Krampus The Yule Lord

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Jan 10, 2013
Just finished reading "Krampus The Yule Lord" by Brom. This was one of the more interesting books I`ve read in awhile. It`s about an obscure pagan named Krampus who is still celebrated in certain parts of the world today. After centuries of being imprisioned he escapes to take the world back to the old ways of Yule, before Santa Clause and Christianity has turned it into Christmas and what we know of it today. Be warned, it is a dark and deadly tale. Not a childrens piece by any means. The best way I can describe it may be Stephen King meets Quinton Tarantino. At first I wasn`t sure about the character of Krampus. I was thinking he was a bit hokey. But as the story progressed the more I was into it. What I liked most was you never were sure who was the hero and who was the villian. Seems Santa isn`t all we were led to believe and even he has skeletons in his closet. Every now and then I`ll pick up a bool hoping it will be really far out there, One was "Satyrday" many years ago. The last maybe "Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter" before the movie came out. :twisted:
Wasn't this referenced in a recent episode of The Office?
There was unseen Family Guy episode that had Krampus scaring kids on Christmas but it was pulled because of the school shooting last December.

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