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There's this grumpy guy with white/gray hair, long sideburns, and no hair on his head. I keep seeing him on a lot of old JLI covers, but I can't figure out who he's supposed to be. He's on the top left of the cover of Justice League International #1. Can somebody tell me who that grumpy old guy is?

I actually think that might be him on the bottom right corner on this cover, pointing at Blue Beetle's back, standing next to Maxwell Lord:
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That's Oberon, he's a companion of Mister Miracle's. I believe he even made an appearance on Justice League Unlimited.

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I always thought that character was kinda cool. especially during the invasion crossover in the late 80's


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He is a sassy old dwarf... In that lovable "i'm a Jack Kirby character that's now written to have Jack Kirby's personality" kind of way.