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May 3, 2005
Jeph Loeb and Scott Campbell sit down with Wizard magazine to talk about their run of Spider-Man set to come out in early 2007.



{note I cut down the interview because it's to long to post.}
Lets get started: Are you guys going to be able to keep this book on schedule?
Loeb: We already have 93 issues in the can.
Campbell: [Laughs]
Loeb: Bendis thinks he's going to beat the big record [for longest creation team-up] on Ultimate Spider-Man, but we secretly already have. Actually, we have a lot of lead time. And, if people knew thi tricks we used on "Hush" [in Batman] to make it happen, then... they'd know the trick. That book came out, and this book will come out.
So is your goal to do 12 monthly issues?
Campbell: It... may be more. We'll see how it goes.
Loeb: There is no formalized plan. What we're going to do is tell a story and it may follow a model which is closer to Joss Whedon and John Cassaday than it is to Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch.
Jeff, What are you most looking forward to?
Campbell: I'm excited about handing a solo character book, because it will open the book up and , in theory, I can get away from these 12-panel pages with three characters in every panel, which seems to be what I did with Wilderz and Danger Girl. It's really going to liberate me as an artist.
Loeb: One of the things Jeff and I have talked about is how much we want to open up the book. The First five pages of this story may be just Spider-Man swinging just to sort of get that scope and size. Sometimes, in many ways, if you moved far away from it, giong back to the basics is actually new again.
Campbell: I'm also thrilled to not have to worry about self-promotion issues, because Marvel's a machine when it comes to that.

[Fliping throught sketchbook] Wow... Couple of sketches are of Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Together. What's up with That?
Campbell: [Laughts]
Loeb: Well, those are kind of fantasy drawings. "If there was a way," blah, blah, blah. But I have thought a lot about the way "Lost" incorporates the past and the present together. And there's something really interesting about Peter's life and whether or not he's going to keep making the same mistakes, and where that comes from. So that gives me an opportunity to both reference stuff from when Gwen was alive, and also in the present when talking about whatever's going on in his relationships.
Will he be in the red and blue suit in this series?
Campbell: Um, I would assume so, but I don't mean he's secret or not.
Leob: He'll be in the red and blue suit yes. That dosen't mean he's not running around in armor in sombody else's book. However this is going to work, it's going to work the way it's going to work.
What will be the most challenging thing about tackling Spider-Man? Loeb: Honestly, the quips. Quipping [is] not the easiest thign. Spidey likes to talk, particularly during fights where he uses it as a distraction and he has to be funny. Instead of the "Amazing Spider-Man," He's sort of the "Inappropiate Spider-Man."
Campbell: The most challenging thing is trying to be tue to the character and to the fans, while at the same time, not just repeating what's come before.
As long as a villain doesn't pop up in every issue, it sounds pretty cool.
Not digging the art at all...
the watcher said:

Campbell's art.....I LOVE IT!!! But is that Siperman or Johnny Barracuda? :lol:

Loeb said:
Bendis thinks he's going to beat the big record [for longest creation team-up] on Ultimate Spider-Man, but we secretly already have.


ProjectX2 said:

OMG....it's Lindsay Lohan as MJ. I love redheaded, freckled, Irish girls. :drooling:

She does look a lot like Silicon Valerie mixed with Abbey Chase. But since Danger Girl is one of my favorite series ever......I'm not sad. :wink:

ultimatedjf said:
What the heck?! Is MJ nude in that pic, Proj?!

It's obvious its a tank top or something.
In the article I believe it's described as a "super-hot Lindsay Lohan-esque MJ". :D
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It's at the bottom of page 19, on top of that Midtown Comics poster. :)
ProjectX2 said:
It's at the bottom of page 19, on top of that Midtown Comics poster. :)

Holy Jackballs!!!! :shock:

Seriously......I was just joking about the Lindsay Lohan comment and page 20 joke. I didn't realize that they actually said that.

I think I'm trippin' balls man..... :crazy:
ultimatedjf said:
Seriously guys. It totally looks like she's not wearing anything. I can see the tank top-y strip above her shoulder, but that's really the only evidence.


What's wrong with her not wearing anything? :wink:
Was looking at Comic Art Community a few minutes ago and saw some of the sketches Campbell did for this listed as new.

Forgot all ablout this and how hyped I am for it. Should be fun.
judging by the fact he is in original cotumme + gwen and stuff is this

a) like ultimate spider-man (relaunching title)


b) like dc allstars (just random storiees not fitting in with and comic series just for fun)


c) part of 616

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