last letter/first letter - Marvel Edition


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Aug 16, 2005
Simple game really the last letter = first letter of next person's answer.

e.g if it was Animals I would say "Duck" then person who replies "Kangaroo" person who follows that "Otter" and so....


1) No duplicating - a character's name can only be said once

2) If to people reply at once first person's answer is the valid one

3) Names can not end in non-letters so no 2099 at the end unless you spell out two thousand and ninety nine so we get the e to start next answer

4) only characters who have appeared in marvel comics and marvel dc cross-overs do not count

5) real name and identity count as 2 separate people. Also no "The" but a characters nick names can count as two e.g "Incredible hulk" and "hulk" and "bruce banner" and "dr or doctor bruce banner" are separate people to use but "The hulk" does not count.

6) All universes count so you can "Ultimate Spider-man and "Spider-man" as 2 people

7) characters only no groups , teams , races or other stuff

Fist name (obvious I would pick it)


Edit People who have been picked so you don't have read every post

  • Venom
  • Monica Rambeau
  • Union Jack
  • K'lrt
  • Texas Jack
  • Kid Omega
  • Kate Bishop
  • Paibok
  • Killer Shrike
  • kraven
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At last Wizard World Chicago Tom Brevoort hosted this game, Prize or No Prize, and one of the contests was going around the room and everyone had to say the name of a Marvel character in alphabetical order. It's tougher than it seems. I think the last one I did was Q (Quasar). Anyway, I was one of the finalists, so I won a TPB. I was also one of the finalists in another category, so I won another TPB.

They didn't make us go down to the last man, but I was secure in my chance of victory against anyone in that room.

Anyway, I got the first She-Hulk trade and X-Men: Blood of Apocalypse, for anyone wondering.

I hope they do it at Philly.

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