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Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
I am 90% certain there isn't a Madman thread, but hey, if there is I would be happy to merge this with that.

I've picked up the first three trades from Image, and I have to say I've fallen in love with this book. It's not the best written thing i've ever read (which isn't unusual for an artist-written book), but it has more heart than almost anything currently on the stands.

Madman is about Frank Einstein, who was dead, but isn't anymore, and he cannot remember his previous life... He hangs out with mad scientists, and has very strange and heartwarming adventures. His relationship with Joe, a beautiful woman who doesn't care that Frank is essentially a blue zombie-man, is really one of the most underappreciated love stories in comics...

I dunno, I've also picked up the first couple of issues of the new series, but I haven't read them yet. The art looks fantastic, though.
Not to derail the topic, but when I was younger, everyone loved this book for the same reasons I loved X-Statix and I still fail to understand why X-Statix never really caught on half as well as Madman did.

On a more related note, there are still continuing talks of a film with some involvement from Robert Rodriguez, though he won't be directing it. It's currently posting some profit on the HSX, indicating that it's chances of coming to fruition are increasing.
I remember hearing Elijah Wood might be up for the role of Frank... Which I think would be great.
I want to read this, particularly the new series. Apparently Darwyn Cooke is writing/drawing an issue of it.

I hope someone uploads a recent torrent of the new series soon.
I approve of Darwyn Cooke doing Madman.

Any news on that movie that Robert Rodriguez plans somewhere down the line?
I bought all the MADMAN stuff while I was at Heroes Con. Looking forward to reading 'em soon.

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