LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
Like a loveable, family-friendly Keyser Soze, the LEGO franchise is unstoppable. Having spent much of the past decade working with Lucasarts and Warner Bros to turn iconic films into charming videogame adventures, Traveller's Tales has now turned its attention to Disney. And what better franchise is there for the comedy-minifigure treatment than the already exuberant and over-the-top Pirates of the Caribbean?


Trailer :


The Timeline Guy
I'll be playing this.

Still pissed that PotC - Armada of the Damned was cancelled, though.


Excelsior Club
Cool. My son loves the Lego games and PotC so he'll be thrilled.


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
After playing through it again. They did Lego star wars 1 2 and 3! Lego Indy 1 + 2. I want lego batman 2. God Lego batman was just awesome!


Teh Sexy Monkey Queen
This is also being made for the 3DS. I am now getting it for the 3DS.

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