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Sep 15, 2004

Who's going to get what looks like 2011's game of the year?

I can't wait. After Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption, I will play anything Rockstar Games makes.
I've played it for a few hours. I was worried it'd be like "GTA in the 40's" but it's an addicting and refreshing game. This one is heavily story driven, the voice acting is great, the facial animations are amazing, and the detective work is really fun.
do you have to follow the storyline as its written or are there also side story's and stuff you can do as well?
do you have to follow the storyline as its written or are there also side story's and stuff you can do as well?

No, sadly the storyline is very linear. Which is sad for a sandbox game.

I've run into one problem. You can't fail. Yeah, you can fail in an interrogation, but you're still able to solve the case. I kinda wish there was a bit more reality, like that one case that haunts Phelps, because he never solved it.

With that said. I'd still give it a 4/5

I was hoping it was going to be my GotY, but so far, that's still Portal 2.
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Well I just finished the game and I am pretty disappointed. I really did not like how linear the game was. The whole reading faces quickly loss it's appeal. I could not for the life of me get into the story after it was over all I could think was "that was pretty pointless" Driving was always a pain, I hate realistic driving, it takes forever to get around even with the siren on. I ended up just skipping it. Shoot outs were quick and uneventful. The character were great but the main character just annoyed me the whole time. Also why
the hell did the switch the main character at the end
it could have worked if they did that all the way through but it just if you're suppose to
identify with Phelps why remove him as main character at the climax?

Really the gameplay got really repetitive and it became a chore just to get through it. I just wander around until a vibration and hit X, if it's important the same damn message appears on how to investigate further, which makes determining what's important pointless. And I could never get the lie option right, every time I catch I pick an evidence that works but somehow does nothing.

I just couldn't like it.

That article is way too long but just reading the headline "or is it just Red Dead Detective?" - I wish.

Also Happy Harry's thoughts:


And also: L.A. Noire: Racist Cases
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I also just finished it and agree with you about
playing as Kelso at the end instead of Phelps.
That was certainly an odd creative decision.

Regardless, I did like the game but found it quite disappointing - especially after Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption. When I first heard about this game, I presumed Rockstar Games had developed it considering the size/style/budget/marketing of the game - but it was actually made by an Australian company called Team Bondi and simply produced by Rockstar. It's probably my mistake and I shouldn't have let my expectations get so high but I still expected a lot more.

I understand why it was the first game shown at a film festival - the whole thing is really more of a film than a game.

This post sounds kind of negative but I still really enjoyed the game. It's a shame it doesn't really have much replay value (again, comparing it to GTA IV and RDR). Now I hope they release an Invasion of the Bodysnatchers-esque DLC where you have to prove that aliens have taken the place of citizens in the city!

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