Kirkman Answers Questions On his Ultimate X-Men run


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I asked some more questions to Robert in his forum.

Here are the answers:

1) Is it possible to see down the line some of the kid's parents? Kitty's mom, for example was overprotective of her but never appeared again.

It's possible.

2) Didn't tought we'd see Dazzler again so soon. Any chance she'll wake up before your run is over?

It's possible.

3)Will we see more of Northstar/Colossus and others Emma Frost's students?


4)Will the Magneto/Mystique plot be adressed somewhere in your arcs?

No plans to.

5) Are you really gone after 9 issues or is there a chance that you'll stick around? I mean, is Singer's run really happening?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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Re: Kirkman Answers Questions Re: Ultimate X-Men (Spoilers)

I like we'll see Northstar/Colossus and more of Emma's students. I also like that they're not taking liberties with Magneto.

The parents thing is something that's been on my mind for awhile. It should definitely be handled.


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Re: Kirkman Answers Questions Re: Ultimate X-Men (Spoilers)

Where's Kirkman's forum? I'd love to ask him a few questions, myself. :) I got a few cool things out of Vaughan, I'll see if I can work my magic on the new guy!

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I would of asked if he has any plans on stories involving the Ultimates, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, or maybe some other team, hero or villain. That has not been introduce yet.

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