Man VS Wild


Without him, all of you would be lost souls roamin
Feb 23, 2005
I'd seen the commercials for this and it looked overhyped, but I have to say it's pretty awesome. And Bear Grills is like, the coolest person that ever lived.

I was watching it today and he was trying to catch a fish in the Alps. When he did, he bit into it alive and tore its spine out with his ****ing teeth. HIS TEETH. Then, to simulate what would happen if someone accidentally fell into a lake, he jumped into a freezing cold river and pulled himself out. Then he took of all his clothes and started doing push-ups in the snow. Seriously.

Has anyone else seen it?
I sprained my ankle again (third time in two weeks, you never seem to sprain it just once) and was on the couch all day, glued to this show.

It's on Discovery fridays nights usually, yesterday was a marathon.

The man is insane.

To simulate being stuck in quicksand, and ho to get out, the insane ****er jumped into quicksand, and then sank himself to his shoulders, then actually did get out.

The next one he was on a lava island in Hawaii. There he saw some running lava and decided to show people what to do if your shoe catches on fire when you step on lava.

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