inspire other gangs of criminals to perform copycat crimes modeled after the Red Hood Gang's very wily bank robberies in our already troubled great city."


Of course, the Red Hood Gang had already inspired some of the Gotham bad guys to come up with response crimes. Primarily, it was the vile Joker and his demonic clown girlfriend Harley Quinn and their recruited special team of disfigured masked villains. Joker and Harley called their entire unit the Joker League of Anarchy. Joker and Harley wanted the members of their unit to go out into the city and find ways to perform crimes that would detract attention away from all the bank robbery intrigue created by Isaac Satan and the Red Hood Gang. However, Joker and Harley's unit members were somewhat nervous about taking on the responsibility of deconstructing the social intrigue created by the Red Hood Gang. Nevertheless, Joker and Harley told their unit that if they failed, they'd be summarily executed. What would Joker and Harley's arguably misfortuned unit members actually do now?


JOKER: "If you recruited ghouls fail in this very demanding and important task, I'll decapitate each and every one of you, and I'll do it one by one, because Harley and I simply will not be outshined by the Red Hood Gang and whoever their unknown leader actually is; that's my proclamation to you, my League of Anarchy, so don't fail me, because you know how frightened you all get when I get very very upset."


The terrified unit members of Joker's League of Anarchy were desperate and decided to reach out and try to make contact with Isaac Satan and the Red Hood Gang. They connected with Red Hood through underground resources they found and asked them to help them get out of the Joker and Harley unit which made their lives completely miserable now and perhaps ally with the Red Hood. Isaac and the Red Hood realized this League of Anarchy minions were completely terrorized by Joker and Harley and decided to stage a special Gotham Courthouse lawsuit in which one of the gang members, who was actually a legal insider in Gotham, brought charges against the Gotham police and media, claiming that the overly-romanticized Red Hood robberies were distracting authorities to deal with the truth that the real devils in Gotham, Joker and Harley Quinn, were perhaps and arguably secretly torturing their own crime team minions to perform response crimes to challenge the Red Hood, and that this sort of crime pyramid would only spell doom for the city if the authorities did not take charge now. This was a media-covered courthouse case that generated a lot of society talk in Gotham.


The Joker League of Anarchy unit members managed to use the media confetti associated with this high-profile Courthouse case in Gotham to persuade the Joker and Harley Quinn to allow them to resign from their unit. These League of Anarchy 'minions' managed to persuade Joker and Harley that they'd not be able to deal with all this verbose crime analysis in Gotham and that they'd rather just simply flee quietly and safely somewhere in Australia and that this escape would only help Joker and Harley create more future efficient recruiting gears to find more villainous and vehement allies for their special League. Joker admitted that he didn't want weakness to complicate this new media intrigue in Gotham and allowed his unit members to quietly slip into oblivion. Meanwhile, the unit members decided to start allying with Isaac Satan and Red Hood, creating more covert and efficient legal arena veils for the capitalism-critical bank robberies in Gotham which continued to generate all kinds of dystopian intrigue in the press.


BATMAN/CATWOMAN: "We implore Gothamites not to paint the Red Hood Gang as folk-heroes but as regular and regularized upstarts, and we'll do everything in our vigilante power to bring their very wily bank robberies to an absolute urban end in this great and troubled city of ours in this new millennium of great traffic intrigue...and danger."


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

One extra diary inspired by Legend (Tom Hardy)!


JOKER: I'm pleased with my team of upstarts, so I'm sending two of the mates, twin-brothers, the Satan-twins to raise some hell in Belfast.


The Satan twins are part of Joker's League of Anarchy, reconciled to their clown-prince dark master of Gotham City crime and insanity. They obey the Joker and travel to Belfast (Northern Ireland) where there's some complications between the Irish-Catholic minority population and British-Protestant majority population regarding socioeconomic disparities creating social life-coexistence tensions currently addressed by Sinn Fein and Parliament to control street-riots and retaliation police-martialism and promote more regular/sane street life and nightclub vitality for both Catholic-Protestant youngsters who just want to live.


AMLAN SATAN: We'll take numbers of the new glowing light machine-gun toys to Belfast.
AJAY SATAN: We'll distribute these toy-guns to Belfast teenagers, Catholics-Protestants alike.


In this 20th-anniversary year of 9/11, when the world is much more reflective of commerce-driven global peace and standard traffic, humbled into peaceful joy by the Coronavirus tribulation, places like Belfast crave forms of inter-religious coexistence and workable vital life. This has made bar-life in Belfast more enjoyable recently, and when the Satan brothers (Amlan/Ajay) of the Joker's League of Anarchy arrive in Northern Ireland they start frequenting the night-life pubs to see what kinds of sensory experiences comprise Protestant-Catholic vitality and happiness in 2021. They meet very attractive hostesses of these night-clubs in Belfast and take interviews on their views on the violence between the Irish Republican Army (Catholic) and Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF).


