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Jun 1, 2004
What does Storm mean when she says:
"Remember what the professor said: O-nay Owers Pay!" (UXM #50)

I thought it might mean "on your own pay", but I'm not really convinced.

I believe this is an example of what's known as "pig latin". Pig Latin isn't a form of Latin at all, it's a way of "twisting" English (and perhaps other languages) so that you're essentially speaking in code. Other people who are familiar with the rules of Pig Latin will understand what you're saying.

I suspect the phrase you've mentioned from UXM means "No powers".

A couple of links that define Pig Latin and provide some of the rules:

Learning Pig Latin

Pig Latin Translator (Try typing in "no powers" without the quotation marks in the top box here and see how it translates.)
I never picked up on that, Seldes! Wow, that explains more than I ever thought would come out of that... Also, with that comment, it would seem Storm is taking on a bit of a leadership role, huh? She's keeping everyone in check when Scott isn't around... Very cool.
Goody I can understand Ricky not picking up on Pig Latin - but you've never heard of it either?
I think I remember seeing some Pig Latin being used in one of the old Marvel cartoon shows. But I picked up on that when I read it. I don't know Pig Latin, but some things I can figure out on my own.
longshotjimlee said:
My Pig Latin is worse than my Pigeon English.

My Pigeon English is worse than my English Muffins.
longshotjimlee said:
Although I'm Cornish, I do like to lick the occasional English Muffin. :wink:

What about Cornish hens? :D
I am from Cornwall Ice, not England, CORNWALL!!! - or as we say in Cornish "Kernow".

My hobbies are annoying Americans and licking English Muffins.
E, I've heard of pig latin, sure, but I never put it together that Storm was actually using it in that panel... I thought she was talking about paying for games on the boardwalk or something.

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