Luke Cage (Spoilers)

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Episode 1:
Power Man

Haha the chain wallpaper in his bathroom!

Luke Cage: Hero Not For Hire. But he's got you.
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Re: Luke Cage (Netflix, 2016)

Episode 4 was awesome.

Kung Fu references were a nice touch. But the full on 70s yellow shirt tiara Luke Cage was SO great!

And the Bible verse was cool.
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Re: Luke Cage (Netflix, 2016)

Episode 10

(I'm sure there's more going on with her than they've shown.)
Re: Luke Cage (Netflix, 2016)

Just finished the season. They did a great job on this. Loved the musical influence in this. Even downloaded the show's original single "Bulletproof Love" that Method-Man did for his cameo.
I accidentally posted this in the other thread. (I'm not sure why there are two threads for this.)

Episode 11.

Diamondback... highlights in the Bible!! *sinister music*

"The Night Nurse"
Misty might lose her arm...

Episode 12:
Stan Lee cameo.

And more significant Method Man cameo.

Episode 13:
Diamondback looks a lot like he did in the old Luke Cage comics. That's cool.
Luke is headed to prison, but Bobby Fish found his file.
Claire is taking self defense with Coleen Wing!
Shades and Mariah are hooking up? There looks like there is a pretty substantial age difference there...
Classic Misty Knight!
Diamondback is going to get powers too!

Anyway, good show. Not as good as Daredevil, in my opinion, but better than Jessica Jones. And I appreciate that it was it's own thing.
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