Marble Hornets


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Feb 23, 2005
I was watching/talking about this obsessively on tumblr last night and I figured it's something you guys might enjoy.

The set-up, as explained in the video below, is that a guy named Alex was shooting a student film called "Marble Hornets" a few years ago. The production didn't go as planned and Alex abandoned the project. He intended to burn the tapes but his friend Jay asked to take them instead. Jay promises in an introduction that he will look through the tapes and see if he can find anything interesting or strange.


And of course he does.

After the introduction, there have been 25 "entries" and starting around the ninth or tenth video we start getting mysterious responses from someone calling themselves "totheark".


I won't say much else because I think it's more fun to watch the videos and see everything for yourself. I spent two or three hours watching all of them last night. Most of them are amazingly creepy.

There's a wiki too, which is helpful.

This is probably the best example I've yet seen of the internet being used cheaply, by amateurs, to make a genuinely interesting and interactive little fictional experience.
The Slender Man is terrifying.

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