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Feb 26, 2016
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I've stated that I've retired from Internet-blogging, but I had to return to one of my favorite boards (The Comic Board!) to post a short-story about a subject/topic that has been of great personal interest to me (as an American patriot) since 9/11.

This pro-democracy vignette is about the Marvel Comics characters
Magneto (mutant master of magnetism!) and Lilandra (psychic empress of creative politics!) evaluating the geopolitical relevance of Munich '72 (the dreadful Summer Olympics in Germany involving terrorism against Israeli athletes) and what terrorism spells for new age Earth governance(!).

Should modern comics-storytelling necessarily be/feel more...ideological? What do you think?

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"The unusual mutant anti-hero Magneto, master of magnetism, who had escaped the horrors of Nazi Germany to become a relentless revolutionary and superhuman warrior, was now working with the mutant princess Lilandra, a beautiful telepath with great wisdom who hailed from the planet Venus. Magneto and Lilandra were evaluating the modern social impact of the terrorism at the Munich 1972 Summer Olympics, when Israeli athletes were severely threatened by anti-globalization fundamentalist terrorists displeased with the treatment of Israel-Palestine relations by the United Nations(!). Magneto and Lilandra wanted to appreciate why journalism images of the stark terrorism in Munich '72 reminded humanity that globalization-oriented politics and democracy rhetoric were seriously challenged by the pervasive forces of terrorists who sought to subvert basic geopolitical negotiations. Magneto/Lilandra wondered if the terrorism in Munich '72 was some kind of eerie premonition of things to come on planet Earth, things that would make democracy treaties much more...fragile."


"Magneto reasoned that the greatest asset the Western world (e.g., America, Europe) had in controlling terrorism in the modern era was the control and management of intellectual property, information, and journalism itself(!). Magneto decided to take a Polaroid camera to the Holocaust Museum in the USA and take instant-images of the stark horrors of human politics gone awry. Magneto took these images of candid terror and used them to disseminate the idea that presenting stories about politics-frailty could help mankind cope with the reality of anti-democracy sentiments stewing in areas of the world such as the Middle East and North Korea(!). Magneto shared these images on the Internet and asked Lilandra to help him frame a 'marketing campaign' designed to make modern geopolitical studies fall under the magnification-lens of free-speech! Magneto/Lilandra resolved to cast the terror of Munich '72 under the modern light of anti-terrorism crusades/missions. Magneto wondered if the CIA in America would help him and Lilandra construct a pro-democracy 'nest' in Washington."


MAGNETO: New age political science makes me very anxious!
LILANDRA: I sometimes wonder if we should intervene in human affairs...
MAGNETO: Although we're not 'normal humans' (you and I), we care about Earth!
LILANDRA: The horror of Munich '72 has to be framed and evaluated...
MAGNETO: Responsible journalism and sensitive diplomacy are required!
LILANDRA: Maybe you should use your magnetism-powers to remove all tanks...
MAGNETO: I could indeed simply 'lift/hoist' all tanks from North Korea!
LILANDRA: We must be careful not to upset the delicate balance of human negotiations...
MAGNETO: Perhaps school-children need more progressive lessons in modern diplomacy!
LILANDRA: There were considerations about superhumans (such as you and I) becoming teachers...
MAGNETO: Do you think students would appreciate displays of our power controlling modern anarchy?
LILANDRA: I don't think even the NSA in America would mind if superhumans simply 'man-handled' terrorists.
MAGNETO: However, humans like to solve their own problems...on their own terms.
LILANDRA: I think your images of the Holocaust Museum could benefit future evaluations of anti-globalization terrorism.
MAGNETO: Since you're a psychic, you might want to 'read minds' of modern leaders brooding about terrorists!
LILANDRA: There must be a way to coordinate democracy complexity with geopolitical customs (e.g., Security Council).
MAGNETO: I'll approach the United Nations and ask them if they desire the assistance of superhumans/mutants.
LILANDRA: Surely, the Security Council might find ways for you and I to work with the NSA/CIA against terrorism!
MAGNETO: Unfortunately, many humans/politicians feel that you and I are too 'unusual' to be considered 'normal allies.'
LILANDRA: We can tell them we're romantically involved, so they believe we're more 'human' than they realize!
MAGNETO: Well, I must admit, Lilandra, you have always struck me as quite beautiful...and wise.
LILANDRA: Don't get too youthful, my daring friend; you and I have much work to do in the arena of political revolution!
MAGNETO: Perhaps there will be time (for us!) to indulge in more 'normal emotions.'
LILANDRA: Well, until then, Magneto, let's focus on why Munich '72 reminds everyone of the 'brittleness' of Earth governance.
MAGNETO: As modern leaders wrestle with resource/mineral sharing and silos, they must address network-architecture!
LILANDRA: I think this experience, working with democracy platforms, might make us more...godlike(!).


