Loaded Bible: Jesus Vs. Vampires!

Well.. Here's a spoiler if you dont intend to pick it up

It turns out that the Jesus who is the protagonist of the series is a clone of the original christ developed by the Church/Government as a ways to control the people against the growing Vampire culture. Jesus discovers this and realizes that he's just being used as a tool to inspire fear into their enemies and faith/obediece to the Church/Government. He also learns that they are planning to kill him in a symbolic way to mirror the death of the original Christ and guarentee long-lasting obedience from the people. So he leaves their capitol city to go out into the real world at the end of the series, determined to reconcile what he believes to be right with a more realistic worldview... but the story isnt over, hence the sequel.

It sounds to me like the series that'd piss you off would be Image Comics' Battle Pope.

Ok well i was thinking something way different. Hmm, well I might consider it then. Sorry i'm just touchy about that stuff.
Bumping this thread for some reason ........

And is this anygood? I'm thinking of picking it up.

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