The Satan brothers then make sure the toy machine-guns they distributed to the teens in Belfast, both Catholics and Protestants, are showcased to their older brothers, who happen to be members of the IRA and UVF. When the adult members of the UVF see their little bros wielding these toy-guns playing in the streets, they make sure whoever 'gifted' them to their bros wanted some random 9/11-anniversary year street-display of youth-play to dispel these lingering inter-religious global fears of adult anarchy.


AMLAN SATAN: We decided to meet personally not with the UVF members but with the IRA members, costumed as pirate-thespians.


AJAY SATAN: IRA men at this meeting in Belfast fostered 'little-bro' play but thought more violently about their UVF (Protestant) rivals.


The Satan brothers then hosted a very hip inter-religious social event in Belfast (Northern Ireland) before leaving this troubled area of the modern United Kingdom in this 20th-anniversary year of 9/11, when the world is seeking creative ways to make commerce/consumerism/media/entertainment a road towards social life and peace. When the Satan brothers returned to their own Gotham City, they told their clown-prince Joker that they'd brought photo-Polaroids of all they'd done/seen in Northern Ireland.


JOKER: I'm quite pleased with what you've achieved as legendary twins in Belfast, and your photos stir in me ideas about loyalty!


The Satan brothers then plant anonymous incendiary blogs online, citing a Christian emissary 'dark-angel' comic book avatar online, using the avatar to talk about dangerous 9/11-year violence fears in Northern Ireland between the IRA and UVF. They write with a cold rationalism, "Perhaps there's street-play in Belfast among the 'little bros' or siblings of the Catholic-Protestant IRA/UVF for the modern United Kingdom sanity, but will the Christian 'dark-angel' of messages deliver some form of incendiary post-9/11 concerns about random criminal instincts such as blood-diamond smuggling?"


When they share these omen-blogs with their clown-prince master Joker, the grinning Joker giggles and asks them what the point of the blog is, with the Christian 'dark-angel' messenger, and the Satan-twins, who've become a special favorite pair or team-member duo of the Joker's League of Anarchy, explain, "We've used electronic messaging to send the global message that this 9/11 anniversary-year ironically offers us simultaneously socialized forms of peace quests...and detention fears."


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)
The Green Ninja!

A comic book vignette about a rogue vigilante named Green Ninja who confuses the Joker about his true intentions and makes him wonder if he's a potential 'underworld recruit' for his Euro-League of Anarchy or simply an incendiary 'contender' in this new 9/11-commemoration year climate of piracy/violence detectives. Hope you like it,



Belfast is troubled still by sectarian angst between Catholic and Protestant groups, and an emerged street-vigilante known as Green Ninja emerges in the UK-city, but it's unclear if he's part of Joke's League of Anarchy.


GREEN NINJA: I've been distributing images of old Irish-Catholic minority defiance of British-Protestant socioeconomic policy in Belfast.


Green Ninja doesn't always actually 'appear' as a green uniformed ninja but rather sometimes just acts as a costumed self-proclaimed Northern Ireland street 'vigilante' with an intention to destroy blood-diamond mystique in troubled Belfast which is adding piracy-problems to the already troubling IRA/UVF street-gang engagements confounded by British police-military force. It's a mad scene in this 20th-anniversary year commemoration of 9/11, when we're all just dreaming of commercial capitalism peace! Green Ninja is therefore like an incendiary 'James Bond' in Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), using costume-tactics to create underground media imagery of inter-religious monitoring through democratic visage and ninja-like dancing!


GREEN NINJA: Being a Catholic-convert from Algeria originally, I find great inspiration from images of Catholics in prayers over poverty.


Green Ninja's read works comparing the parallels in empire building between Ireland and India and compares further to the colonial struggles in Algeria. He's now a 'guerrilla-scholar' for Northern Ireland works/missions and establishes Foreign Irish Republican Army or FIRA actions meant to utilize media resources to send messages about commercial relations between Protestants-Catholics catering to modern democratic dialogue/journalism and even folk-literature (e.g., Peter Pan).


GREEN LANTERN: There's plenty Western/American media imagery of street-life hygiene/grit comparative to Belfast survival youth today!


Meanwhile, Joker's sent a violence-piracy blood-diamond corruption unit to troubled Northern Ireland and uniformed these agents of raw hell as messengers of the 'dark forest' of inventive underworld capitalism. Green Ninja can engage this force or army of darkness with clandestine methods of archery to take them down as targets of anti-Western political negotiations in the grand United Kingdom!


GREEN NINJA: What I do is needed for the Catholic-Protestant youngsters of Belfast, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom).


JOKER'S ARMY OF DARKNESS: If the 'Green Ninja' thinks about hygienic Belfast capitalism, he must contend with the forces of occupation!


GREEN NINJA: It's precisely occupation resistance that we wage this Belfast mission for the unemployed/poor Catholics of the Kingdom!


JOKER: Honestly, folks, I'm quite confused if this 'Green Ninja' is simply a Columbine-theatricalist who seeks to create underground forms of social incendiary guerrilla-intelligence in troubling Northern Ireland just to grab my attention in the United States; which is why I believe he can/may be 'seduced' by the proverbial dark-side to serve in my new capitalism region in the UK as a runner of poison...and deception.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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