{Magneto & Lilandra}

Boston Beast

Since that first section was a tad too politically-oriented, I felt the practical need to offer up a more vigilantism-oriented and less politically heavy second chapter, and this one (my last one!) is about Magneto and Lilandra discovering that two American women are modeling themselves after the DC Comics superheroine Wonder Woman and using the avatar 'liberally' to approach patriotism in Boston (Massachusetts, USA) in very different ways. This may compel Magneto and Lilandra to re-evaluate the nature and tone of American civics passion in the modern era...



"Pamela and Lilian were two very different American bureaucrats working at a consulting firm (side-by-side) in Boston (Massachusetts). The two went to college (Boston College!) together and commuted to work together everyday using the Boston subway(!). Pamela and Lilian therefore lived close together and were rather good friends, though they were somewhat competitive towards each other regarding work...and life. Pamela and Lilian read about the 'social exploits' of Magneto and Lilandra in the Boston Herald newspapers and started thinking of ways to 'spice up' their otherwise bureaucracy-drenched working lives in Massachusetts. Pamela and Lilian decided to fashion themselves to very different Wonder Woman (DC Comics) comic book superheroine costumes and began prowling around the Boston subways posing as 'democracy-crusaders' and telling people using the subway-system about the value of patriotism and urban idealism in the modern age. Pamela became 'Wonder Girl' and Lilian became 'Wonder Lady.' The Boston subways suddenly became more interesting! This made Magneto and Lilandra comment in the press, 'Wonder Girl/Lady remind us that civics passion can and complicatedly should not be so darn politically volatile!'."


PAMELA (WONDER GIRL): We've been fighting American cynicism in the subways...
LILIAN (WONDER LADY): Boston has benefited from our 'outfitted passion.'
PAMELA: Magneto and Lilandra stated in the press, "Wonder Girl/Lady make Boston a hot zone!"
LILIAN: Well, Magneto/Lilandra contemplate the value of modern social activism, no?
PAMELA: They sure do; and so do we, Lilian --- Wonder Lady!
LILIAN: I think you have your own merits, Pamela --- Wonder Girl!
PAMELA: While we're not 'super' or 'extra-human' like Magneto/Lilandra, we're certainly smart.
LILIAN: We did things roaming around the Boston subways that will make people think patriotically.
PAMELA: I wonder if Magneto/Lilandra consider us 'patriotic avatars.'
LILIAN: An 'avatar' refers to a 'character' or a 'god' and I think we're at least 'angels.'
PAMELA: Even if we're 'normal everyday women,' we've made Bostonians think about activism.
LILIAN: I wonder what the hippies (counter-culture!) would've said about us if we were working in the '60s!
PAMELA: I imagine they'd say, "Wonder Girl/Lady remind America that Boston can be a city of marvels."
LILIAN: It's true that social idealism and popular activism has become more...cynical in recent times.
PAMELA: Some of the passion from the 1960s died down due to the decline of the counter-culture movement.
LILIAN: There were strong influences in American counter-culture from Eastern religions (e.g., Hinduism).
PAMELA: True; hippies in America deified/celebrated the Hindu goddess Kali (anarchy-ruler) as a 'revolution avatar.'
LILIAN: Feminism was at an all-time high (at least socially!) in the '60s (in America)!
PAMELA: I wonder if the 'superhuman' psychic Lilandra considers us 'dolls' or real 'deities.'
LILIAN: Well, she'd say we're at least 'patriots.'
PAMELA: Since we started our activism, our paths have diverged, Wonder Lady...
LILIAN: Yes, you're much more radical and loud in voice, Wonder Girl!
PAMELA: Well, it seems to me you may be too 'conservative' for this sort of activism, Lilian.
LILIAN: I'm one year older than you so I think I understand Boston heartbeat at least as well as you do.
PAMELA: Since our natural competitiveness/rivalry towards each other(!) has 'blossomed,' we can make a contest!
LILIAN: Yes, let's see which of us can impress Lilandra (mutant psychic superhuman!) more with Boston activism.
PAMELA: If Lilandra declares one of us (Wonder Girl/Lady) to be more 'ingenious,' then the contest is over...
LILIAN: I fear your passions will lead you down a more darker path...towards dangerous rogue vigilantism!
PAMELA: Well, if we can't be mutant psychic superhumans, we can at least take the path towards greater passion.
LILIAN: What if Magneto and Lilandra consider us fanatics (or worse...dangerous radicals), Pamela?
PAMELA: I doubt Wonder Girl and Wonder Lady should worry about such trivial 'pedestrian imagination.'
LILIAN: It may be in the fine-tuning of modern American activism where lines of intelligent patriotism are drawn.
PAMELA: I'm simply frustrated with sitting back and just 'envying' the work of the psychic superwoman Lilian.
LILIAN: I hope these 'developed passions' will not create undesirable 'American biases.'
PAMELA: Regardless, responsible journalism should cast us as simply 'patriotic American friends.'


{Wonder Girl & Wonder Lady}

The Cupid Formula

This extra chapter which I found too nifty not to write/add (I got the idea for this chapter this weekend while watching the love-intrigue between Wolverine and Phoenix in the movie X-Men: The Last Stand!) offers us a way to conceive of human political problems in terms of 'love-diaries.'

