Lines you would LIKE to have seen in 'The Ultimates'


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Dec 24, 2004
Many people on this site are FAR better at this than me (as you are about to see), but have you ever read a comic that you've REALLY liked, and then thought, "Wow...they sould have said THIS"...Tell me a line you would LIKE to have seen in Ultimates. Example:

(Check the artwork during this conversation between Tony and Natasha, and you'll see this fits! :) )When Tony, in Ultimates 10, is holding the bottle, and eventually turns and smashes Widow in the face, and she falls to the ground - guards come running to check on Tony...Tony looks down, mournfully

Tony: Such a waste (shaking head)
Guard (Johnson, let's say): Yes sir...a terrible waste

Tony looks at Johnson

Tony: You surprise me, Johnson
Johnson: Sir?
Tony: I never knew you were a Merlot man

Stunned silence

Tony: (Sighing) It was my only one, you know

More silence

Tony: Let's get down to the old Engineering room

As an even goofier line, you could insert Tony saying

"Liquor always went to her head"

Anyway... a little black humour would certainly not be out of place in the Ultimates, particularly here, given what Widow's done.....Tell me your 'missed opportunity' lines!
I always read lines and think it would be better if they changed the words around, etc.
Jan kick Hank in the nuts. How priceless would that have been? He whips out the bug spray so she reverts to full size and *bang* down he goes.
when Aunt may went to see her therapist ...way back would have funny if her responce was...

Th: "why are you here mrs. Parker?"

AM: "I don't really know...i just had to get away"

Th: "did it have something to do with this captian guy?"

AM: "No,"

Th: "are you...SURE?"

AM: "what the hell do you think? i havn't gotten laid in over a year and the 1st person i try with ends up dead. I mean is it SOO just wanna get laid..."

TH: " mrs. parker it is very comman in woman your age to........."

that would just have been funny....
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Cap:Look Hank,about the pillars dropping on your head and you throwing the truck at me,it was a different time and you were different.I was different.

Hank:Alright Cap,whatever this is just get it over with.I really see no reason....

Cap:(Slaps Hank's butt)...You've redeemed yourself soldier,now gimme a kiss.

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