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Aug 16, 2005
I keep mentioning this and others have disused it too but I felt it deserved it's own thread.

Simply put this one of the greatest comics ever made. The complex world created by this comic is better than any made up world I've seen in a comic.

Judge Death was one of the greatest villains ever created. Yes you might consider him an evil Dredd but he is so much more than that. Best description from Wikipeda to describe Death
Judge Death is a spirit inhabiting a corpse. The body itself is very difficult to hurt, as minor damage is just ignored. If the host body is destroyed then Death’s spirit can escape and possess living humans. Death, usually with the help of another, prepares the new host body by using a mixture of chemicals to decay the flesh and let the body reach full ripeness

Now I refuse to talk about the DC made ones that's why I did it here. 2000ad one so rich in story but the DC one was horrible at times watered down version of it.

Here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judge_dredd#Dredd.27s_world

that describes the world much better than I could. but seriously if you like serious and well done comics check this out. It was made in 1977 but even the first ones do not feel dated they are still great to read.
I have lost all respect for Judge Dredd now that I know he shares the same first name as Mr. Kalicki. :?
Judge Dredd is really great and a wonderfully rebellious idea for a character. The whole reason he (and his world) was able to be created was because the Comics Code wasn't nearly as strict over here.

I always think it's really funny seeing 2000AD stacked up beside 'The Beano' and 'The Dandy' when I go into a newsagents, because 2000AD is far from a kid's comic. DKR is more of a kiddie's comic than 2kAD.

I remember a few years ago, I read the novelisation to the Judge Dredd movie and thought it was pretty cool (hear me out here!), so I started collecting the comics, only to find out that they were a lot cooler and that the film was mostly hated by fans. The film has brilliant designs for the costumes and the Lawmasters, but other than that, it's just corny fun and I can enjoy it for that. It's just a pity Stallone insisted on taking his helmet off for like 70% of the film.

Anyway, the main reason I didn't keep collecting 2000AD was because of the cost. €3.50 every week doesn't sound like much, but I was fourteen, I didn't have a job and that kind of money wasn't always easy to come by. Nowadays, I could probably afford it, though. Hmm...

Speaking of Judge Death, I got the PS2 Judge Dredd FPS a while ago, for like €7. Pretty great buy, actually. One of the better shooters I've ever played to be honest. It also served to teach me about the Dark Judges and they're sinister ways, and yes, Judge Death is an awesome character.

What other strips do you like in 2kAD? I always liked Sinister Dexter, because when I was that age, I'd never read anything like that in comics. I'd grown up reading about superheroes and good guys, and now suddenly, here was a pair of absolute scumbags...but we like them! Great! I also liked ABC Warriors because they're just plain cool. Is that one about the half-Russian, half-Irish bounty hunter still going? That was okay. The art was amazing in that one.
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I had a bunch of British comics when I was a kid. Some of the first I ever read. My favorite was Rogue Trooper. I never got into Judge Dredd though, but I had a few of his comics. I think I just didn't understand them at the time. I kinda really want to get into them now though.

And the fact that he's got an awesome first name is just icing on the cake.
I'm glad there are people on here who read that stuff.

I use to like Judge Death ,Gothamite. That's why I said he was a great villain but from like mid-late 90s he became comical and lost all of what he once was. Which is a shame.

And yeah the movie is enjoyable even if the comics are so much more better.

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