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Rock group rolls on shingle
After 34 years of a comicbook presence in rock 'n' roll, Kiss has created a comicbook entertainment company.

Platinum Studios and Kiss Catalog, the company run by Kiss leaders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, have partnered to create the Kiss Comics Group, which will kick off with a book, "Kiss 4K," and eventually venture out into platforms such as mobile, online, film, television and licensed merchandise products.

"Kiss 4K," the story of the transformation of Simmons, Stanley and other Kiss band members from rock stars to world-protecting warrior spirits, will debut as the world's largest comicbook, priced at $50. It will be the first comicbook-based property to simultaneously launch all of its merchandise in the U.S., France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Eventually, a new Kiss comic involving characters King of All Beasts, Demon, Starchild and Celestial will appear weekly online at "Kiss 4K" will be unveiled at the Wizard World convention in Los Angeles in March.

The second title is expected to be "Kiss Girls," which features four teenagers who "talk about shopping and are about as dysfunctional as anyone until something happens to them and they get to wear the Kiss makeup and look good doing it," Simmons said.

Simmons and Platinum Studios founder and chairman Scott Rosenberg started discussions about creating the joint venture at the 2005 Comic-Con.

"Kiss Comics Group and Platinum Studios -- they are the same as we are," Simmons told Daily Variety. "This is a company not burdened with corporate considerations. It's all about the one-on-one."

Signatures Network and Dell Furano will be handling worldwide licensing for Kiss Comics Group. Characters from Platinum Studios' library of more than 3,800 will appear in the Kiss books.

Kiss has had a comic presence for nearly 30 years. Band started with Marvel in 1978 and in the '90s issued comics with Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane and Dark Horse.

Platinum Studios has more than a dozen of its projects in various stages of production at several film studios, among them "Cowboys & Aliens," "The Darkness" and "Unique."


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Cause, Gene Simmons is a marketing God, and everything that Kiss does sells high numbers because of the Kiss Army


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Kiss rules.

I have to think this might do a lot better if they were touring right now though.


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Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.


I'll concede your and E's point...I have had my face rocked off my kiss many a time.


I thought I was the only person here who dug Kiss. Sweet.

Favorite songs? Mine are...

Rock Bottom
anything off Dynasty
Black Diamond
...among others

Fun fact: I have more Kiss songs on my iPod than any other group.

I have an agreement in place with my wife that if Kiss ever goes back on tour in full makeup we MUST go. This is akin to selling my soul to the devil, as the price this would cost me would be determined at a later date.

Seriously, Kiss rules. I'm especially shocked that Ice likes them...only because they don't seem like the kind of music your into.


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Did anyone else unlock the Kiss concert in that one Tony Hawk game? That's the only exposure I've had with Kiss, besides the Midget Kiss Wars and people joking about Gene Simmon's tongue.


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KISS does indeed rock.

As for their comic company I guess it depends on who they get as writers.

Also, Detroit Rock City is very underrated.


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Seriously, Kiss rules. I'm especially shocked that Ice likes them...only because they don't seem like the kind of music your into.
There's a lot about me you don't know...

*Takes out a pair of pink thongs*

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cool KISS rocks! but i won't buy there comics, because i don't feel like it

KISS really should start touring again

if you really think about it Venom was based off Gene Simmons


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Ya know, I was once in the KISS Army.

Unfortunately, I was dishonorably discharged for inappropriate conduct:

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