Living In Infamy mini-series (NO SPOILERS!)


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Feb 28, 2005
Metro Manila, Philippines
Full credit to Rhyo's Reviews page for bring my attention to this mini-series by independent publisher Ludovico Technique (awesome name!)


Here's a basic description of the book, from the creators:


Created by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes
Published by Ludovico Technique


Barely a blip on the map, this ignobly named oasis of strip malls and convenience stores is much more than it seems. Unbeknownst to the general populace, Infamy leads a double life as the Federal Bureau of Investigation's best-kept secret:

A Witness Protection Program for SUPER VILLAINS.

Chosen for its remote location and notorious Old West history, Infamy has, since the early 1960's, quietly played host to a select crew of former super criminals and would-be world-beaters who've turned new leaves – and State's Evidence – for that elusive second chance at life and the pursuit of happiness.

Liberty, however, comes at a far greater price…

Infamy is as much an open-air prison as it is a safe harbor. Though the average person can come and go as they please, those under Witness Protection dare not risk venturing beyond the town's border as their brains have been hard-wired with sub-cortical explosives. One toe over "THE LINE" – the invisible barrier surrounding the town – and BOOM! Sanitation's scraping what's left of your guts off the pavement in the morning.

Here, the distinction between good and evil is thin and often blurred. Because everyone is so excruciatingly normal, the serial killers are indistinguishable from the soccer moms, the mass murderers from the mailmen, the terrorists from the teachers. In Infamy, everyone has two faces.


From low-tech cat burglars to hi-tech hitmen, genetically engineered metamorphs to telepathic mutant masterminds, Infamy's gallery of repentant rogues gone legit has multiplied over the past four decades…

Most lead respectable lives. They've started businesses. Gotten married. Had kids. Some have even lived to ripe old ages and died of natural causes, all the while leaving none the wiser for their checkered pasts. Not their friends. Not their neighbors. Not even their families. The secret lives they left behind have gone with them to their graves and stayed there. Like the sign says: Securitas. Salus. Sanctuarium."

Security. Safety. Sanctuary.

These are the rocks upon which Infamy was built, the foundation upon which it stands. Little does anyone realize that foundation is about to be demolished… Someone is fixing to blow the lid on Infamy, bring the entire neighborhood to its knees and leave nothing but a bloody stain behind. And why?

Because one man just couldn't keep it in his pants…​

Here's a wonderful preview of the hilarious opening scenes:

The preview reminded me a lot of the first issue of Mark Millar's Wanted, for some reason. (And I mean that in a positive way, mind you.)

The publishers have already released wordless advance pages for #2. Very intriguing! It also means the next issue is not likely to be incredibly delayed.

The tone is exactly what I hoped it would be: over-blown and goofy enough not to take itself too seriously, but with enough of a sense of 'realism' in terms of character motivation and plot to keep things "believable", in spite of the outlandish nature of the mini-series.

This just occurred to me: some of the key ideas from are fairly similar to the basic premise of Leah Moore and John Preppion's Albion, sans the metafictional wankery.

My other LCS is usually reliable enough when it comes to finding singe issue sreleased byobscure publishers, but i'm still keeping my fingers crossed for an eventual TPB release, if only because I'd want ot be able to recommend the book to other people without having to lend out my floppies.
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Interesting idea, nice details. I might check this out.
Is it out this week?
compound said:
The first issue shipped on November 30, I believe. Last Wednesday. So if your LCS ordered it, it's already on the shelves.

Nice. I'll take a look and see if my shop has them today. This is a monthly?
UltimateE said:
Nice. I'll take a look and see if my shop has them today. This is a monthly?
I'm not sure, actually. Rhyo commented about it elsewhere:

Rhyo said:
Living in Infamy has had an odd release history - it was solicited and cancelled a bunch of times before finally hitting the stores. I suspect that timeliness will NOT be one of the hallmarks of the series.
So there you have it. I guess the best answer, for now, is "hopefully" :?
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Did anybody here end up following this? Because I was never able to find a copy.

Still hoping that Image eventually decides to release a collection of this (similar to the way they ended up publishing Matt Fraction's under-appreciated Five Fists of Science).
The schedule started off well and then dropped off. Overall, the series was pretty good, although I'm not sure the conclusion was as strong as the start. It was an Image book, it was a "vanity press," Ludovico Technique. It's unlikely that Image would pick up the series as a single TPB.

12/05 #1
01/06 #2
03/06 #3
07/06 #4
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