This, however, really is my final short-story/chapter, so I hope you enjoy it (especially fans of Valentine's Day!).



Magneto and Lilandra were investigating the Irish story of revolutionary Michael Collins who may have been embroiled in a hairy love-triangle with an Irish woman and a fellow IRA soldier, a triangle which may have complicated Collins' already complicated relationship with IRA leadership. Magneto and Lilandra explored how social perspectives on the IRA (Irish Republican Army) affected the world's attitudes towards the discriminating between revolution and terrorism.

Magneto and Lilandra decided to visit an antique store in NYC that sold stone figurines of the mythical spirit Cupid, mischievous archer and manipulator of romance. To Americans in the modern world, Cupid signified a celebration of Valentine's Day (the annual day in February when married or dating couples exchanged gifts, treats, romance, or hearts). Since Cupid was an immortal psychic of sorts, endowed with the superhuman ability to sense love-bonds and love-potential, Magneto/Lilandra considered how their own psychic powers could complement or ornament those of Cupid.

Comparing the Israel-Palestine troubles that catalyzed the terrorist attack on the Munich '72 Olympics with the 1916 Easter Rising violence engaged by Michael Collins' IRA forces against British governance, Magneto and Lilandra wondered if the love-power of Cupid (which could be metaphorically applied to the dissection of Collins' hairy love-triangle during IRA activities) could be cited in the evaluation of trust-pacts between governments and revolutionaries (or terrorists!) attempting to negotiate. Magneto/Lilandra decided to reference Cupid in the analysis of the complexity of the ancient separation of Jewish Isaac and Islamic Ishmael who were begotten by the same father (Abraham) but different mothers! Siince Isaac was the ancestor of Israel and Ishmael the ancestor of Palestine, could Cupid heal developed animosity?

MAGNETO: Every Valentine's Day, Americans praise Cupid!
LILANDRA: These same Americans read about Munich '72.
MAGNETO: Americans are sympathetic towards Irish politics.
LILANDRA: Clinton and Kennedy were Irish-American presidents!
MAGNETO: Americans might cite Cupid for Israel-Palestine.
LILANDRA: Michael Collins' love-triangle created intrigue!
MAGNETO: This intrigue would fascinate American historians.
LILANDRA: Americans might therefore praise 'Cupid politics.'
MAGNETO: Since Cupid's psychic, he's a 'trust-angel.'
LILANDRA: Let's use telekinesis to float Cupid dolls.
MAGNETO: We'll go to the UN Assembly and do just that!
LILANDRA: We'll propose Cupid-IQ for Israel-Palestine.
MAGNETO: We know American movies about Munich and the IRA!
LILANDRA: We'll tell the UN about 'Cupid-omens.'
MAGNETO: After all, revolution is about love...
LILANDRA: Americans like scandal and gossip.
MAGNETO: Perhaps America can talk about Isaac-Ishmael.
LILANDRA: Perhaps social talks about terrorism create 'hearts.'
MAGNETO: Maybe Cupid's arrows reflect Munich and IRA ideals!
LILANDRA: Our psychic powers will augment peace-folklore.
MAGNETO: Cupid's telepathy will be a 'diaristic weapon.'
LILANDRA: Maybe telepathy is a symbol of reconciliation.


The Student Crayon

This concluding addendum is just an 'ode' to modern optimism towards geopolitical imagination shared by today's youngsters/students, and I added it to leave readers with the notion that creative thinking will always make comic book stories symbolic of civilization daydreams. I hope you like it!

Thanks for reading (signing off),


Magneto and Lilandra started gaining in popularity in the mainstream press, and schoolteachers were encouraging students to make drawings/paintings of the two mutant superhumans to express what they represented to humanity! One 4th grader in Virginia (USA) re-presented Magneto and Lilandra as gene-transformed former terrorists who were now counseling the U.S. government in new age treaty-talks. This 4th grader re-presented Magneto as the comic book genetically-enhanced super-emperor Serpentor and Lilandra as the gene-heightened wife of Serpentor, Pythona.

Magneto and Lilandra were invited to the Virginia public school by U.S. President Donald Trump to give a public address about what the 4th-grader's Serpentor/Pythona drawing means to them --- and to modern civilization. Magneto and Lilandra agreed to travel to the school and deliver the public address in front of CNN cameras. Magneto/Lilandra were given a G.I. Joe (Hasbro) comic so they could evaluate the modernism-symbolism of the Serpentor/Pythona duo. The following is the address they gave on CNN:

MAGNETO/LILANDRA: "The 4th-grader's representation of us as Serpentor/Pythona was affecting and stimulating. We find these two genetics/terrorism oriented 'super-characters' reflective of our modern sociopolitical interests in the omens of experimenting with DNA and psychology. Perhaps Serpentor/Pythona remind us of the governance-value of species-prudence considerations, especially those relevant to deep religious conflicts manifested in the Israel-Palestine evolution 'malady' we saw in Munich '72! That's why we're honored by this student's drawing, which inspires us to consider why/how our mutant/psychic powers might make us 'ideal diplomats' for new age 'species daydreams.'


{Serpentor & Pythona}


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