Looking for comic books online !


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Here in DK i have to pay REALLY high prices for buying English comics ... is there anywhere i can buy 'em online to a fair price ? Also think about the price it costs to send it here !

Thank you !


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SeAcoW said:
It costs 16.99 dollar to get it ( or higher ) thats way too much :cry:
I'm here on an exchange and shippiing to Denmark from just about anywhere is insane dude. I wish you luck but personally I'm waiting til I get back. You of course don't have that option.


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for lower shipping costs, you are going to have to find a place in Europe. Most of the online comic stores are typically going to charge exact shipping costs, which depend on how much your order is going to weigh. I get my comics from www.mailordercomics.com they always have great deals, from at least 35% to 75% off of all comics. I'm able to get twice as many comics through them than if I went in to my LCS.